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Hunan Transportation Vocational and Technical College

Hunan Communications Vocational and Technical College was founded in 1956, formerly known as Hunan Provincial Communications School. In 1999, Hunan Transportation School merged with Hunan Transportation Cadre School. In 2001, Hunan Transportation Vocational and Technical College was approved by Hunan Provincial People's Government. It was successively merged into Hunan Highway Technical School and Hunan Transportation Senior Technical School. It is the Department of Transportation of Hunan Province. The directly affiliated national exemplary higher vocational colleges were the first batch of outstanding colleges and universities in Hunan Province in 2015.

Since its establishment 60 years ago, the college has always adhered to the school positioning of "based on the transportation industry, facing the market economy, and serving the rich and the people and strengthening the province"; always adhere to the school philosophy of "cultivating people with good morals, establishing careers with skills, and developing the school with characteristics"; always adhere to the "good morals" "Good skills, good use, good image", rooted in the development of transportation characteristics, changing the thinking and connotation development, technological innovation leading development, serving the development of social brands, focusing on the construction of professional groups of transportation characteristics, and building and governing the faculty Capacity building is an important support, integrating resources from all sources, stimulating the vitality of running schools, promoting the in-depth integration of production and education, realizing collaborative innovation between schools and enterprises, improving the ability and level of serving transportation and Hunan economic development, constantly pursuing excellence, building a vocational education brand, and providing transportation services. The development of the transportation industry and the construction of the regional economy have trained tens of thousands of high-end technical talents. It has successively won the national advanced unit for employment of ordinary colleges and universities, the national university with typical experience in graduate employment, the national college with typical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, the national advanced collective of transportation vocational education, the civilized model unit in Hunan Province, and the top employment project for general college graduates in Hunan Province Excellent unit, advanced unit of vocational education in Hunan Province and other honorary titles.

The college now covers an area of 728 acres, with a building area of 294,900 square meters, a total of 97.38 million yuan in various teaching instruments and equipment, and a collection of 848,000 books; more than 12,000 full-time students; 592 full-time teachers, including 248 senior titles There are 273 graduate students and master degrees or above; there are 1 national model teacher, 3 national transportation technology experts, 15 provincial and ministerial professional leaders, 2 provincial academic leaders, and 12 provincial young backbone teachers. The proportion of "double-qualified" teachers to full-time professional course teachers reached 93%.

The college connects the transportation industry chain of "transportation infrastructure construction-transportation use-intelligent transportation platform-transportation service", and builds transportation civil engineering technology in accordance with the principles of "professional foundation interlinked, technical field similar, occupational post-related, and teaching resource sharing". , Automotive technical services, intelligent transportation technology, and transportation services. Four special professional groups for transportation will be constructed. Two other special professional groups will be built in construction machinery application technology and construction engineering technology. In the future, the water transport engineering professional group will be built in due course. The college now has 28 majors, all of which are included in the professional group. Established 4 key construction majors supported by the central finance, 6 provincial quality construction majors, 2 provincial demonstration specialty majors, 2 provincial characteristic majors, 2 central financial supported training bases, and 4 provincial trainings base.

According to the characteristics of talent training in different majors, the college adopts different talent training models: innovating the training model of "fall to spring, work and study alternation"; implementation of "common consultation on training plans, sharing of educational resources, common monitoring of teaching quality, The "Five Commons" training model of joint participation in student management and joint tracking of student employment, and cooperation with German Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen brands, successfully introduced corporate training courses and German "dual system" teaching method; Formed a modular curriculum structure oriented to the job process of vocational positions, and constructed a combination of work and study curriculum system that integrates quality training, theoretical knowledge, professional abilities, work practice, and vocational training. The professional construction model of "integration of department and enterprise" with distinctive industry characteristics was implemented, and 7 school-run enterprises including Zhongzhi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., Jinshun Highway Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd., Hunan Jiaotong Technical Driving School, and Changsha Huiren Information Technology Co., Ltd. were established. , Realizing the curriculum construction "integration of department and enterprise", teaching team "integration of department and enterprise", and training platform "integration of department and enterprise". The college has successively jointly run schools with nearly 200 large and medium-sized brand enterprises at home and abroad, such as Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan, Hunan Road and Bridge. Ordered students cover most majors, accounting for 1/2 of the total number of students, realizing that students have jobs for graduation, talents for enterprise development, and students for colleges. The employment rate of graduates in the past three years is over 92%, and the employment rate of "order" professions is 100%. Only a smooth exit can the entrance be prosperous. In recent years, the college's enrollment line for liberal arts and sciences has ranked among the forefront of the province's higher vocational colleges, and has been rated as an advanced unit of "Higher Vocational and Technical College Admissions" by the Hunan Provincial Education Examination Institute many times.

  The college integrates Huxiang culture, transportation culture, corporate culture and other cultures into one, forming the four good cultures of "good morality, good skills, good use, and good image". Under the new situation, the college continues to improve the cultural connotation of the "Four Goods": to build an "expert, innovative, and harmonious" four-good leadership team; to create a four-good double division team with both pointers and wrenches; training "Four Goods" skilled talents who can "get down, keep and develop well". Always adhere to "good morals" to create noble sentiment; "good skills" to promote teaching reform; "good use" to deliver satisfactory talents; "good image" to establish the school brand. Continuously improve the employability of students, and encourage students to realize their value in life in employment, dedication, joyful work, and entrepreneurship.

  The college insists on both academic education and vocational training, and actively performs its social service function. The college is a national transportation cadre training base, a vocational training base for the transportation industry in Hunan, a higher vocational teacher training base for the National Transportation Education Steering Committee, a vocational education and skill training base for retired soldiers in Hunan Province, and a vocational skill appraisal and technical service center for the transportation industry. In the past three years, the college has organized more than 130 social training sessions, and the training scale has exceeded 36,000 person-times. Among them, 15,000 person-times of employee quality training are provided for the transportation industry; more than 16,000 person-times of vocational skills training and vocational skills appraisal are provided for the society; relying on professional construction resources to provide engineering supervision, engineering consulting services, building material testing and testing for road and bridge construction projects; for the society and many Insurance companies provide vehicle maintenance services; provide technical consulting services for more than 10 companies including Sany Heavy Industry, Hunan Road and Bridge. In the past three years, the college has a total of more than 20 patents, providing more than 100 technical services for the transportation industry and cooperative enterprises, and creating an annual technical service output value of nearly 20 million yuan.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the college will rely on the construction of "excellent colleges and universities", highlight the characteristics of the transportation industry, actively serve the construction of Hunan's "four modernizations and two types" and the construction of Hunan transportation "four transportations", and initially establish a modern university system. The "4+2+1" professional group running school system enhances the vitality of running schools, improves the quality of talent training, and enhances social service capabilities, and builds the college into a distinctive, high-level, and domestic first-class excellent higher vocational and technical college.