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Jingzhou Vocational College of Technology

Jingzhou Vocational College of Technology was established in 1983 with the approval of the People’s Government of Hubei Province. It is a public full-time general higher education school filed by the Ministry of Education. Major categories such as art. The school has a long history of running a school, rigorous school spirit, standardized management, and distinctive features.

The school adheres to the school positioning of "based in Jingzhou, facing Hubei, radiating the whole country, highlighting science and engineering, and cultivating craftsmen", adhering to the school philosophy of "people-oriented, focusing on quality, highlighting characteristics, and serving the society", and following the "good morals, encouragement, dedication, and career." "The school motto is based on talent training, focusing on connotation construction, and actively exploring school-enterprise cooperation, integration of industry and education, integration of work and learning, and simultaneous development of industry and education. The modern apprenticeship pilot with the "dual subject" of enterprise education and the "dual identity" of student apprentices as the core, strive to create digital science and technology, smart science and technology and quality science and technology, and is committed to building a "double high" college that students aspire to, social needs, and people are satisfied Schools (that is, high-level modern higher vocational colleges and high-level characteristic professional groups).

The school has focused on the construction of two major projects (e-commerce, applied electronic technology) supported by the central financial support of "Higher Vocational Colleges to Improve the Development of Professional Service Industries"; "Jiangtai Insurance Practical Talents Training Base" project; 3 Hubei Provincial Higher Vocational Education Key Majors (Optical Technology Application, Applied Chemical Technology, Insurance); 3 Hubei Provincial Characteristic Majors (Optical Technology Application, Insurance, Automobile Manufacturing and Equipment) Technology); 1 Hubei Province Brand Major (Computer Application Technology); 2 Hubei Province General Colleges and Universities Strategic Emerging (Pillar) Industry Talent Training Program (Optical Technology Application, Applied Chemical Technology); 3 Central Finance Supports Higher Occupations Education training base (photoelectric technology application, construction engineering technology, mold); 2 higher vocational education training bases in Hubei Province (electrical electronics and automation training base, applied chemical training base); 1 national green lighting demonstration base 1 lighting designer talent training base; 1 Hubei Province service outsourcing talent training (training) base; 1 Air Force Air Traffic Management Office drone flight base, 1 Jingzhou science popularization education base; 1 Jingzhou entrepreneurship demonstration base 1 Jingzhou technology business incubator; 1 Jingzhou university student internship training base; 1 Jingzhou university student entrepreneurship (incubation) base.

The school will be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, with quality development as the core, adhere to the systematic promotion of the “three education projects” covering ideological and political education, professionalism education, and vocational skills education, and firmly establish “focus” Connotation, focus on students, focus on quality" "three gathering consciousness", adhere to the "normal higher vocational education as the main body, with continuing education and secondary vocational education as the two wings" development concept of "one main and two wings", to achieve the integration of secondary and higher vocational education Develop, build up connotation, expand the scale of running a school, and strive to achieve the goal of improving the efficiency of running a school, increasing the popularity index of development, and increasing the happiness index of teachers and students. We are satisfied with strengthening secondary vocational schools, improving higher vocational colleges, expanding training, and establishing government, bank, and enterprise schools. Of high-quality higher vocational colleges.

The school adheres to the work philosophy of "three alls", "two loves" and "three in one" teacher-student relationship, adheres to "student-centered, ability-based", promotes comprehensive and sustainable development of students, and trains to meet the needs of Hubei Province High-quality laborers and technical talents needed for the economic and social development of Jingzhou City.

The school will adhere to the higher vocational education innovation and development action plan as the guide, in accordance with the school’s 13th Five-Year Plan and the relevant work requirements of the innovative development action roadmap, with education informatization as the starting point, modern apprenticeship as the model, and internal quality assurance system Diagnosis and improvement as a guarantee, carry out comprehensive education and teaching reforms, work together to build a modern vocational education system, steadily promote the construction of the internal quality assurance system diagnosis and improvement work system and mechanism, accelerate the construction and development of connotation, and strive to build our school into the country The top 200 "double high" colleges (that is, high-level modern higher vocational colleges and high-level characteristic professional groups).

  Jingzhou Polytechnic, help you succeed, high-end employment, convenient upgrade!

   sincerely welcome all aspiring young people to apply for the exam!

   Sincerely welcome all aspiring young people to apply for the exam!