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Changjiang Vocational College of Art and Engineering

Changjiang Vocational College of Art and Engineering is an ordinary higher vocational college approved by the Hubei Provincial People's Government, registered by the Ministry of Education, and supervised by the Provincial Department of Education. The school covers an area of 1,000 acres, and currently has more than 8,000 students and 566 faculty members.

The school is located in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, the first batch of historical and cultural cities in China. It is the only higher vocational college in Hubei Province featuring the inheritance and protection of intangible cultural heritage. High-skilled talent training base, the school has a talent innovation and entrepreneurship platform in Hubei Province and a national 3A tourist attraction. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has set up a national-level traditional craft revitalization workstation in the school, and the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University is a resident co-construction unit.

Focusing on traditional handicraft skills and modern intelligent manufacturing service industry, the school has five majors: art engineering professional group, Internet + Internet of things professional group, new energy vehicle professional group, economic management professional group, and health care service professional group. There are 29 majors and more than 60 majors in the group.

The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "Creative University", with "precision craftsmanship, ingenuity and craftsmanship" as the school motto, and implements the fundamental task of Lide Shuren. Implement the integrated development model of co-construction with the government, integration with scenic spots, co-integration with the world, sharing with R&D, co-creation with schools, co-existence with industries, and win-win development with enterprises, and strive to create "vocational education + cultural inheritance + industrial development" Trinity school-running pattern. Cultivate students to have the two skills of "employment and entrepreneurship", and have the five abilities of "aesthetic ability, expression ability, practical ability, application ability and creative ability", to meet the needs of regional economic and social development, and to serve high-level leaders in production, construction, and management. Quality creative technical skills talents.