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Hubei Biotechnology Vocational College

Hubei Biotechnology Vocational College is a full-time public institution of higher learning for national enrollment established with the approval of the People's Government of Hubei Province and the record of the Ministry of Education. National vocational education advanced unit commended by the state. Founded in 1958, the college is the "China Hubei Agricultural Officials Training Center" and the "Modern Agricultural Technology Training Base of the Ministry of Agriculture" of the Ministry of Commerce.

School motto Lide Shuren, diligent study and strong ability.

   School running philosophy Let the college become the cradle of every student's employment and entrepreneurship.

   Teaching Concept: Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, teach according to their posts, and teach students the knowledge and skills that they can understand, learn well, and use.

The school-running thought adheres to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of the "Three Represents", and is guided by the scientific development concept, with service as the purpose and employment as the guide, taking the development path of integration of industry and education, and insisting on scientific development and establishing the school with characteristics The idea of running a school with talents and a high-quality school, highlighting the position of the teaching center, continuously deepening education and teaching reform, actively promoting educational innovation, and cultivating high-quality technical and technical talents for the front line of production, construction, service and management, in order to promote Contribute to local economic and social development and modern agricultural construction.

The orientation of the school is to focus on higher vocational education, and actively carry out continuing education and scientific and technological services; for modern agriculture and new rural construction, based in Hubei, radiating across the country; focusing on biology and agriculture majors, agriculture, economics, management, and information Professional coordinated development. Efforts to build the college into a distinctive provincial model college.

  Development ideas: Persist in the central position of teaching work unshakable; adhere to the core position of teaching reform unshakable; adhere to the priority of basic teaching construction unshakable. Focusing on one goal, clarifying two aspects, advancing three reforms, strengthening four constructions, and building five systems. One goal is to cultivate high-quality skilled talents for production, construction, service and management. The two aspects are: facing modern agriculture and facing the needs of Hubei's economic and social development. The three reforms are: advancing the reform of the school-running model of school-enterprise cooperation; advancing the reform of the talent training model combining work and learning; advancing the reform of the teaching model integrating "teaching, learning, and doing". The four constructions are: aiming at improving students’ employability and strengthening professional construction; aiming at the "dual teacher" structure with reasonable structure and good quality, strengthening the construction of a combined professional and concurrent teaching team; aiming at improving the quality of teaching, and promoting the construction of the curriculum system ; With the goal of improving students' vocational skills, strengthen the construction of training and practice bases that integrate both inside and outside the school. The five systems are: constructing a complete teaching management system; constructing a student management system for full-process management; constructing a professional employment guidance and service system; constructing an efficient logistics service guarantee system; constructing a scientific quality monitoring and guarantee system.

   Location advantage The college is located in the city center of Wuhan, on the shore of the beautiful Nanhu Lake and Yezhi Lake in Wuchang within the Central Ring Road, adjacent to Huazhong Agricultural University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and Wuhan University of Technology. The college is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with a quiet environment and convenient transportation. The conditions for students to concentrate on research, foreign exchanges, employment and entrepreneurship, and further professional studies are uniquely endowed by nature.

   Basic conditions The college covers an area of 351 acres. The teaching building area is 263,000 square meters, the total value of laboratory equipment is 120 million yuan, the library has 830,000 books, and more than 2,000 newspapers and magazines are subscribed each year; there are 83 various professional experimental training rooms in the school, and stable off-campus practice is built. 126 training bases (1 college student training base recognized by the People's Government of Hubei Province). Among them, the Hubei Provincial Modern Agriculture Exhibition Center and the Hubei Provincial Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Inspection Center are institutions directly under the Provincial Department of Agriculture. As the experimental training base jointly built by the college, it covers an area of more than 1,000 acres and has invested more than 200 million yuan. There are more than 100 leading enterprises closely linked with the college through the Hubei Modern Agricultural Vocational Education Group, and two "factory schools" have been established. The college is undergoing power expansion and renovation, and gradually realizes full coverage of air-conditioning in student apartments and classrooms.

