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Hubei Open Vocational College

Hubei Open Vocational College (hereinafter referred to as "Hubei Kaiyuan") is a private general university renamed and restructured on the basis of Hubei Correspondence University. A new type of private university born out of the upsurge of reform and education system reform. On November 9, 1984, with the approval of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Government, the Hubei Provincial Department of Education approved the document "Ejiao Gongnong (1984) No. 016" Established. In March 1986, it was submitted to the State Education Commission for the approval of the "(86) Jiaoji No. 45" document. It was the first private university established in my country at the beginning of the reform and opening up in the 1980s. In May 2002, it was officially renamed Hubei Open Vocational College by the Provincial People’s Government Ezheng Han (2002) No. 59, and it was restructured from an adult college to a general college. It mainly undertakes full-time higher vocational education, and continues to undertake adult higher education and continuing education. , Network education and various types of vocational training and education at all levels.

For more than 30 years since the establishment of the school, the school has adhered to the guiding ideology of "survive by quality, seeking credibility, reform for development, and perfection", upholding the school motto of "cultivating morality, seeking knowledge, being strong, and serving the country", and advocates "establishment". The school spirit of "deshu people, fraternity, integrity, skill and strength, pioneering and innovative"; "both morality and ability" teaching style, "truth-seeking and innovative" style of study and "dedication and truthfulness" work style. The construction of spiritual culture, material culture, system culture, and behavior culture runs through the entire process of talent training. Cultivation has nurtured generations of "school-opening students" to grow into talents here and to glory. The school adheres to the philosophy and purpose of open education, practices the interaction between universities and society, and attaches importance to the exchanges and cooperation between schools at home and abroad. Faced with the opportunities and challenges of the new era, the school will further utilize the advantages and characteristics of our school's “small but sophisticated, excellent and special” school running in accordance with the pattern and ideas of "one main and two wings" innovative development. "One main" refers to academic education (ie college and technical secondary school education); "two wings" firstly refers to cooperative education and training, and secondly refers to industrial operation and incubation. Establish the education tenet of virtue as the root, people-oriented, harmony and ability first, and focus on the core task of cultivating high-quality and high-skilled talents to further promote the innovation of the school system and mechanism, and inject the opening of Hubei hospital in the new era. Vigor and vitality. The school will deepen the integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation as the source of motivation and goals for development. In the construction of regional industrial clusters and the development of parks and enterprises, the school will pinpoint and continuously consolidate the school’s orientation and development direction, and strive to improve the school’s Participation and contribution rate in regional economic and social development.

Through more than 30 years of construction and development, the "Opening of Hubei Institute" has explored new ideas, new visions, new models, and new goals for opening up schools in an all-round way; strengthened the awareness of crisis, competition, innovation, integrity and cooperation; in All-round reforms and innovations should be carried out in terms of educational thought, educational system, educational goals, and educational methods. Optimize, utilize, integrate, and integrate high-quality educational resources at home and abroad with openness; further expand the school space with openness; improve the quality of talent training with openness; realize the establishment of distinctive schools, strong schools with characteristics, and development of schools with characteristics; integration of production and education, The integration of work and learning, and school-enterprise cooperation integration road, form a long-term mechanism of teaching and educating people, practicing education, managing and educating people, serving and educating people, stimulate students' potential and positive energy, enhance students' sense of social responsibility, and fully implement Lide The fundamental task of the tree man.

The school currently has more than 30 liberal arts and science majors, and its Chinese majors include corporate management, accounting, Internet finance, business management, marketing, e-commerce, administrative management, logistics management, human resource management, tourism and hotel management, etc.; science Majors include industrial robot technology, Internet of Things application technology, mechatronics technology, engineering cost, computer application technology, software technology, communication technology, applied electronic technology, mold design and manufacturing, environmental art design, e-sports, etc., and recruit students from all over the country. The school has established a sound funding system, and has set up various types of funding measures such as scholarships, grants, student loans, subsidies for difficulties, work-study, tuition reduction and exemption, and green channels to ensure that students with family financial difficulties are not affected by tuition problems. drop out.

   The school sponsors the "Hubei Han University News" (international and domestic publications) and "Hubei Open Vocational College News", which are officially approved by the National Press and Publication Administration, and are well received by the education, academia and all walks of life.

The school continues to promote the construction of a digital information campus, with the development of educational modernization and informatization as the direction, with the goal of building a "smart campus", fully and effectively integrating high-quality educational resources inside and outside the school, and deepening education and teaching reform and administration, teaching, and learning for the school. Engineering, logistics support, and safe campus management provide system integration platform support.

Standing at a new historical starting point and facing the opportunities and challenges of China’s vocational education development entering a new era, the "Hubei Open Academy" needs to re-examine its own school positioning, adjust its development strategy, and closely focus on "locality, skill-based, and characteristic The four core elements of "high-level, high-level", in accordance with the idea of "basing a foothold, relying on the local, facing the local, integrating into the local, highlighting local characteristics, and serving local development" A close production-education integration school system and mechanism for education, process co-management, achievement sharing, and responsibility sharing. Entering the new era, the integration of industry and education is becoming the soul, main line and new engine of the reform and development of vocational education and teaching. The "Opening of Hubei Academy" will continue to deepen the integration of industry and education, and promote the organic connection of the education chain, the talent chain, the industrial chain, and the innovation chain. Efforts to promote the collaboration and interaction of government departments, industries, enterprises, and society, realize resource sharing, complementary advantages, collaborative innovation, and mutual benefit, and build an open vocational education platform for the four-party cooperation and education of parks, industries, enterprises, and schools for Wuhan, Hubei Regional economic construction and social development provide strong talent support to make our efforts and contributions.