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Hubei Vocational College of Art

1. The history of the college

Hubei Vocational College of Art was founded in 1958. It was originally the Hubei Provincial Opera School. In 1966, classes were suspended due to the "Cultural Revolution" and closed in 1970. It was restored and rebuilt in November 1977. In 1988, Hubei Opera School was renamed as Hubei Provincial Art School; 1992 In 1993, it merged with the Hubei Provincial Culture and Art Cadre School; in 1993, it was recognized as a "provincial and ministerial-level key secondary school" by the Hubei Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Culture; in 2000, it merged with the Hubei Provincial Film Workers Secondary Professional School to form a new "Hubei Province Art School"; In 2001, it was recognized as a national key secondary vocational school by the Ministry of Education; In 1999, Hubei Province Art School and Central China Normal University co-operated to establish the Art Vocational College of Central China Normal University; in 2003, it was established in Hubei The Provincial People's Government approved it to become an independent Hubei Vocational College of Art.

  二、The current situation of the college

   College is located between Wuchang Luojia Mountain and Fuhu Mountain. It is a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional comprehensive art vocational college. Higher art education and secondary art education coexist, with 1,827 students in school.

The college has modern teaching venues and facilities. The total building area of the school building is 61,322 square meters, of which teaching and administrative rooms are 45,122 square meters. In 2009, there will be an additional 6,500 square meters of teaching rooms, with an average of 25.06 square meters of teaching and administrative rooms per student, student dormitories and living quarters. The building area of the building is 16,200 square meters, and the average per student is 9 square meters. The college has 1 small theater, 178 training classrooms, 3 reading rooms, 9 multimedia classrooms, 2 language rooms, and 240 teaching computers. The total value of the college's teaching equipment is 12.6562 million yuan, and the average student average is 6709.15 yuan. The library has a collection of 112,000 paper books and 200,000 e-books. There is a dedicated college website and a proprietary domain name The external use of telecommunications broadband 10M, education network 2M fiber export, to achieve a relatively complete campus network with fiber to the floor and 100M to the desktop. In 2007, the college joined the "Hubei Provincial Cultural Resources Sharing Project Grassroots Center", which has greatly improved the sharing of information resources. The college currently has more than 20 off-campus training bases, and maintains cooperative relations with more than 10 provincial key cultural groups in the province.

The college has a strong faculty. There are 218 faculty members and 122 full-time teachers, including 43 senior professional titles (10 national first-level actors), 79 intermediate professional titles, and 87 "double-qualified" professional teachers accounting for 71%. A team of teachers with supporting disciplines, excellent business and rich practical experience.

The college now has 8 teaching departments, including music department, dance department, art design department, drama and film performance department, audiovisual technology department, cultural business management department, public course teaching department and teaching research room; office, educational affairs department, There are 9 administrative and teaching auxiliary departments: Student Affairs Department, General Affairs Department, Human Insurance Department, Finance Department, Art Practice Department (Art Troupe), Art Training Department, and Library and Information Department. Now there are 14 professional directions in dance performance, music performance, music education, film and television performance, opera performance, graphic design, environmental design, film and television animation, public relations, tourism management, audio and video production, instrumental music performance, broadcast host, and model performance. .

The college has established Hubei’s only cultural industry-specific vocational skills training and appraisal agency, which is mainly engaged in seven categories of occupations, including piano tuning lawyers, aerobics instructors, digital recording engineers, intermediate tuner, body training coaches, and dance coaches. Skill appraisal work.

  The college insists on running schools with characteristics, actively promotes quality education, cultivates students' creative ability, and achieves fruitful educational results. Over the past 50 years since its establishment, the school has delivered nearly 10,000 artistic talents to the society. Among them, outstanding graduates are represented by Zhu Shihui, two-time "Plum Blossom Award" winners, representatives of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Dean of the Peking Opera Theatre of Hubei Province; Liu Danli , Winner of the two-time "Plum Blossom Award", representative of the 10th and 11th National People's Congress; Xu Fan, famous film star, winner of the "Plum Blossom Award" and the 23rd TV Drama Feitian Award for Outstanding Actress; Wu Zhenyan, Ministry of Culture Wenhua Performance Award", the winner of the Gold Medal in the Modern Dance Women's Division of the 9th French International Dance Competition; Li Qiong, the winner of the Special Award of the National Young Singer TV Grand Prix and the "Five One Project" Award of the Central Propaganda Department; Wang Jinyuan, the national youth Singer TV Grand Prix Silver Award and the winner of the Ministry of Culture's "Wenhua Performance Award"; Li Tie, a film and television drama star, self-written and directed dramas and sketches won the "Five One Project" award and the Ministry of Culture "Hua Award" etc.; Chen Lili, the silver medal of the National Young Singer TV Grand Prix and the 2008 Wenhua Award winner of the Ministry of Culture Musical Competition; Huang Lin, the gold medal winner of the Chinese dance "Lotus Award" folk dance performance; music students Huang Ying, Huang Yan participated in the 7th International High School Student Art Competition in Japan and was tied for first place in the Guzheng Competition. In recent years, the teachers of the college have presided over or participated in the teaching and research work at various levels. Now 10 provincial and college-level quality courses have been established. The college teachers have published more than 200 papers in various journals, and 64 college teachers have successively worked in various government organizations. In art competitions, they won professional awards at or above the provincial level. 98 students have won awards at or above the provincial level in various art competitions.

The large-scale regional style dance poem "Living by the Yangtze River" performed by our institute won the first prize of the 2006 National Song and Dance and Acrobatics Theme Evening Outstanding Performance Award. In 2007, he won the Wenhua Award of the 12th Wenhua Award of the Chinese Government. The 8th China Arts Festival "Number One in the Audience's Favorite Repertoire".

   In the National Art Vocational Education Achievement Exhibition held by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education in 2007, our school won the Outstanding Achievement Award. In 2005, it was rated as the advanced grassroots party organization of the Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and the Top Ten Civilized Units in Hongshan District. In 2006, our school was awarded the title of Advanced Collective of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities commended by the Hubei Provincial Party Committee University Working Committee and the Hubei Provincial Department of Education. It was appraised as an advanced unit for creating a civilized industry in 2005-2006 by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

Over the past half a century, Hubei Vocational College of Arts has taken a broad path of art education, indulging in new developments, and engraving a series of flashing footprints, showing a beautiful and charming art garden scenery. In the new century, she will recreate brilliance with a brand-new demeanor.