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Xiangzhong Preschool Teachers College

Xiangzhong Preschool Teachers College was established in 2017. It is a full-time general college approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government, registered by the Ministry of Education, and supervised by the Shaoyang Municipal People's Government. The school was upgraded from the merger of Shaoyang Normal University, Wugang Normal University, Shaoyang Education College, and Shaoyang Art School. Among them, Shaoyang Normal University and Wugang Normal University are both well-known teachers' schools for a century, with excellent school-running traditions and profound cultural heritage. In the 1980s, the two schools successively opened pre-school education majors. After more than 30 years of truth-seeking and exploration, taking advantage of the country’s vigorous development of pre-school education, the two schools’ pre-school education majors have continued to develop and grow, with a stable and sufficient source of students, and the supply of graduated students exceeds supply. Two shining pearls in the field of preschool education in the central region.

  The school is located in the center of Shaoyang Vocational Education New Town (Xueyuan South Road, Daxiang District), with a planned area of 953 acres and a construction area of 671 acres. The total value of teaching equipment is 160 million yuan, and the collection of books is more than 200,000. It has 150 professional training rooms and special classrooms. It has first-class modern teaching facilities such as multimedia, voice, and science. It is the widest and largest investment in Shaoyang City. , A modern college with the fastest construction speed and the most complete teaching facilities. The green trees and red walls on the campus complement each other, with the sound of the books, the melodious piano rhyme, and the artistic atmosphere; there are also green hills and cui rao, pond fish and lotus, lakes and mountains, picturesque, and it is an ideal hall for students to study. The school now has six departments and one center: preschool education, elementary education, language and literature, art, basic education, vocational and adult education, and teacher development center. It offers preschool education, elementary education, language education, mathematics education, There are nine majors including English education, music education, art education, visual communication design and production, and opera performance.

   The school has a strong faculty. There are 493 faculty members, including 136 teachers in professional and technical positions above associate senior level, 107 master's degree teachers, 89 dual-qualified teachers, and more than 10 provincial and municipal academic leaders. There are 112 classes in the school, with more than 8,000 students enrolled.

   Morality and dedication, erudition and versatility; Integrity and learning, morality fosters people. In the next five years, the school will adhere to the school-running philosophy of "carrying forward a good tradition, based on a new starting point, aiming at double first-class, and creating new performance", and vigorously introduces high-level professionals such as masters, doctors, and professors; accelerate the pace of professional development, in the original majors On the basis of this, many majors have been added, including mathematics education, English education, music education, physical education, art education, dance education, computer application technology, modern education technology, interior decoration design, early education, etc., with a school scale of 10,000 people. Taking the training of junior high school and kindergarten teachers as its own responsibility, based in the middle of Hunan, facing the whole province, radiating the whole country, and striving to build the province's leading and national first-class kindergarten teachers college.