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Wuhan City Vocational College

Wuhan City Vocational College is a full-time comprehensive higher vocational college that is in charge of the People's Government of Hubei Province and sponsored by the People's Government of Wuhan City. The school originated from the General Normal School of Hunan and Hubei founded by Zhang Zhidong, Governor of Huguang in the late Qing Dynasty in 1904. In 2002, on the basis of Wuhan Second Normal School and Wuhan Preschool Normal School, Jianghan University Experimental Normal College was established. In 2007, the Provincial People's Government approved the rename of Wuhan City Vocational College. In 2010, with the approval of the Provincial People's Government, Wuhan City Vocational College and Wuhan Industrial Vocational College merged to form a new Wuhan City Vocational College.

  The school has two campuses. The south campus is adjacent to the scenic Tangxun Lake, and the north campus is located at the foot of the scenic Lion Mountain and Yezhi Lake. The two campuses cover an area of about 1,100 acres, with a building area of more than 550,000 square meters; there are currently more than 1.2 million books in collections and more than 3.8 million e-books; more than 200 on-campus training rooms, more than 200 off-campus training bases, There are more than 300 enterprise cooperative enterprises; the total value of teaching equipment is 150 million yuan, which provides strong support for school personnel training, scientific research, social services and cultural inheritance.

   There are more than 17,000 full-time students in the school, focusing on cultivating elementary school and kindergarten teachers and high-quality technical skills talents in the front line of production, construction, service, operation and management that are needed for regional economic and social development. There are pre-school education college, elementary education college, cultural creativity and art design college, tourism and hotel management college, finance and economics college, foreign language college, computer and electronic information engineering college, automobile technology and service college, architectural engineering college, mechanical and electrical engineering college, There are 15 colleges including Professional Tennis College and Marxist College, International Education College, Entrepreneurship College, and Continuing Education College (Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute).

   The school currently enrolls 70 majors, and undertakes more than 40 teaching quality projects at or above the provincial level. The coverage of various types of demonstration majors, characteristic majors, and key majors in each professional group reaches 100%. Among them, there are 1 national demonstration major, 4 central financial support majors, 2 provincial brand majors, 5 provincial characteristic majors, 2 provincial key majors, and 10 municipal brand majors; e-commerce, sports operation and management Professionals and Wuhan Business School jointly launched undergraduate-level talent training (convergence of specialties and undergraduates).

   There are 930 faculty members in the school, including more than 590 full-time teachers, 196 teachers above associate professor, and more than 20 experts and government subsidies.

   The school attaches great importance to cooperation with the government, industry, and enterprises, and has established stable cooperative relations with many of the world's top 500 companies. The school conducts a wide range of vocational skills training. It is an important training base for teacher education in Hubei Province and Wuhan City. It is a national vocational skills appraisal institute approved by government departments. It is a designated unit for vocational skills training in Wuhan, a designated unit for entrepreneurship training in Wuhan, and Wuhan. The vocational skill training base has the qualifications of obtaining evidence such as "cost officer", "quality inspector" and "supervisor".

The school has established friendly cooperative relations with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Uganda, Taiwan and other countries and regions; exchanged exchange students for Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, and invited foreign experts to teach and give lectures. Organize students to participate in academic summer camp activities; the school was awarded the "Top 50 International Influential Colleges in China" issued by the "Annual Report on the Quality of Higher Vocational Education in China".

The school organizes students to participate in various vocational skill competitions at all levels and has won 419 awards above the provincial level in the past three years; actively organizes students to participate in the Shanghai World Expo, Wuhan Garden Expo, the 21st Asian Track and Field Championships, Wuhan Tennis Open, and Wuhan Marathon series The volunteer service of the event and the "New Youth Going to the Countryside" activities have been widely praised by the society. The employment rate of school graduates is more than 97%, and various indicators such as the salary level of graduates, graduate satisfaction, employer satisfaction, professional fit, and employment stability are among the top in the province.

   The school is a national pilot institution for modern apprenticeship, named "Advanced School for Teacher Education" by the Ministry of Education, and "Excellent School for Running Schools" organized and evaluated by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education. It has successively won honors such as "Wuhan City Civilized Unit", "Wuhan City May 1st Labor Certificate", "Hubei Province Safe Campus", "Hubei Province University Student Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base" and so on.