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Hunan Police College

Hunan Police College is the only full-time general higher education institution in the province that trains police personnel. It is organized by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and is in charge of the Hunan Provincial Public Security Department and the Hunan Provincial Department of Education is responsible for business management. The predecessor of the school was the Public Security School of the Public Security Department of Hunan Provisional Provincial Government established in 1949. In 1978, academic education was implemented. In 1980, the Hunan Provincial People's Police School was established. Hunan Public Security College was established in 1984 and was renamed Hunan Public Security College in 1993. In 1999, Hunan Provincial People's Police School was merged into Hunan Public Security College. Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2010, the Hunan Police College was established. From political and legal cadre training to public security academic education, from technical secondary school, junior college to undergraduate, the school has continued to grow and develop, and has been at the forefront of public security education in New China. For more than 60 years, the school has always adhered to the school philosophy of “building a school by politics, building a school with quality, building a school with talents, and strengthening a school with scientific research”, adhering to the school motto of “loyalty, truthfulness, wisdom, and courage” and “establishing the ambition of serving the country and casting loyalty”. The school spirit of cultivating the spirit of justice, gathering justice and justice" has cultivated more than 40,000 qualified personnel for the frontline of public security politics and law, and is known as "the cradle of the Sanxiang police."

   The school is located in Xingsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changsha City, covering an area of 465,000 square meters, with a construction area of 241,700 square meters, teaching and research equipment worth 73,577,400 yuan, library collections of 849,000 books, and 202,000 e-books. The school’s teaching facilities are complete, with a criminal science and technology laboratory, a cybercrime investigation laboratory, a shooting range, a police practice training base, a psychological behavior training base, and other 80 on-campus experiment and training sites. 62 off-campus teaching and practice bases have been established. There are 1 provincial key laboratory and 1 provincial university key laboratory, 1 provincial basic course experimental teaching demonstration laboratory, 8 provincial excellent practice bases, 2 provincial university student innovation training centers, and provincial school-enterprise cooperation talents 2 training demonstration bases.

  The school insists on teaching as the center. According to the needs of public security work and economic and social development, there are 7 public security undergraduate majors, including investigation, public security, criminal science and technology, anti-narcotics, police command and tactics, traffic management engineering, network security and law enforcement, and information security and law. 5 general undergraduate majors including administrative management, computer science and technology. There are currently 6,536 students in school. There are 1 provincial key construction discipline; 1 key construction major of the Ministry of Public Security, 2 provincial characteristic majors, 3 provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors; 3 national quality courses, 1 national quality video open course, 12 provincial and ministerial quality courses.

  The school insists on taking teachers as the main body, and vigorously strengthens the construction of the teaching staff. There are 362 teachers, including 48 with senior professional titles, 138 with deputy senior titles; 34 with Ph.D. and 207 with master's degree. Among the teachers, there are 1 national model teacher, 1 national education system model worker, 1 national outstanding teacher and winner of the "Xu Teli Prize", 11 national outstanding teachers of the public security system, and 5 winners of the "121 Talent Project" in the new century of Hunan Province People, 3 provincial and ministerial-level teaching teachers, 2 provincial-level outstanding teachers, 1 provincial-level outstanding educator, 1 provincial-level teaching dedication award winner, 1 provincial-level subject leader, and provincial-level young backbone teachers There are 32 people, 8 provincial-level young teachers and teaching experts, 7 outstanding people's police in Hunan Province, 4 UN peacekeeping police candidates, and participated in UN peacekeeping 11 times. There are 1 provincial-level excellent teaching team and 6 school-level excellent teaching teams.

   The school insists on the combination of teaching, scientific research, and case handling, forming a good situation in which teaching and scientific research are mutually beneficial. Since its promotion, it has established 1 provincial-level social science research base and 1 provincial-level educational science research base. Obtained 204 scientific research projects above the provincial level. Among them, 1 National Natural Science Foundation project, 4 National Social Science Foundation projects, 1 UN Women’s Project; 7 Humanities and Social Sciences Projects of the Ministry of Education, 13 Scientific Research Projects of the Ministry of Public Security, 1 Provincial Self-Science Fund Project, Provincial There are 58 social science fund projects, 51 provincial science and technology projects, and 25 provincial educational science planning projects. Won 12 national patents, 1 provincial science and technology invention award, 4 provincial social science outstanding achievement awards, 1 provincial employee science and technology innovation award, 92 provincial and ministerial education reform projects, 6 provincial teaching achievement awards, teaching achievements of the Ministry of Public Security 2 awards. Published 40 academic monographs and 2123 published papers, which were included in SCI and EI 58 times.

   The school insists on the coordinated development of public security academic education and on-the-job police training. It is the police practice training base of the Ministry of Public Security, the foreign police training base of the Ministry of Public Security and the police officer training center of Hunan Province. In the past three years, the school has undertaken a total of 179 training courses such as the rotation training of police station chiefs across the province, and trained more than 18,000 trainees. It has excellently completed multiple periods of police practice instructor training by the Ministry of Public Security, and undertook the Hong Kong Police Force’s national conditions education training course. The police training courses in Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Tanzania, Congo (Brazzaville) and other countries have been fully affirmed by the Ministry of Public Security.

  The school insists on educating people as its foundation. Adhere to the establishment of political schools, political education of police, and is committed to cultivating applied senior police professionals who are politically reliable, professional, excellent style, strict discipline, physical and mental health, strong practical ability and innovative spirit, and meet the needs of economic and social development Other specialized talents. In the long-term school running, a teaching model of "integration of teaching, learning, training and warfare" and a talent training model combining teaching, scientific research and actual combat have been formed. "The characteristics of running a school. The school implements police management on students. There are various scholarships, bursaries and work-study positions to assist students with difficulties in their families to complete their studies. The school pays attention to environmental education, and campus cultural activities are rich and colorful.

   The school insists on open schooling, and promotes school bureau, school-enterprise, school-school cooperation and international cooperation and exchanges at multiple levels and measures. It has established school-bureau partnerships with 19 public security bureaus in all cities, prefectures, counties, and districts in the province. It has developed friendly cooperation with schools such as Hunan University, Jiangxi Police College, Xinjiang Police College, etc., and cooperated with the United States, France, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, etc. Police agencies and colleges in South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions have carried out extensive cooperation and exchanges.

   The school adheres to transformational development, connotation development, and characteristic development. Since its promotion, it has achieved fruitful school-running results. The school has been rated as a civilized university in the province, a civilized model unit in the provincial government, an excellent unit in the province's college graduate employment work, an excellent unit in the evaluation of party style and clean government construction, an advanced unit in comprehensive management of social security, and an advanced unit in mental health education , Advanced unit for enrollment work, advanced unit for ideological and political education research, advanced unit for research and practice of counselor work. Students participated in various national and provincial competitions with excellent results, and successively won the first prize of the first national public security college teaching skills competition, the first prize of the "Meiya Cup" national electronic data forensics competition, and the silver medal of the "Creating Youth" National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition , The 4th College Student Art Exhibition won more than 100 awards including the National Second Prize, the Provincial First Prize, and the First Prize of Hunan Mobile Internet University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.