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College of Engineering and Technology, Hubei University of Technology

●National Advanced Independent College

●National Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration (College) School

●Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT industry-education integration innovation practice base

●Ministry of Education-ChinaSoft International Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Project Deep Partner

●Ministry of Education-Phoenix Satellite TV Group. Phoenix Education Digital Media Production and Education Integration Innovation Application Base

●Hubei May 1st Labor Certificate

● "Advanced Primary Party Organization" in Hubei Province Colleges and Universities

● Hubei Province University Student Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base

●Internship training base for college students in Hubei Province

●Ping An Campus in Hubei Province

College Introduction

College national standard code: 13238

Hubei Admissions Code: C233

The College of Engineering and Technology of Hubei University of Technology was founded in 2002. It is a full-time general higher education institution established independently by Hubei University of Technology and approved by the Ministry of Education. It has the right to grant bachelor's degrees.

[The direction of running the school is clear]

The college adheres to the socialist direction of running a school, fully implements the party’s education policy and the spirit of the national medium and long-term education reform and development plan. It closely focuses on the needs of regional economic construction and social development, and aims to build a high-level application-oriented university with distinctive characteristics. Cultivate high-quality applied talents with strong innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of social responsibility.

【Advanced School Running Concept】

Based on the orientation of an applied university, the college adheres to the school-running philosophy of "education-oriented, quality-based school, integration of industry and education, and characteristic development", forging the school motto of "Mingdeming, ambition, and innovation" to cultivate undergraduate level Focusing on high-quality application-oriented talents, actively promote the "4321" talent training model, build a "professional core + professional core" dual core competency talent training system, and explore new ways to develop education with the characteristics of industry-education integration and innovation and entrepreneurship education.

[Obvious advantages in running a school]

☆The college is located in the national central city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, on the shore of the beautiful Wuchang South Lake, adjacent to Hubei University of Technology, with a strong academic atmosphere, superior geographical location, direct subway access, and convenient transportation.

☆The college has complete teaching and living facilities, excellent faculty and management team. It is an ideal hall for students to cultivate their moral character and seek true knowledge.

☆Each major of the college is equipped with high-level teaching laboratories, and it shares teaching resources such as various key laboratories, practical teaching bases, and libraries of Hubei University of Technology.

☆Students of this school apply for the Hubei University of Technology Master's degree candidates with the same conditions and are given priority; the college has rich majors and adequate plans for upgrading to undergraduate programs, which escort the students to continue their studies.

☆Students of this college can directly participate in various campus clubs and scientific, technological and cultural activities of Hubei University of Technology.

☆The students of our college and Hubei University of Technology share the campus talent market resources, and can obtain greater employment space and high-quality employment opportunities.

[Perfect infrastructure]

The college covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, with a school building area of more than 200,000 square meters, various educational and teaching facilities are complete and advanced, and the conditions for learning, living, and sports are complete. The library owns more than 900,000 paper books, which are operated in parallel with the Hubei University of Technology Library. The college has 177 multimedia classrooms and 85 professional laboratories, including 33 professional laboratories jointly built by school-enterprise cooperation. The campus network covers the campus and has an information management platform that integrates teaching management, student management, and other comprehensive school management. The student apartments are equipped with dual air conditioning and hot water systems as standard. The student canteen introduces social resource construction and management, the food is safe and reliable, the conditions are first-class, the variety is rich, the taste is good and the price is cheap.

【Strong Teachers】

The college has made every effort to promote the strategy of “Strengthening the School by Talents” and has a faculty with rigorous academic research and a reasonable structure. There are 557 full-time teachers, of which 54.76% are associate professor or above, and 89.05% have master's degree or above. The college continues to strengthen the construction of the "dual-professional" teacher team to improve the quality of application-oriented talent training. In the past five years, 332 teachers have been funded to "work in enterprises", and 98 teachers have been evaluated as "dual-qualified" teachers. The teachers of our school won the first prize of the national first prize of the electronic circuit course teaching competition for young teachers of colleges and universities, the first prize of the first online open curriculum teaching competition of the Chu Course Union in Hubei Province, and the young teacher team won the German iF Design Rookie Award. The college strengthens the construction of the teaching staff by hiring guest professors or corporate mentors.

[Deepening the integration of production and education]

The college focuses on major national strategies, takes the integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation as the breakthrough point for the transformation and development of the college, and actively builds a collaborative education platform for school-enterprise cooperation. Actively implement the industry-education integration strategy of "borrowing boats to go to sea", and actively connect with modern communication technology, IoT technology, big data applications, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, digital media and other industrial strategic layouts and talent needs, and internationalization Large companies---ZTE, Chinasoft International, Geely Automobile, Phoenix Media, etc. conduct in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, joint construction and joint training. "Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Industry-Education Integration Innovation Practice Base" and "Ministry of Education-ChinaSoft International Industry-University Cooperation Professional Comprehensive Reform Project" were approved. A major landmark result of the transformation of the university. The college has also signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements with 82 companies such as Dongfeng Motor Company, Huanghelou Wine Co., Ltd., Beijing Tokyo Bangda, etc., and has formed a new cooperative education ecology of school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education, and complementary advantages.

