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College of Arts and Science, Hubei Normal University

The College of Arts and Science of Hubei Normal University is a full-time independent college with the right to grant bachelor's degrees and is organized by Hubei Normal University, which was filed by the Ministry of Education of the State and approved by the Department of Education of Hubei Province in 2003.

The school is located at No. 666 East Jinshan Avenue, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Huangshi City, Hubei Province. The campus covers an area of 1,100 acres with a building area of 331,000 square meters. The total value of teaching and research equipment is more than 50 million yuan. 1.6 million books, complete teaching and living facilities. The school has convenient transportation, elegant environment and rich teaching resources. It is an ideal place for studying and cultivating sentiment.

The school has five departments: the Department of Humanities, the Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Science and Engineering, the Department of Education and Art, and the Department of Public Courses (Ideological and Political Theory Courses). There are more than 9,600 ordinary full-time students in the school. There are 32 undergraduate majors and 17 junior majors, which basically form a special discipline layout of "focusing on teacher education and coordinated development of literature, business, industry, and management", including electronic information, teacher education, and modern management service majors. The group is the key construction professional group of the school. Among them, the majors of electronic information engineering and English education were approved as first-class professional construction sites in Hubei Province.

The school attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff and vigorously implements the strategy of "strengthening the school with talents". Constructed a team of teachers with both ability and political integrity and reasonable structure. There are more than 590 teachers, including more than 210 with associate senior titles and more than 370 teachers with doctoral and master's degrees. In the past three years, teachers have undertaken more than 120 projects at all levels, including the Ministry of Education's Industry-University Collaborative Education Project, Provincial Education Reform Project, and Educational Science Planning Project.

The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "education-oriented, moral education first; innovative mechanism, quality first", and strives to build an application-oriented talent training system that integrates knowledge, ability and accomplishment. In recent years, the average year-end employment rate of graduates has reached more than 90%. The rate of postgraduate entrance examinations for undergraduates, the rate of entering undergraduate education for junior college students, and the satisfaction rate of employers have ranked top among independent colleges in Hubei Province. According to incomplete statistics, more than 70 graduates of our school have obtained PhD degrees. In the past three years, students have participated in more than 100 researches on various projects, and won more than 600 awards in subject competitions at or above the provincial and municipal levels.

The construction of school campus culture has been fruitful, and the social service capacity has been steadily improved. The school gives full play to the function of cultural education and cultivates students' good humanities and physical and mental qualities. The school has been awarded the second and third prizes for outstanding achievements in campus culture construction of colleges and universities in Hubei Province by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education. In 2018, as an athlete village for the 15th Hubei Provincial Games and the performance unit of the opening ceremony of the Provincial Games, the school actively served the 15th Hubei Provincial Games and was awarded second-class merit by the Huangshi Municipal Committee and Municipal Government of the Communist Party of China.

In recent years, the school's strength and level of running a school have won wide acclaim from all walks of life. The school has successively been awarded the honorary titles of "Hubei Province University Student Ideological and Political Work Advanced Unit", "Hubei Province University Student Funding Work Advanced University", "Hubei Province University Recruitment Work Advanced Unit", "Huangshi City Garden Unit" and other honorary titles. According to the "Chinese University Evaluation Research Report" released by Irison China Alumni Network, the school's comprehensive strength and teaching quality have ranked among the top universities in the country in the past five years. The Alumni Association will rank 23rd in China Independent Colleges in 2020 and the Alumni Association in 2021. In 2021, the Independent College of Normal University ranked 2nd, the Alumni Association ranked 18th in Class II of China's private universities in 2021, and the Chinese Independent College of Shanghai Science and Technology ranked 71th in 2021.

The initial heart is like a rock, and the mission is on his shoulders, educating people for the party and cultivating talents for the country. At present, the College of Arts and Science of Hubei Normal University is striving towards the goal of "rooting in Huangshi, integrating into Wuhan, facing the whole country, and striving to become a well-known, first-class in the province, and distinctive features" application-oriented university.

The school recruits students from 16 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. We warmly welcome ambitious students to join us!