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Hunan Mass Media Vocational and Technical College

Hunan Mass Media Vocational and Technical College is a public media higher vocational college based on the former Hunan Bank School and Hunan Educational Television Station, and was established in July 2000 according to the "front-end backyard" model. In 2002, the former Changsha County Teachers Training School was merged; in 2004, the former Hunan Radio and Television School was merged as a whole. The college implements a management system jointly established by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Hunan Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau, and Hunan Radio and Television Station, and is in charge of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education. It is now the first batch of backbone vocational colleges in the country and the first batch of outstanding vocational colleges in Hunan Province The establishment of the project, the "International Chinese Language and Culture Communication Base" established by Hanban in Hunan, relying on the school, the program production base of Hunan Radio and Television Station and the "Sound of Shaoshan" radio program production base, is known as the cradle of the "Radio and TV Hunan Army".

The college adheres to the school positioning of "based in Hunan, facing the whole country, serving the cultural industry, and highlighting the characteristics of the media", adhering to the school motto of "creative lights up life", and implementing the development strategy of "introducing Taiwan to promote the school, original and strong school, and serving the prosperous school". It is committed to cultivating creative technical talents with high comprehensive quality and strong communication skills for the construction of Hunan's cultural province and the development of the media industry. There are now 35 majors, which basically form a professional development pattern with "media content production" as the core, "media art" and "media technology" as the support, and "media management" and "cultural education". The three major specialty groups of news publishing, radio, film and television, animation and art design, and new media technology are recruiting students from 30 provinces, cities (autonomous regions) across the country, and there are nearly 10,000 students in school.

The college has 6 secondary colleges, namely the School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Film and Television Arts, the School of Visual Arts, the School of New Media Technology, the School of Management, and the School of International Communication. School (department) two-level management. There are 640 faculty members, including 173 teachers with senior professional titles and 307 doctors and masters. The college is a national qualification test center for radio and television editors, reporters, announcers and hosts, the National Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) test center, and the IELTS test center. The main campus is located in the Xingsha National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Changsha City, adjacent to the Hunan Radio and Television Center. It is a new environmentally-friendly and intelligent campus, which has won the titles of "Hunan Province Civilized Unit" and "Hunan Province Garden Unit".