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Hubei Three Gorges Vocational and Technical College

Hubei Three Gorges Vocational and Technical College is a higher vocational college approved by the People's Government of Hubei Province and sponsored by the People's Government of Yichang City. Unit, chairman unit of Three Gorges Vocational Education Group. Ten technical secondary schools, including the original Yichang Agricultural School, the Municipal Electronic Industry School, the Municipal Industrial School, the Municipal Finance and Economics School, and the Yichang Health School, were merged and established. They were formally established in July 2002, and the merger was completed in 2010.

The school conditions are excellent. The school covers an area of 1,317 acres, with a building area of 510,000 square meters, a total fixed asset value of 710 million yuan, a library of more than 1.2 million paper books, and a total value of nearly 200 million yuan for teaching equipment. There are 69 on-campus training bases, 448 off-campus training bases, 4 national-level vocational education training bases, 2 national-level school-enterprise production training bases, and 2 national-level applied technology collaborative innovation centers , 3 provincial-level training bases, 3 municipal-level key laboratories.

The school now has School of Construction Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Electronic Information, School of Tourism and Education, School of Agriculture, School of Medicine, School of Health and Nursing, School of Marxism (Basic Courses), Technical Secondary Schools, and Training The College (Innovation and Entrepreneurship College) and other 11 teaching units have 48 majors including construction engineering technology, accounting, mechatronics technology, computer network technology, tourism management, pre-school education, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, clinical medicine, and nursing. There are 16,868 vocational school students and 1,697 secondary vocational students. It has 5 national backbone majors, 1 national demonstration major, 2 majors of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance "Higher Vocational Schools to Enhance Professional Service Industry Development Capability Project", 6 provincial key majors, 8 provincial brand (featured) majors , 3 majors in "Hubei Province Strategic Emerging (Pillar) Industry Talent Training Program". Won 1 first prize of national teaching achievement; presided over 2 national teaching resource library construction projects; built 4 national quality courses, quality resource sharing courses, 1 national quality online open course, 7 provincial quality courses; won Batch 18 1+X certificate pilots and 13 evaluation sites.

The school has 1029 faculty members, including 688 full-time teachers, 318 professors and associate professors, and 337 full-time teachers with doctoral and master's degrees. It has 1 national-level "dual-teacher" teacher training base, 2 provincial-level teaching teams, and 2 Hubei Province "vocational education skills master studios". At present, there are 1 famous teacher in Hubei, 13 provincial "three districts" talents, science and technology commissioners, and 1 representative inheritor of provincial intangible cultural heritage projects.

The school adheres to the school-running positioning of "base in Yichang, integrate into Yichang, and serve Yichang", practice the school motto of "Regularity, Cultivation, and Pursuit", and strive to build a "nationally well-known, first-class in the province" higher vocational colleges, and continue to improve the local Contribution to economic and social development.

In 2020, school teachers won 1 first prize and 1 third prize in the National Vocational College Teacher Teaching Ability Competition. It is the only first prize in Hubei, ranking 14th in the country in the number of awards; in the province's vocational colleges In the teacher teaching ability competition, it won 4 first prizes, 2 second prizes, and 2 third prizes. It is the institution with the most awards and the most first prizes in the province. The school students won the second prize of the "Preschool Education" competition of the National Vocational College Skills Competition, which is the best performance of the Hubei Provincial Team in the competition in the past years; won the first prize of the electrical installation competition of the 46th World Skills Competition in Hubei Province ; Won 2 bronze prizes in the 12th "Challenge Cup" China College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, ranking second in Hubei Higher Vocational Colleges. In the 18 years since its establishment, the school has accumulated more than 53,000 full-time vocational graduates to the society, and the employment rate of graduates has remained above 96%.

The school has successively carried out school-enterprise in-depth cooperation with large enterprises such as Xingfa Group, Zhengda Group, Renfu Pharmaceutical, Hengxin Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Xiazhou Group, Angel Yeast, etc., forming "each secondary college has an in-depth cooperation Enterprises, each major has a unique cooperation project "industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation new pattern. There are industrial colleges such as Xingfa College, Zhengda College of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Food, and Xiazhou Tourism College. The Yichang Three Gorges Vocational Education Group led by the school was shortlisted for the first batch of demonstration vocational education groups of the Ministry of Education. The Sino-German Institute of Geriatric Nursing was established, and the "Chinese Medicine Theory and Technology Promotion Base" was jointly established with the Danish School of Basic Medical Nursing. The school was selected as the first batch of "International College of Economics and World" in the "Humanistic Exchange and Economic World Project" of the Chinese and Foreign Humanities Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education.

In the past three years, 458 scientific research projects at the municipal level and above have been established; nearly 121 scientific and technological awards have been obtained at the municipal level and above; 1422 papers have been published, including 60 high-level papers; 326 national patent authorizations and software copyright registrations have been obtained. The central government guides the local science and technology development special fund project-the "Western Hubei (Yichang) mountain kiwi fruit high-yield and high-quality cultivation demonstration" project, implemented in Sujiahe Village, Wufeng, the school's poverty alleviation contact point, and supported the village to plant 210 acres of kiwifruit and 61 acres of morels , 856 acres of Chinese medicinal materials, the effect of poverty alleviation is remarkable. In 2020, Sujiahe Village Agricultural Poverty Alleviation Base kiwi fruit will be fruitful. Sujiahe Village is listed as a typical demonstration case village for precision poverty alleviation work in the country, and the school is rated as "National Advanced Group for Poverty Alleviation in Vocational Colleges". The school has established Hubei Province's first "Professional Farmer College" to train nearly 20,000 new-type professional farmers in Yichang. Vocational training is carried out for industry enterprises, with an average annual training of more than 15,000 people of various types. It was named "Hubei Province Industrial Worker Training Demonstration Base" by the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions.

The school has successively won the "Top 50 Teaching Resources" of the National Higher Vocational Education, the provincial civilized unit, the provincial garden-style unit, the provincial safe campus, the advanced unit of vocational education in Hubei Province, the advanced unit of ideological and political education for college students in Hubei Province, and the campus culture of colleges and universities in Hubei Province Honorary titles such as Excellent Unit for Construction, A-level Food Hygiene Unit of Hubei Province, Standardized Student Apartment Construction Unit of Hubei Province Colleges and Universities, Hubei Province Advanced Unit for Financially-difficult Students in Colleges and Universities, Hubei Province Advanced Unit for Recruitment Work, Hubei Province Mental Health Education Demonstration Base, etc. .

The wind is sailing and set sail again, striving for a new chapter in the "double high". The school will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, firmly establish a new development concept, adhere to the foundation of morality, adhere to the path of connotative development, and comprehensively promote the high quality of the school. Develop and strive to create high-level vocational schools and majors with Chinese characteristics!