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Ezhou Vocational University

Ezhou Vocational University is an independent public full-time higher vocational college approved by the Ministry of Education in 1984. It is a national exemplary (backbone) higher vocational college, an excellent institution for evaluating the level of talent training in higher vocational colleges across the country, an exemplary higher vocational college in Hubei Province, an advanced unit in the employment of graduates from higher education institutions in Hubei Province, and a high-skilled institution in Hubei Province. Talent training base.

The school is located in Hubei's "international aviation metropolis"-Ezhou, close to the "Nine Provinces Thoroughfare" of Wuhan. This is the hometown of Wuchang Fish, which is well-known at home and abroad, and the first batch of reform and opening experimental areas in Hubei Province.

  The school is located in Lianhua Mountain, a national 4A-level scenic spot in the center of the city. The campus covers an area of 1598 acres and the total construction area is about 550,000 square meters. There are 12 teaching colleges (departments) to form modern logistics and e-commerce, intelligent manufacturing and automobile services, nursing and biomedicine, computer and Internet technology, construction engineering and measurement technology, electrical engineering that match the high-end industrial clusters of the airport economy Electronics and automation, elementary education and pre-school education, clothing and art and other 8 special professional groups, 46 specialties, 5 "joint training" majors, of which 4 national-level key majors, 7 provincial-level key majors, 4 specialties of Hubei Province's characteristic brands. There are 2 national-level vocational education training bases, 6 provincial-level training bases, 36 factory lieutenant schools, 107 on-campus training rooms, and 288 off-campus internship bases.

   The school adheres to the concept of open education, and has established exchanges and working relationships with more than 10 colleges or educational institutions in the United States, Britain, Russia, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Singapore and Taiwan, and carried out international education project cooperation. Relying on the industry, we initiated and led the establishment of "Hubei Die & Mould Vocational Education Group", "Edongnan Preschool Education Vocational Education Group" and "SF Logistics Management College". Connected to the "National Economic and Technological Development Zone" in Gedian, Ezhou, and has long-term cooperation with more than 10 companies including Alibaba, JD, Amazon, Vipshop, Suning Yunshang, and Ping An Group of China.

  The school recruits students from 18 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country, with more than 18,000 students. The employment rate of graduates has been stable for a long time above 95%, and the average salary of graduates is in the forefront of similar institutions in the province.

   The wind is hanging and the sails are hanging, and there is no limit to those who walk. With the establishment of the Hubei International Logistics Hub Project, which has attracted worldwide attention, the airport economy and characteristic industrial clusters that accompany the airport will become the engine leading the new round of construction and development of Ezhou Vocational University. Ezhou Vocational University is already standing at the take-off point of the runway.