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Hunan Institute of Humanities and Science

Hunan College of Humanities, Science and Technology is a full-time general undergraduate college sponsored by the Hunan Provincial People's Government. The school is located in the national civilized city-Loudi City, Hunan Province. It has a beautiful environment and profound background. It is a good place for seeking truth and learning.

The school was established in 1978, upgraded to an undergraduate institution in 2004 and renamed as Hunan Institute of Humanities, Science and Technology. In 2011, it obtained the "Serving National Special Needs" agricultural extension master degree postgraduate training qualification, and passed the qualification evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education in 2012. In 2017, it became a new master's degree awarding project construction unit in Hunan Province. In 2018, it became a "Double First-Class" high-level application characteristic college in Hunan Province. In 2019, it passed the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education with high quality.

For more than 40 years, the school has inherited and carried forward the fine traditions of Huxiang culture, accumulated the school motto of "seek near and far, cultivate roots and be real", and the school spirit "talent first, benevolence and love", and established an application-oriented school spirit. The goal of talent training has delivered more than 100,000 talents, including well-known scholars Li Kenli, Qing Fengling, Qing Xinlin, and outstanding entrepreneur Fu Shenglong, for the country and society.

The school currently has 14 secondary colleges, 55 full-time undergraduate majors, and 1 master's degree program, covering nine disciplines including liberal arts, sciences, engineering, teaching, economics, management, law, agriculture, and art. It has five provincial-level "double first-class" applied specialty disciplines including applied economics, Marxist theory, plant protection, computer science and technology, and materials science and engineering; 18 majors including e-commerce have been established as provincial-level first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, energy The three majors of Power Engineering, Network Engineering, and E-commerce have been approved as national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites. There are 1 national online and offline mixed first-class courses and 37 provincial-level first-class undergraduate courses.

The school currently has 17,209 full-time students, including 173 junior college students, 16,870 undergraduates, and 166 graduate students. It has 1366 faculty members, including 332 senior titles, 879 masters and doctors, 61 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council and the provincial government, national outstanding teachers, and provincial-level talent projects, and a provincial-level teaching and research team 4 indivual.

There are 28 provincial-level scientific research platforms, including provincial key laboratories, provincial social science key research bases, and provincial 2011 collaborative innovation centers, including the Ministry of Education Dragon and Lion Training Base for College Students, Provincial Demonstration Laboratories, Practice Teaching Demonstration Centers, and College Student Innovation Training There are 39 national and provincial practice platforms such as centers, school-enterprise cooperation talent training demonstration bases, innovation and entrepreneurship education bases, incubation demonstration bases, and crowd-creation spaces.

The construction of the "Four Seasons" campus has achieved remarkable results. The construction of a smart campus has been steadily advanced, the campus network has achieved full coverage, and cultural and sports activities have been rich and colorful. The student dormitories are equipped with hot water and air-conditioning to achieve "warm in winter and cool in summer".

The school comprehensively implements the project of strengthening the school by talents and establishing the school by quality, and constantly explores and improves the application-oriented talent training system and model, and the quality of teaching is continuously improved. In the past five years, students have won 943 awards in various discipline competitions and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions at and above the provincial level, including 37 national first prizes, 85 national second prizes, and 80 national third prizes. There are 159 first-class awards, 228 second-class provincial awards, and 354 third-class provincial awards. In sports competitions, 177 provincial and above gold medals, 160 silver medals and 98 bronze medals were won. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 90%, and employers’ satisfaction with graduates has been above 90%. In the past five years, teachers have presided over 528 scientific research projects, of which 15 were approved by the national fund, 5 humanities and social science projects were approved by the Ministry of Education, and 418 scientific research and teaching research projects at or above the provincial level; 350 high-level papers and 59 books were published; 18 scientific research and teaching achievement awards above the provincial level; 37 invention patents and 649 utility models, appearances, and software copyrights.

The first college student entrepreneurship foundation in the province, Hunan Zhengyang University Student Entrepreneurship Foundation, has been established, and the provincial Zhengyang University Student Entrepreneurship Incubation Base has been established. In 2013, it was awarded as the Hunan Province University Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Demonstration School. In 2016, it was recognized as the first batch of Hunan Province University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Demonstration Bases. In 2017, it became a member university of the China University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance and a member university of the Practice Alliance. After years of practical exploration, a four-integration innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of "integration of specialization and innovation, integration of science and innovation, integration of industry and education, and integration of thinking and innovation" has been built.

In the past 30 years, the school’s stability maintenance work has achieved "six non-occurrences" and "three zero indicators", becoming the only one in the province that has been awarded the title of "Hunan Province Safe Unit" for 10 years and has been awarded the title of "Hunan Province Safe Unit" for 10 years. The school won the honorary title of the top ten "safe schools" in Hunan Province in 2017 (only 3 colleges and universities in the province), and is known as a banner of the construction of safe colleges in Hunan Province.

The school takes serving the economic and social development as its mission, and has successively carried out in-depth cooperation with more than 50 significant influential companies such as Sany Heavy Industry, Longping Hi-Tech, Chinasoft International, and established Kingdee Business School and Ruili Vision VR Intelligent Technology College. The college, school, government and enterprise jointly established the Central China Branch of the National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Steel Materials Technology, opened 6 industry naming classes, and selected 30 application technology service teams and 26 science and technology commissioners to serve the industry; with the company More than 500 industry-university-research cooperation agreements have been signed, and the funding for horizontal entry into the school has increased from 1.82 million yuan in 2016 to 59.79 million yuan in 2020. In 2021, the implementation of the school-city integration development strategy will be launched.

The school has successively carried out teacher-student exchanges and cooperation with 46 universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and other countries and regions. The preschool education major of the Sino-foreign cooperative education project successfully passed the qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education. The school was identified as the enrollment unit for the “Belt and Road” scholarship in Hunan Province.

The school has successively won the Hunan Provincial Civilized Model Unit, the National Civilized Campus Advanced Unit, the Hunan Provincial Comprehensive Management Work Advanced Unit, the Hunan Province Safe Unit, the Top Ten Safe Schools in Hunan Province (only 3 universities in the province), and the graduates of ordinary colleges and universities in Hunan Province Excellent unit of the "Top Leader Project" in employment and entrepreneurship, advanced unit of national college students' social practice activities, advanced unit of ideological and political education research in ordinary colleges and universities in Hunan Province, Hunan May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee and other honors. Evaluation by qualified evaluation experts in 2012: The school is "a vigorous, popular, energetic, confident, and loving undergraduate college". 2019 review and evaluation expert evaluation: the school is a university willing to "make real efforts".