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Wuhan University of Arts and Science

The College of Liberal Arts and Science of Jianghan University is an independent college approved by the Ministry of Education. It is located at No. 1 Shenghai Avenue, Hankou North Avenue, Wuhu Street, Huangpi District, Wuhan.

   Since its establishment in 2002, the scale of the school has continued to expand, and the number of students in the school exceeded 10,000 in 2008. The school has 37 undergraduate majors and 6 junior majors, covering ten majors in economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, management, art, and medicine. Among them, there are not only the provincial key training majors in Hubei Province, but also the "Professional Comprehensive Reform Pilot Project" of provincial undergraduate colleges and universities in Hubei Province. The school also offers international exchange classes and cooperates with Coventry University in the United Kingdom to cultivate talents.

   There are 514 teachers in the school, including 219 teachers with senior professional titles or above. Among the teachers are “Master of International Bodybuilding”, “Director of China Business Economics Association”, “Special Researcher of Chinese Academy of Management Science”, “Bid Evaluation Expert of Hubei Provincial Tendering Center”, “Excellent Teacher of Hubei Province”, “Excellent Teacher of Wuhan City” Experts and scholars, there are also "985" university doctors, teachers studying abroad in Britain, France, Germany, Australia and other countries and senior foreign teachers. The school also hired well-known scholars such as Li Jingwen as its chief professor.

Relying on the superior majors of the host universities, the school optimizes the professional structure and adjusts the direction of professional training around the local economic construction and social development, vigorously implements the "employment-oriented, quality-centric" talent training model reform, and is committed to the economic development of Wuhan. Cultivate high-quality, application-oriented and compound talents, and strive to build a first-class applied technology-oriented university in Hubei. The school has successfully cooperated with well-known enterprises such as Xueda Education Group and Wuhan Conference Center to carry out targeted training in some majors. Since 2015, the school has also relied on the investor’s industrial background to sign cooperation agreements with 9 medical units including Wuhan Hanyang Hospital to implement “full order-based” training for students applying for “nursing” majors in our school to help students achieve “learning” -Internship-Employment" one-stop study goal. In 2016, the school established experimental classes for top-notch innovative talents in four majors including finance, highlighting the training goals of postgraduate entrance examinations and high-quality employment talents, and exploring a hierarchical teaching model, which achieved good results.

   "Nine-thousand-mile Fengpeng is moving forward, combining texts and composing new songs". As an independent college that is achieving leapfrog development, we warmly welcome ambitious students to join us.