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Hubei Youth Vocational College

Hubei Youth Vocational College was established on the basis of the prestigious Hubei Provincial Youth League School. The predecessor of Hubei Provincial Youth League School was the Youth League School of the Central South Bureau of the Communist Party of China established in 1951. It has a long history of running schools. Hubei Youth Vocational College is a public full-time college under the supervision of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League. Its main task is to train technical and technical talents with high political quality, strong comprehensive abilities, and meet the needs of economic and social development. After more than 60 years of construction and development, Hubei Youth Vocational College has become the backbone of the National Communist Youth League system, a training base for young cadres in our province and a designated talent training base for the Provincial Young Entrepreneurs Association, and the only "double graduation certificate" in our province. Hubei Youth Vocational College + Hubei Provincial League School) Higher School. (Some students who have passed the assessment and obtained the Hubei Provincial Youth League School graduation certificate are not only professionals, but also have the basic skills of Communist Youth League work and youth work.)

In 2014, the provincial government invested more than 20 million yuan, and the Provincial Communist Youth League Committee provided 25 million yuan to build a Hubei Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base in Hubei Youth Vocational College. It has become the only entrepreneurial college in our province that provides "double incubation" support (business incubation and social organization incubation) for young students' entrepreneurial dreams. The college also has the Hubei Province Youth Entrepreneurship Education and Training Center, which provides free entrepreneurship training courses for students and assists students in establishing their own industrial and commercial enterprises. In higher vocational colleges, the advantages of running a school with entrepreneurial characteristics are very obvious.

   School scale and conditions

   Since the establishment of higher vocational education, more than 10,000 high-quality and high-skilled talents have been sent to the society.

The college has 6 departments including the Department of Information Engineering, Department of Business, Tourism and Crew Management, Department of Social Work, Department of Art and Design, and Department of Public Courses. In response to the current demand for talents in short supply, the School of Optical Mechatronics and Architectural Engineering has been established. . Now there are 16 majors and more than 30 special professional directions, forming five major professional groups such as social work, information technology, art media, construction engineering, and business tourism. Among them, there are 2 majors supported by the central government (advertising and exhibition majors, Youth Work and Management Major), 2 National Training Base Majors (Computer Network Technology Major, Information Security Technology Major), 1 National Special Fund Support Major, 2 Provincial Training Base Majors (Marketing Major, Tourism Management Major) ), 6 Chutian skilled teachers to lead the construction of school-level key majors (hotel management, tourism management, animation design and production, advertising and exhibition majors, computer network technology, information security majors), 1 "Huang He Yingcai "Experts lead the construction and cooperate with key universities for undergraduate and master degree programs (social work major).

The college has established the Youth Cadre Training Center, the National Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute, the Hubei Youth Entrepreneurship Education and Training Center, the vocational qualification certificate test center of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the first batch of computer rank examination test centers in the country, etc., youth cadre training, social youth training The annual average number of vocational qualification training and appraisal of various professional and technical personnel is about 10,000.

   The school has complete teaching facilities, with fixed assets of 357.3 million yuan, of which the total assets of teaching and research equipment are more than 10 million yuan. The collection of books is 137,000 volumes. It has a number of modern internship training centers and "schools in factories", and has built one national-level vocational education training base (network and information security training base) supported by the central government, and one provincial-level vocational education training base ( China Travel Group Training Base), 31 on-campus practice bases, of which 10 are “school-in-plants”. Established in-depth school-enterprise partnerships with more than 50 high-quality companies such as Huawei, China Telecom, Fiberhome Technology, New Eight Construction Group, Shanghai General Motors, Wuhan Metro Group, etc., and opened more than 20 orders to cultivate high-paying employment classes, with more than 50 Off-campus high-quality internship training and employment bases and 3 "schools in factories".


  Students are the primary subject of the school, and teachers are the primary dominant. The school attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff. It is guided by the State Council subsidy experts, Chutian skilled teachers, and members of the off-campus professional construction steering committee, with the school's professional leaders and persons in charge as the leader, with key teachers and part-time teachers as the backbone, and a combination of full-time and part-time teachers. , Double-teacher structured, open teaching team.

The school employs 2 State Council grant recipient experts, 1 Ministry of Education expert, 2 full professors, 1 "Yellow Crane Talent" expert, 3 outstanding teachers commended by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, 8 "Chutian Skilled Teachers", There are 31 teachers with "double quality" and more than 30 outstanding part-time teachers. A resource database of more than 50 part-time teachers has been established, and a group of enterprise technical backbones and skilled craftsmen have been enriched into the teaching team.

  The school insists on "quality-oriented" and hires more than 10 well-known quality instructors such as Li Jingyi, Wu Tianxiang, Yin Beichen, Xu Benyu, etc., to create high-quality and high-end skilled talents with strong management capabilities and high ideological and moral cultivation.

   Talent training characteristics

  The college adheres to the school-running ideology of putting students first, focusing on ideological and political education and quality education with the "green" brand characteristics, so that students have not only good professional technical skills, but also strong management capabilities and high ideological and moral cultivation. The proportion of students joining the Party is higher than that of ordinary colleges and universities in our province. The graduates make fast progress, grow fast, and become talents, and they are generally praised by employers.

   The school adopts "sunshine vigor, vigorous and professional skills" as its school motto, and promotes the most advanced curriculum model of "student subject, specific ability-based" in the field of vocational education to ensure that students can achieve what they have learned and apply what they have learned.

   The school pays attention to the construction of campus culture, and the school spirit, teaching style, and study style are clean and upright. Patriotism, love for the school, Shangde and Shangneng have become the universal value pursuit of the teachers and students of the school.

According to the survey conducted by the most authoritative educational evaluation institution in China, the training level of our graduates is higher than the national average, and the income after six months of graduation is higher than the national average. One year after graduation, 8% of the students enter high-income university graduates Ranks. The agreement employment rate of graduates ranks 15th in the province, and the proportion of entrepreneurs ranks 10th. In the past two years, 5% of school students have won awards in teaching competitions above the province level, which is much higher than that of ordinary colleges and universities, and more than 80% of graduates are employed in large cities in the country, which is much higher than that of ordinary colleges and universities.

   Talented people come forth in large numbers

   Hubei Youth Vocational College and Hubei Provincial Youth League School are the homes of youth and the highlands of success in the province. In the history of running a school for more than 60 years, countless young students have spent their youth and study hard here, and groups of young talents have moved from here to society and to the glory of life. Among them, there are not only a group of party and government cadres like Wan Shaofen (former Secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee), Chen Wanbo (Deputy Director of the Immigration Bureau of Hubei Province), Wu Ye (Secretary of the Xishui County Party Committee), and a large number of party and government cadres like Wang Guangjie ( Successful entrepreneurs such as Shenzhen Mingtang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Fan Zhejun (Chairman of Wuhan Junsheng Technology Co., Ltd.), and countless professional and technical backbones working in all walks of life, can be described as brilliant stars and brilliant.

  筚路blue wisps, hard work. Today’s Hubei Youth Vocational College is continuously improving the school’s quality of running a school and shaping a good school image through strategic measures such as integrating high-quality social education resources, accelerating the adjustment of the subject and professional structure, strengthening the comparative advantages of running a school, and increasing the intensity of campus construction. Strive to build the school into a first-class school with advanced concepts, rich connotations, high quality and distinctive characteristics, and make greater contributions to the country's economic and social development, and for Hubei to "build a pivot and walk in the forefront".