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Huanggang Vocational and Technical College

Huanggang Vocational and Technical College is a public full-time higher vocational college approved by the Ministry of Education in 1999, a national civilized unit, a national high-level professional group construction school in the "Double High Plan" A category, a national high-quality higher vocational college, and a national Excellent backbone higher vocational colleges, excellent colleges in the evaluation of the level of talent training in higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education, the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot higher vocational colleges in the country, the sixth Huang Yanpei vocational education excellence award school, the charming campus of national vocational colleges ; National "May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee" unit, national "Top 50 Higher Vocational College Service Contributions", National "Top 50 Vocational College Teaching Management Case Units"; National High-tech Talent Training Base, National Advanced Vocational College Employment Work Demonstration unit, China's top 100 colleges and universities for vocational education and employability. The school has been rated as an advanced unit of vocational education in Hubei Province, an advanced university in ideological and political education for college students, an advanced unit in conscription work, a typical unit for student funding work, and a safe campus; it is a demonstration school in Hubei Province under the law and teaching by the Hubei Vocational Education Association Director unit of working committee, advanced unit of student dormitory management, advanced university of greening management.

The campus environment is beautiful. Founded in 1949, the school is located in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, a well-known hometown of education at home and abroad. It is located on the banks of the Yangtze River and the Ba River. It covers an area of more than 1,200 acres and has a building area of 450,000 square meters. The campus has verdant trees, pleasant grasses, and fragrant birds and flowers. It has been rated as a "garden-style campus" by the province and city.

Excellent learning conditions. The learning and life of teachers and students are intelligent, the school’s wireless network is fully covered, and there are platforms such as life service systems, online service halls, and smart teaching centers. Informatization of education and teaching resources, the school has 4 national-level, 22 provincial-level quality resource sharing courses, and more than 500 school-level online open courses. More than 80% of the courses have digital teaching resources. The school has 7 large-scale digital book libraries with abundant digital book resources. Modernization of internship training inside and outside the school. The school has 3 central government-supported higher vocational education training bases, 6 provincial higher vocational education training bases, 1 Huanggang Dabieshan Entrepreneurship Center public training base, and 1 public skills training base Bases (industry-education integration project), more than 500 off-campus practice bases; 10 on-campus training centers, 214 training rooms, 1 affiliated hospital and 1 driving school; 5 national vocational skills appraisal sites, and student vocational qualification certificate acquisition rate 100%.

The faculty is strong. There are 802 full-time teachers in the school, including 1 expert for special allowances from the State Council and the provincial government, 5 provincial and municipal teaching teachers, 349 professors and associate professors, and 654 "dual teacher quality" teachers; 34 Chutian skilled teachers are hired year-round , There are more than 600 part-time teachers composed of 8 foreign teachers and skilled craftsmen. There are 3 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, 15 school-level excellent teaching teams, and 2 provincial-level skill master studios. In the past five years, teachers have participated in lectures, information teaching and other competitions. 21 teams won the provincial level and 13 teams won the first and second national prizes.

Outstanding professional characteristics. In accordance with the professional construction ideas of “serving the society to establish majors, relying on industry to build majors, and school-enterprise cooperation to strengthen majors”, the school actively connects with the Belt and Road Initiative, connects with Made in China 2025, connects with the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and connects with national strategies such as the revitalization of the Dabieshan Revolutionary Zone to optimize majors. Construct and train high-quality technical skills talents at the front line of production, construction, service and management. There are 51 general full-time higher vocational education majors closely following the market, including 7 national-level key construction majors, 10 provincial-level key majors, and 9 provincial-level brand-featured majors, covering arts, sciences, engineering, agriculture, Medicine, economics, management, art and other disciplines. The school presided over two, participated in the construction of 24 national-level professional teaching resource banks for vocational education, and built 32 school-level professional teaching resource banks.

