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Wuhan Police Officer Vocational College

Wuhan Police Vocational College is a provincial full-time public college approved by the People's Government of Hubei Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. Over the past 40 years since the establishment of the school, more than 100,000 political and legal professionals have been trained for the country. The school is a pilot institution for the reform of the national political and legal police recruitment and training system, the designated institution for the recruitment of the people’s police in the judicial administration system of Hubei Province, the first batch of pilot institutions for the “1+X” certificate system of the Ministry of Education, and the “ICT Industry Innovation Base” of the Ministry of Education The first batch of cooperative colleges and universities, the service outsourcing talent training (training) base of the People's Government of Hubei Province, the pilot colleges and universities for party building work in Hubei Province, and the counterpart training colleges in Hubei Province for education aid in Xinjiang. It has been rated as a provincial civilized unit and a safe campus for many times.

The school covers an area of 408 acres. It has a national-level training base for safety and prevention technology, a provincial-level training base for community corrections, a judicial information ICT training base, a criminal enforcement police technical training center, document judicial appraisal, and forensic material evidence (DNA ) 46 on-campus practice bases such as appraisal, video behavior analysis and appraisal, optical access training room, 4G/5G communication training room; 189 off-campus practice training bases; more than 400,000 paper books; 109 intelligent classrooms . It is in the forefront of similar domestic colleges and universities in the fields of judicial informatization, security technology, emergency rescue and so on.

The school has teaching and research units such as the Police Management Department, the Judicial Investigation Department, the Judicial Management Department, the Information Engineering Department, the Public Management Department, the Basic Course Department, and the Police Sports Department. Establish 24 majors, including 1 national backbone major, 2 central financial support majors, 7 judicial national control majors (including 6 judicial administrative police majors that have been included in the recruitment scope of the judicial administrative organs and the people’s police), Hubei Province There are 5 specialties. The school implements policing management and has smooth employment channels for graduates. According to the spirit of the document "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Recruitment and Training of People's Police in Judicial Administrative Organs" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other six departments, the school approves majors in judicial administration and police in advance. Graduates can be recruited as the people's police of the judicial administration system according to the annual control ratio and through relevant policies for convenient entry into the police; graduates of other majors can achieve high-quality employment through order training, targeted training and other forms.

The tuition standard is: 5,000 yuan/year for general majors, and 1,080 yuan/year for accommodation. Students enjoy funding policies such as student loans, green channels, national scholarships and grants, college students enlisted in the army, and work-study assistance. According to the relevant policies of the Hubei Provincial Department of Education, students can pass the college entrance examination to enter ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities, and obtain ordinary undergraduate diplomas and bachelor degrees after graduation. Bachelor's degree.