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Huanggang Vocational College of Technology

Huanggang Vocational College of Science and Technology is an independent full-time institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education, sponsored by the People's Government of Hubei Province, and directly under the Hubei Provincial Department of Education. The enrollment code of the Ministry of Education is 13799, and the enrollment code of Hubei is 9235.

The college now has ten departments including the School of Media Arts, the School of Mobile E-commerce, the School of Tourism and Aviation Services, the School of New Energy, the School of Finance, the School of Baidu, the School of Mechatronics and Automotive Engineering, the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, and the Public Course Department. Department. There are more than 60 popular majors in animation design and production, automobile inspection and maintenance, construction engineering technology, customs declaration and international freight.

Beautiful campus environment: It is the only college of higher learning in the city center of Huanggang City. It is adjacent to the famous Yiai Lake Scenic Area. The surrounding public security environment is very good and the humanistic atmosphere is strong. It is awarded by the provincial and municipal governments as "safe campus" and "garden style" Honorary titles such as "Unit" and "Huanggang Civilized Unit".

  Excellent conditions for running a school: In 2010, it was the only higher vocational college in Hubei Province that was a national computer internship training base supported by the central government. There are many advanced on-campus training centers such as Hyundai Automobile Training Center, Modern Machinery Processing Center, School-Enterprise Co-construction Animation Design and Production Center, etc. The value of teaching equipment per student is among the best in similar colleges and universities.

  Strong faculty team: It has a double-teaching team with a professional title, educational background, double-teacher quality and a reasonable structure of double-teacher. Among the full-time teachers, 31% are teachers with associate titles or above, 26% are masters and doctors, 72% are double-qualified teachers, and 35% are employed by enterprise experts.

  Excellent teaching quality: The college continues to deepen the reform of vocational education and teaching, forming a distinctive talent training model of "school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education", and is known as a high-level talent training base. In 2012 alone, the college's teachers and students won a total of 150 first and second prizes in various competitions at or above the provincial level.

   High-quality employment: The college’s popular majors and high-quality personnel training quality ensure that our college achieves high-quality employment results. The college recommends graduates to work in dozens of large enterprise groups such as Shanghai Huanxin Group, Jiangsu Junying Mould Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Youth Automobile Group, and Wuhan Dongfeng Motor Group. The initial employment rate of the college’s graduates remains above 95%.

The college adheres to the development strategy of “establishing a school with quality, building a school with characteristics, and strengthening a school with a brand”, and comprehensively strengthens connotation construction and management, and has developed into a higher vocational school with a superior education environment, advanced school concepts, distinctive school characteristics, and strong comprehensive strength. Colleges.