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Tianmen Vocational College

Tianmen Vocational College is a public full-time general higher education institution approved by the People's Government of Hubei Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is located in the hometown of Tea Saint (Lu Yu), a famous historical and cultural city in Wuhan city circle-Tianmen City.

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The college covers an area of 800 acres, with a building area of 250,000 square meters, with complete teaching, living, cultural and sports facilities, complete functions, and a quiet and elegant educating environment, safe and comfortable.

   The college has distinctive characteristics, strong teaching staff, and fruitful teaching results. There are more than 100 teachers with intermediate and senior professional titles, 8 Chutian skilled teachers, more than 20 visiting professors are hired throughout the year, and "double-qualified" teachers account for more than 50%. The college has more than 30 majors and professional directions. The medical and nursing major has more than 50 years of experience in discipline construction and talent training, and has sent a large number of professional talents to medical institutions at all levels; the major of tea art, the spirit of the hometown of the tea saint, the essence of the saint Lu Yu, the tea ceremony, the sound of Muduo, has become Popular majors that are vying to be popular in the market; the application of automated production equipment (industrial robots) is currently a new type of major unique to domestic higher vocational colleges, and it has formally signed a joint school with the country’s largest robot manufacturer Yaskawa Shougang Robot Co., Ltd. Agreement: The high-speed rail service direction and aviation service direction of the hotel management major are order-based training, and the employment of students is guaranteed.

  The college insists on being employment-oriented and is committed to cultivating students' professional ability and the ability to adapt to the society. It has more than 50 on-campus laboratories and more than 80 off-campus training bases. It is in cooperation with Beijing Dongfang Linghang Group, Beijing Acupuncture General Hospital, Hubei Tianrui Electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yawan Hotel, Yaskawa Shougang Robot Co., Ltd., Wuhan Qingmei Animation Other units have signed a long-term and stable contract-based talent training cooperation agreement, which provides students with a broad employment space.

  The college pays attention to the creation of a humanistic environment, with a rich and colorful campus culture, and strives to improve the comprehensive quality of students, and lays a solid foundation for students to enter the society.

   Implement leapfrog development and build a first-class vocational college. The profound historical and cultural accumulation and more than 50 years of vocational education have given Tianmen Vocational College a solid foundation for running a school. Today, the high-spirited and motivated Tianmen Vocational College people are adhering to the school motto of "Honesty, Respect for Learning, Emphasis on Ability and Ability", and stride towards the goal of establishing a first-class higher vocational college in the province.

   Step into Tianmen Vocational College, your life will be infinitely exciting.