【Innovation and Entrepreneurship Highlight】

Through the construction of the "10,000-thousand-hundred" innovation and entrepreneurship education system, the college has built a multifunctional platform integrating "entrepreneurial knowledge education, entrepreneurial thought gathering, student entrepreneurship practice, entrepreneurial project research and development, scientific research results transformation, and entrepreneurial results display". Vocational competency courses and innovation and entrepreneurship education courses are fully covered. Create a series of "Chuangxing Cup" activities to create an influential campus innovation and entrepreneurship brand across the province. The college was approved as the “Hubei Province University Student Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base”, and won the Hubei Province “Challenge Cup” College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Technology Work Competition and the “Creating Youth” University Student Entrepreneurship Plan Contest Group Winner Cup for two consecutive years, and won the “Hubei Province Internet” for five consecutive years. +The award for the best organization unit of the “University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, the innovation and entrepreneurship competition ranked first among similar universities.

[Stable teaching quality]

Relying on the "green industry" discipline advantage of Hubei University of Technology, the college focuses on the construction of seven major groups of machinery manufacturing, electrical communications, civil construction, biochemical engineering, industrial design, economic management, and foreign languages. A school-running pattern of coordinated development of management, art, science, and art. There are currently 42 undergraduate majors, 16 junior majors, and 40 projects approved by the Ministry of Education for industry-university cooperation and collaborative education. Among them, electronic information engineering, biological engineering, and logistics management are listed in Hubei Province’s strategic emerging (pillar) industry talent training program; electronic information engineering and environmental design are listed as Hubei Province’s professional comprehensive reform projects; civil engineering and communication engineering are approved in Hubei "Jingchu Outstanding Talents" Collaborative Education Project of Provincial General Undergraduate Colleges and Universities. Teachers in our college have successively won one second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award and two third prizes of the Hubei Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. In 2015, the bioengineering professional off-campus internship company was approved as the Hubei Provincial College Student Off-campus Internship Training Base. In 2017, the college was recognized by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education as the second batch of software service outsourcing talent training bases in Hubei Province. In 2019, the college students' professional core competence training teaching team and smart logistics teaching team were rated as the provincial teaching team of Hubei colleges and universities by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education, and the Mathematics and Professional Core Competence Teaching and Research Section and the ZTE Communication Electronic Information Teaching and Research Section were rated as Hubei University Province by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education Class-level excellent grassroots teaching organization, electronic information engineering major was approved as a first-class undergraduate major construction point in Hubei Province. In 2020, software engineering and communication engineering were approved as the first-class undergraduate professional construction point in Hubei Province, and the software engineering industry-education integration teaching team was approved as the provincial teaching team of Hubei universities, "Single-chip Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology", "CIS Corporate Image Planning and Design" , "College Students' Professional Core Competence Education", "Mechatronics System Design and Curriculum Design" and other four courses won the first-class undergraduate courses in Hubei Province, ranking among the forefront of similar universities in Hubei Province.

[Educational results are fruitful]

The college attaches great importance to the improvement of students' comprehensive quality, and emphasizes the combination of general education and professional training. Take the lead in offering a series of professional core competence and university art training courses among undergraduate colleges and universities across the country. Established a college student art education center to carry out the teaching and competition guidance of the whole hospital’s aesthetic education. It has more than 40 student associations including the college student art troupe, the national second-level chorus Jinshi chorus, and the sports team. It has been in Hubei Province and Wuhan City for many times. Won gold medals in various cultural and sports events. In recent years, students have won prizes of 1000 in many national science and technology innovation and skill competitions, such as the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, the National College English Contest, the National College Student Electronic Design Contest, the National College Student Software Design and Development Contest, and the National College Student Mechanical Design Contest. For the remaining items, the number and level of awards are among the forefront of similar colleges and universities in the province.

【Complete Reward System】

College-based college students can apply for national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, and national bursaries. In addition, the college also offers academic scholarships, academic innovation scholarships, cultural and sports competition scholarships, spiritual civilization scholarships, quality development scholarships, and postgraduate (study abroad) scholarships. , Enterprise title scholarships, special scholarships for innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, special scholarships for academic achievements, subsidies for special difficulties, job-seeking subsidies for graduates in difficulties, etc. At the same time, the college provides on-campus work-study positions for students from families with financial difficulties, and assists in the application of student assistance Loans to implement various national funding policies. It has a complete system of student awards, grants, loans, diligence, supplements, and reductions to help students in need and rewards for excellence.

[Unblocked employment channels]

The college is a member unit of the College Student Management and Employment and Entrepreneurship Research Branch of the Chinese Higher Education Association. It shares the campus talent market with Hubei University of Technology, actively builds the department's second-level professional talent market, and continuously strengthens the establishment of a human resource service system that seamlessly connects with enterprises. , To connect with well-known companies such as ZTE, Chinasoft International, Geely Automobile, UFIDA, Phoenix Digital Media Group and their upstream and downstream companies, to achieve high-quality employment for graduates. The comprehensive employment rate of graduates has remained above 91% for many years, and has been the "exemption unit" for employment verification in Hubei Province for many consecutive years, and there have been outstanding employment and entrepreneurial college students such as "Yangtze River students". The college currently has more than 100 school-enterprise cooperative employment and internship bases. Each year, more than 800 employers enter the school and provide more than 10,000 jobs. The average satisfaction of employers with the various abilities of our graduates exceeds 96%.