   Teachers Team The college has a team of high-quality teachers who love their jobs and are willing to make dedication, as well as a group of academic leaders and young backbone teachers who have made outstanding achievements in teaching and scientific research. There are 457 teachers, including 6 experts enjoying State Council allowances, 4 experts enjoying Hubei Provincial Government allowances, 2 outstanding young and middle-aged experts, 7 doctors, 113 masters, 8 certified public accountants, professors and associate professors There are 105 people, of which 75% are double-qualified teachers. In recent years, the college has won two provincial science and technology progress awards. Teachers have published 231 various monographs and textbooks, and more than 2,100 academic papers have been published in various journals above the provincial level.

The colleges of professional settings and further studies include the School of Bioengineering (Department of Bioengineering), the School of Economics and Management (Department of Management Science), the School of Information Media (Department of Computer Science), the School of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (Department of Horticulture), the School of Animal Science and Technology, and the School of Food Technology (Animals). Science Department), Basic Course Department (Ideological and Political Department), China Hubei Agricultural Officials Training Center (International Foreign Aid Training Department). There are more than 8,000 students in the school, with 38 majors including biopharmaceutical technology, aquaculture technology, horticulture technology, and e-commerce. Among them, the majors of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine and biopharmaceuticals are the key construction majors supported by the central finance; the food nutrition and testing majors have a national training base supported by the central finance; the majors of aquaculture technology and horticulture technology are the key majors of higher vocational education in Hubei Province; seeds The major of production and operation is the provincial-level strategic new (pillar) industry talent plan base; the three majors of food nutrition and testing, aquaculture, and seed production and management are the only ones in higher vocational colleges in Hubei Province; biological application technology, biopharmaceuticals The technical major is the largest and most influential among higher vocational colleges in Hubei Province. While studying higher vocational courses, biology and agricultural majors can take the independent undergraduate self-examination of Huazhong Agricultural University, and management majors can take the independent undergraduate self-examination of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

   Employment channels. The college adheres to the principle of service, employment-oriented, and takes the training of high-end skilled professionals as its own responsibility, comprehensively implements quality education, strengthens students' comprehensive professional skills training, pays attention to training students' practical ability and innovative spirit, and attaches great importance to graduate employment guidance. , Continuously increase employment efforts and broaden employment channels. The college relies on Huazhong Agricultural University, Hubei Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture, Fisheries Bureau, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, Seed Management Bureau and other industries, as well as 126 enterprises inside and outside the province such as Wuhan Donghu Development Zone Biological Industrial Park, and established Hubei Hyundai The Agricultural Vocational Education Group has established a close cooperative relationship and opened up a new internship, training and employment base for students. On April 18, 2013, with the approval of the provincial government, the "Hubei Seed Group Internship Training Base" jointly established by the Department of Horticulture and Hubei Seed Co., Ltd., was selected as a provincial training base for universities in Hubei. Because graduates have a solid foundation, strong hands-on ability, and high overall quality, they are widely welcomed by the society. A group of graduates have become business managers, experts, private enterprise bosses, and visiting scholars abroad. The college is the "Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment in Hubei Province" and the "Advanced Collective for College Enrollment in Hubei Province".

   Hubei Biotechnology Vocational College, as the "China Hubei Agricultural Official Training Center" of the Ministry of Commerce, has trained more than 1,300 agricultural officials and senior agricultural technicians for more than 80 countries. As the "Modern Agricultural Technology Training Base of the Ministry of Agriculture", it has trained more than 12,000 agricultural technicians for Hubei Province in recent years. The college is not only an advanced unit of vocational education in the country, but also an advanced grassroots unit of Hubei Province’s pioneering efforts to enter the grassroots party organization and the ideological and political education of college students in Hubei Province. The college adheres to the path of connotative development, deepens the reform of the internal management system, and promotes refined, standardized, and standardized management. In the long-term practice of running a school, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in running a school, accumulated a relatively solid foundation for running a school, put forward a distinctive school concept, established a relatively complete management system and a sound operating mechanism, and formed a good teaching style. , Learning style and school spirit, the whole school of teachers and students unite as one, united as one, and strive to build a characteristic higher vocational college with rigorous academic research and excellent school spirit.