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Hubei Institute of Technology New Technology College

College Introduction

  The New Technology College of Hubei Institute of Engineering was approved by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education in March 2003 and approved by the Ministry of Education in February 2004. It is an independent college at the undergraduate level organized by Hubei Institute of Engineering. The school is located in the satellite city of Wuhan, the hometown of Dong Yong, the filial son of the Han dynasty-Xiaogan City. It is 45 kilometers away from Wuhan and 30 kilometers away from Tianhe Airport. The Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Hanyu Railway, National Highway 107, 316, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Hanshi Expressway run through Xiaogan City, and the intercity train from Xiaohan directly connects to Wuhan. The transportation is very convenient.

Relying on the high-quality educational resources of Hubei Institute of Technology, according to market and social needs, according to the idea of integrating university disciplines, the school now has the Department of Language and Literature, the Department of Economics and Law, the Department of Information Engineering, the Department of Urban Construction, the Department of Biochemistry, and the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. There are 32 undergraduate majors and 22 junior majors, most of which rely on the advantages and characteristic majors of Hubei Institute of Engineering. They have broad employment prospects. Bioengineering majors are now listed as Hubei Provincial Education Department’s key (cultivation) undergraduate major construction project, optoelectronic information science and engineering and electronic information engineering majors were approved as the strategic emerging (pillar) industry talent training project of Hubei colleges and universities, and the computer science and technology major was recognized as the No. The second batch of "Hubei Province Service Outsourcing Talent Training (Training) Base". At present, the school has nearly 6000 students, 253 full-time teachers, and 130 external teachers.

   In recent years, the school has paid close attention to connotation construction, gradually promoted transformational development, and deepened education and teaching reform. The comprehensive quality, innovative spirit and practical ability of students have been significantly enhanced, and the quality of talent training has been greatly improved. Students have won numerous awards in various competitions at the national, provincial and ministerial levels. Among them, students won the first prize of the 8th China University Art Works Annual Exhibition, the first prize of the "Waiyanshe Cup" National English Writing Competition, the second prize of the 4th National College Student Advertising Art Competition, and the 7th "Blue Bridge Cup" nationwide The second prize of the Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Competition, the first prize of the 33rd "December 9" Poetry and Essay Contest in Hubei Province, the special prize of the 8th "Challenge Cup" Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Contest for College Students in Hubei Province, and Hubei Province The first prize of the fifteenth "Fuchuang Cup" New Youth Novel Competition of Provincial Colleges and Universities and many other provincial and above awards; student novel "Fall in Love with the Only You in the World" and essay collection "Flowers Falling in Dreams, Wandering in the Young" , "A Dream of Rain Against the Current" and other works were published; the average annual one-time pass rate of the national judicial examination for law students is maintained at more than 20%; the acceptance rate of students for postgraduate entrance examinations has increased year by year, and the acceptance rate of students majoring in polymer materials and engineering, biological engineering, etc. It has been maintained at around 30% for a long time, and many students have obtained opportunities for further study in internationally renowned universities; the employment rate of graduates has been maintained at around 90%, which is generally well received by employers. The school has successively been awarded as "Provincial Safe Campus", "Hubei Province's Demonstration School of School Management", "Hubei Province College Graduates Employment Statistics Standard Management Advanced Unit" and "Hubei Province College Student Conscription Work Advanced Unit".

The school fully implements the party and the country’s educational policy, adheres to the socialist direction of running a school, adheres to the school-running philosophy of "education-oriented, moral education first; based on the local, cultivated characteristics; innovated mechanism, pioneering and development", with science and engineering as the main body, and more The disciplines are developed in a coordinated manner, and strive to cultivate high-level application-oriented professional talents with good comprehensive quality and outstanding practical ability for the society to serve regional economic development and society. The school regularly invites well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad to come to the school to give lectures, and effectively guide students to actively carry out academic research, culture and art, learning competitions, social practice, and youth volunteer activities; the school also has humanities, science and technology, public welfare, art, sports, etc. Nearly 20 student clubs have created good conditions and atmosphere for enlivening campus cultural life and improving the overall quality of students.

At present, it is the critical stage of the development of independent colleges. The school will uphold the spirit of "Mingde and Mingzhi, Seeking Truth and Innovation", overcome obstacles, ride the wind and waves, and move towards an influential and distinctive independent college among similar colleges in the province. Forge ahead with the goal.

   Warmly welcome students from all over the country to study at the New Technology College of Hubei Institute of Technology!