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Zhixing College of Hubei University

School nature

Hubei University Zhixing College was founded in 2000. It is a full-time general higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education and organized by Hubei University with the right to grant bachelor's degrees. It is the first batch of pilot universities for application transformation and development in Hubei Province. Candidate unit. There are more than 10,000 full-time students.

School positioning

The school adheres to the core of talent training, takes the improvement of school quality and technological innovation capabilities as the main line, deepens the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation and open school running, comprehensively implements comprehensive reforms, and builds the school into a reasonable scale and structure, with distinct advantages and characteristics, and innovation Applied technology universities with outstanding entrepreneurial capabilities and significant contributions to regional economic and social development. After more than 20 years of construction and development, the school has made remarkable achievements in personnel training, scientific research, social services, and cultural inheritance innovation. It has been widely praised by all sectors of society and has achieved a good scale, structure and quality of running a school. , Benefits are developed in a coordinated manner, the level of running a school and the quality of education and teaching have been continuously improved, and the school-running characteristics of "knowledge and action" are increasingly manifested.

Educational Concept

The school upholds the concept of educating people with "good morals, cognition and practice". In the process of talent training, adhere to the market demand as the guidance, actively respond to the new requirements of the economic and social development for talents' ability and quality, highlight the ability-based, and pay attention to cultivating students' scientific research and innovation ability. With the goal of cultivating “high-level applied talents with potential in majors, advantages in employment, ability in entrepreneurship, stamina for development, and service to the frontline of production and management”, the campus culture atmosphere of “Reading is Knowing and Doing” is carefully created. Over the past two decades, the students trained by our school have won wide recognition from the society and the unanimous praise of their parents for their good overall quality and strong practical ability.

College settings

The school has the School of Accounting, School of Mechanical and Automation, School of Computer and Information Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Food and Food Engineering, School of Humanities, School of Biological and Chemical Engineering, School of Foreign Languages, School of Art and Design, Ideological and Political and Physical Education There are ten teaching colleges in total. There are more than 40 undergraduate and junior college majors, among which bioengineering is listed as the key training major of the province by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education; the food science and engineering major is listed as the provincial strategic emerging pillar industry talent training program and the provincial comprehensive reform Pilot majors, food science and engineering, and computer science and technology have been approved as first-class undergraduate majors in Hubei Province.


The school has a team of high-quality teachers with a reasonable scale and a stable education management team. There are 600 teachers and 92% of them have intermediate and senior titles. The school has hired well-known experts such as Hong Weilei and Ren Meng as professors. Hubei University has long appointed high-level teachers to the college to undertake teaching and management work, which provides a solid guarantee for the college’s education, teaching and management.

Campus construction

The school has complete teaching and living facilities such as an academic exchange center, a large-scale arts and sports center, various professional experimental teaching buildings, standardized student apartments, a modern library, and an advanced network information platform. All classrooms are equipped with multimedia; the student apartments are equipped with dual heating and cooling air conditioners, hot water bathing systems, broadband networks and communication telephones; the college has built a collection of educational administration management systems, student management systems, student status management systems, OA office systems, and campus card systems A campus network information platform that integrates more than ten application systems such as medical management system, student charging system, and fixed asset management system; the school’s modern library has a building area of more than 20,000 square meters and a collection of more than 1 million paper books. And realized the sharing of books, information and management resources with the headquarters of Hubei University. The elegant campus living environment and advanced and complete teaching facilities provide good hardware support for school education and teaching.

graduate degree

The school will issue a graduation certificate from Hubei University Zhixing College to graduates who meet the requirements of student status management and have qualified grades; those who meet the requirements for granting a bachelor's degree will be awarded a bachelor's degree from Hubei University Zhixing College.


The school attaches great importance to the employment of graduates and actively explores the job market. The employment rate of graduates has reached more than 92% year after year. The ratio of graduates to graduates and civil servants in our school has always been in the forefront of similar institutions. Every year, more than 100 students are admitted to graduates, including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, City University of Hong Kong, University of Sydney, etc. Well-known universities abroad. Graduates actively participate in the recruitment of civil servants at all levels and recruitment of various institutions, and they are well recruited. The school vigorously supports university students to start their own businesses, and a large number of students have successfully started their own businesses. Among them, Zhou Yu was rated as the “Top Ten Entrepreneurship Stars in Hubei Province in 2012”; Shi Xiu was among the top ten in the Hubei Province University Student Entrepreneurship Competition in 2014. Won a 120,000 yuan start-up bonus.

At the same time, the school signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Food Bureau of Hubei Province to carry out comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation with the province's food industry in the fields of scientific and technological research, personnel training, intellectual research and development, information exchange and management. The school has established long-term and stable school-enterprise partnerships with high-quality enterprises such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Telecom, Baidu, and Wuhan Iron and Steel. It provides a solid and reliable guarantee for the majority of graduates to achieve full and high-quality employment.

Foreign exchange

The school actively develops foreign cooperation in running schools, promotes international exchanges, and provides good opportunities for students to study abroad. It hires foreign teachers from France, Australia and other countries to teach all the year round, and relies on the international exchange channels established by Hubei University and itself to introduce high-quality foreign resources. Extensively carry out international exchanges and cooperation, actively explore channels for students to go abroad for further studies, and provide a broad platform for cultivating high-quality talents with an international perspective. At present, the school has carried out substantial academic exchanges and foreign cooperation in running schools with universities in the United Kingdom, Finland, Norway and other countries.

Geographical environment

The school is located in Jiang'an District, Wuhan City, at the northern end of the beautiful Wuhan Tianxingzhou Yangtze River Bridge. It is the core area of Wuhan's "Yangtze River New Town". The lush flowers, trees, and green grass on the campus are ideal places for students to study diligently and be determined to become talents.

contact us

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