Teaching work is brilliant. The school now has 14 teaching units with 10 colleges, 2 departments, and 2 centers. It fully and flexibly implements the talent training model of "dual-circumstance training, dual-teacher teaching, and dual-certificate integration", "doing middle school, doing middle school teaching, and integrating teaching and doing". Teaching mode, teaching effect is outstanding. Students participated in various skill competitions at all levels and achieved top results. In recent years, in the 7 higher vocational college skills competitions held in Hubei Province, the school won the first place in total scores 6 times; more than 700 people (times) won the national skill competition awards, of which nearly 200 were the first prizes ( Second-rate). The school won 2 second prizes for national teaching achievements, 2 first prizes for provincial teaching achievements, 6 second prizes, and 7 third prizes. School graduates are well received by all walks of life, and the employment rate has exceeded 98% for 18 consecutive years. The school has successively been rated as the “Star Demonstration School” for employment in higher vocational colleges in the country, and the “Top Ten Higher Vocational Colleges of Choice for National Enterprise Recruitment”.

Excellent cultural education. The school’s purpose is to cultivate people by virtue and cultivate and practice socialist core values as the main line. It creatively integrates the red culture of the old revolutionary zone in Huanggang Dabie Mountain, the excellent traditional Chinese culture, the culture of regional celebrities such as Li Shizhen, Li Siguang, Wen Yiduo, and modern corporate culture. The organic integration has formed a campus culture education model of "one main line and four integration" with the characteristics of higher vocational education and regional characteristics. Cultural education has achieved remarkable results, and a number of advanced models such as "Good Chinese" Yu Kangying have emerged. The school’s “one main line and four integration” cultural education and other cultural achievements have successively won the first prize, two second prizes and two third prizes for the outstanding achievements of campus culture construction in Hubei Province, and one outstanding prize, and the achievements of the university’s network culture construction 1 special prize; 1 prize each of the first, second and third prizes for outstanding achievements in campus culture construction in colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education.

Scientific research results are fruitful. The school has a strong atmosphere for teaching, research and scientific research. In recent years, it has won 168 national patents and 446 scientific research achievement awards above the city hall level. Undertake more than 900 teaching and scientific research projects, including 13 national-level projects, 326 provincial and ministerial-level projects, presided over 3 projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology Spark Program, and 3 projects of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The faculty and staff have published more than 800 textbooks and monographs, including 44 national planning textbooks and 18 Hubei planning textbooks; nearly 10,000 academic papers have been published. The "Chun Miao" and other teas independently developed by the school won the "China Tea Cup" famous tea awards and gold awards, and the "World Green Tea Competition" gold award. The "Key Technologies for the Preparation of High-Performance Road Building Materials from Solid Waste" developed by school teachers won the first prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award.

High-quality social services. As the leader of Huanggang Vocational Education Group, the school takes advantage of talents and technology, and 41 teachers serve as agricultural science and technology experts in Hubei Province and science and technology consultants in Huanggang City. Establish 6 applied technology research teams, 10 industry-university-research cooperative innovation teams, 10 agricultural practical technology promotion teams, and 10 social service base teams, going deep into ten counties and cities to provide practical technical consultation, training, research and development, promotion and other services; and Co-construct a hundred villages, establish a technological demonstration base, implement technological poverty alleviation and development, and cultivate leaders in technological prosperity; cooperate with thousands of enterprises to carry out order education, employee training and horizontal project research according to the needs of enterprises. In the past five years, the school has trained more than 200,000 social personnel, promoted more than 150 practical technologies, promoted tens of thousands of households to become rich, and promoted the development of the regional economy. The school has successively won the advanced unit of Huanggang City's poverty alleviation and development work, the brand base of rural labor transfer training in Hubei Province, and the advanced unit of Hubei Province Sunshine Project. "People's Daily" praised the school's "down-to-earth spirit" in educating people and the "being confident" in poverty alleviation.

Recalling the past, 70 years of hard work, one step at a time, brilliant. In the future, the school will effectively strengthen the party’s overall leadership of colleges and universities, with the fundamental purpose of promoting the comprehensive development of students’ moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic, and uphold the school motto of “respect for morality, strength, pragmatism, and innovation”, and promote “hard work, hard work and thrifty construction of the school” , Love the school as at home, strive for the first-class" Huangzhi spirit, adhere to the school-running ideas of "diligence and thrift, quality school, cultural governance, mechanism vigorous school, service development, and characteristic strong school", and promote the school governance system and governance capabilities Modernize, and strive to build a world-class, domestic first-class, benchmarking higher vocational colleges in the old district.