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Wuhan Vocational and Technical College of Information Communication

Wuhan Vocational and Technical College of Information Communication is a full-time general higher education institution approved by the People's Government of Hubei Province and registered by the Ministry of Education. It has nearly 8,000 full-time students. The school is located in Miaoshan Science and Technology Park, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Optics Valley, China. It covers an area of 648 acres, with a total fixed assets value of 179 million yuan, a total value of teaching equipment and equipment of 38.69 million yuan, a library collection of 430,000 books, and complete modern teaching facilities.

   The school adheres to the principle of fostering people by virtue, service development as the purpose, employment promotion as the orientation, and cultivating high-quality technical and technical talents as the goal, and continuously optimizes the school model, forming the professional characteristics of "Internet + information dissemination". It has built a modern media characteristic professional group composed of media, film and television, printing and packaging, art design and other related majors; it has also built a professional group with information technology, cloud computing, big data, e-commerce, Internet finance, etc. Professional-led, modern information technology application and management characteristic professional clusters are closely following the development of emerging industries and have created intelligent manufacturing professional clusters based on industrial robots, 3D printing, and new energy vehicle technologies. The school currently has 7 departments and 37 majors, including 1 national press and publishing industry academy model major, 2 provincial key majors, 1 provincial brand major, 3 provincial characteristic majors, and provincial strategic emerging (pillars) ) 1 industry talent training program major, 2 provincial-level quality courses, 1 provincial-level teaching team, 8 provincial Chutian skilled teachers set up professional specialties, and took the lead in the formation of the Hubei Provincial Printing Vocational Education Group.

The school continues to deepen the reform of production and education integration and school-enterprise cooperation talent training model. It has built 1 national-level training base, 1 provincial-level training base, 1 provincial-level internship training base, and 1 comprehensive training center. , 4 large-scale training bases, 73 various experimental training rooms, and 136 off-campus practice training bases. Established new media operations, network planning, business planning, non-linear editing, film and television post-production, TV news, film and television studios, performance rehearsal halls, photography and videography, mobile application development, information security, artificial intelligence, cloud computing engineering, and electronic products Design, digital media application, e-commerce logistics, accounting and computing, marketing, convention and exhibition integration, meeting succinct, tourism marketing, animation production, modeling design and other studios, also opened computer network technology, mobile application development, 3D printing technology A group of "order classes" such as applied English, tourism management, secretarial quick record, animation production technology, character image design, etc., have trained and delivered a large number of outstanding talents for the industry, enterprises and society.

The school has established a "national vocational skills appraisal institute", promotes the "dual certificate" of academic certificates and vocational qualification certificates, and cooperates with well-known undergraduate colleges to set up a special link education. Students can also obtain undergraduate diplomas and bachelor degrees while studying at school. Bachelor of Science. The school actively carries out innovation and entrepreneurship education, tailor-made SYB entrepreneurship training courses for students, and implements innovation and entrepreneurship assistance for students. The employment rate of graduates each year exceeds 93%, ranking among the best in similar institutions in the province.

   In recent years, the school has attached great importance to connotation construction, with fruitful results in education and teaching, and outstanding achievements in education. Teachers’ teaching achievements have won the first prize of Teaching Achievement Award of the Ministry of Education, the second and third prizes of Hubei Province Teaching Achievement, the first, second, and third prizes of the National Vocational Teacher Micro-Class Competition (Higher Vocational Group), and the national vocational colleges The "Golden Pointer" lecture competition silver medal, 16 teaching and research projects, 3 student management research projects were approved by the provincial level. Students have successively won the second and third prizes of the secretarial quick record competition of the National Vocational College Skills Competition, the first, second and third prizes of the National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition, the third prize of the group and individual of the National "First Green Printing Knowledge Contest" The second prize, the third prize of the National College English Writing Competition, the special prize of Hubei Province, the outstanding team award of the National College Student Advertising Art Competition, the third prize of the Hubei Vocational College Skills Competition, and the two students majoring in character design represent Hubei Province Entered into the national team training for the beauty competition of the 44th World Skills Competition.

   At present, the school is vigorously implementing the "three-quality education" system for all staff and the whole process, insisting on taking students as the center in all work, and students will enjoy a high-quality environment for becoming talents while they are in school. The school is committed to the construction of a modern vocational education system to allow students and the school to develop together.