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Hubei Sports Vocational College

Hubei Sports Vocational College was approved by the provincial government in 2010, and was approved and filed by the Ministry of Education in May 2011. The college is located in the East Lake New Technology Development Zone of Wuhan, with beautiful scenery and beautiful environment. It is a sports vocational college integrating sports vocational teaching, sports training, and sports research.

   The faculty of the college is divided into three categories: cultural basic course teachers, physical education basic theory course teachers and technical teachers, with scientific and reasonable allocation. At the beginning of its establishment, there were 95 full-time teachers, including 51 with associate senior professional and technical positions, 74 teachers with a bachelor degree or above, 15 postgraduates, and 45 dual-qualified teachers.

The college has a three-year academic system and offers five majors including sports training, sports service and management, social sports, sports health, and physical education, covering major professional positions in sports business such as competitive sports, school sports, social sports, sports industry, and sports culture. . Within four years, the college has reached the scale of 2,000 students required by the state to meet student enrollment requirements and social employment needs, and form a benign interaction.

The college implements the credit system management, emphasizing the cultivation of students’ practical and hands-on ability, focusing on usefulness and practical results. According to the characteristics of athletes engaged in sports training since childhood, independence, professionalism, poor cultural foundation, and poor physical education theory, the curriculum is The setting has been explored boldly, and the ratio of basic compulsory courses, professional theory courses and practical courses is 3:3:4. The total class hours are controlled within 2000, and the total credits are controlled within 110-120.

The college has established internships and training bases with provincial outstanding sports teams, provincial, municipal and county sports enterprises, sports schools, lottery and sports venues, etc., to continuously expand student employment channels; at the same time actively contact with Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, Jianghan University, Hubei Second Normal University and other institutions , Actively liaise with relevant colleges and universities in advanced and developed countries in sports, establish cooperative relations, unblock the "college to undergraduate" continuing education channel, and expand the channels for outstanding students to study abroad and exchange.

College goal: Four years later, it will enter the list of 25 national and provincial demonstrative higher vocational colleges in the "Hubei Province Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Plan Outline (2011-2020)", and build a first-class and well-known sports in the province Skills and practical higher vocational colleges.