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Hubei Business College

Hubei Institute of Business and Commerce is a full-time general undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education. It was founded in 1995 and was transferred from the School of Business and Commerce of Hubei University of Technology to Hubei University of Business and Commerce in April 2015. Wu Hongxin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is now the honorary principal of the school.

After 26 years of wind and rain, the school has always adhered to the socialist direction of running a school, fully implemented the party’s educational policy, implemented the fundamental task of Lide and fostered people, practiced the concept of "dislocation development, improved quality training, opened doors, and demonstrated characteristics", and strived to build a national Importantly influential applied financial institutions of higher learning. The school has been ranked among the top 30 private universities in Eruishen China for 5 consecutive years. It was shortlisted in the Alumni Association Network "China's First-class Private University", and was awarded "China's Top 100 Private Education", "Ping An Advanced Unit in University Construction", and "National Party Building Work Model" Party branch".

The school has two campuses, Wuhan and Xianning, with superior geographical environment. The students have a garden-style ecological campus where "you can enjoy convenience when you go out, and study with great concentration when you come in". The Wuhan campus is located in the core area of Optics Valley on the Second Ring Road in Wuhan, surrounded by prestigious schools. It is adjacent to Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in the south, Huazhong Normal University in the north, and across the lake from Huazhong Agricultural University. It has a strong humanistic and technological atmosphere. The Xianning campus is one hour's drive from the urban area of Wuhan. It is located in Xianning City, Hubei Province, which is known as "China's Charming City and Hot Spring City". The school has complete education and teaching infrastructure and advanced teaching equipment. It has a golf driving range, tennis court, cinema, and a cultural and sports center integrating multi-functional basketball halls, gymnasiums, constant temperature swimming pools, and a thousand-person auditorium. In the smart hotel-style student apartment, air conditioning, internet, water heater, and washing machine are all available. "Student Home", University Student Activity Center, Student Affairs Center, etc. provide efficient and convenient services for Canton University students.


The school currently has more than 12,000 ordinary full-time undergraduate and junior college students. There are 10 teaching units, 39 undergraduate majors, and 21 junior college majors, covering economics, management, art, literature, engineering, education, etc. 6 Disciplines. The school attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff. There are currently more than 600 teachers, of which 84% have a master's degree or above, more than 45% of teachers with associate senior titles or above, more than 30% of teachers with "dual qualifications", and more than 50% of teachers Have overseas study, visit, exchange and training experience. The school follows the path of connotative development, and the construction of quality projects such as "Golden Academy, Gold Course, and Gold Teacher" has achieved outstanding results. Design has been selected as the provincial key cultivation discipline of Hubei provincial universities, and the art design and information professional groups have been selected as the second in Hubei Province. The establishment of pilot universities for transformation and development (professional fields), art design is the key to cultivate undergraduate majors in Hubei Province, and there are currently 3 Hubei Province undergraduate universities "Professional Comprehensive Reform Pilot" construction projects (finance, environmental design, product design), 5 provinces First-class undergraduate major construction points (finance, computer science and technology, English, financial management, visual communication design), 3 provincial-level quality resource sharing courses and provincial-level first-class courses ("Business English", "Comprehensive Design", "Python Language Program Development and Application), 2 provincial-level excellent grassroots teaching organizations (cultural and creative design teaching and research center, computer engineering teaching and research section), 5 provincial-level teaching teams and provincial-level outstanding young and middle-aged science and technology innovation teams.

The school focuses on the training goals of applied talents, highlights the student center, output orientation, focuses on the cultivation of practical ability and comprehensive quality, attaches importance to the promotion of innovation consciousness, creative thinking, and creative ability, and strives to build the "brand" of each college. School of Economics "Fintech Innovation Class", School of Management "Huawei Cloud Academy Kunpeng Class", School of Artificial Intelligence "ChinaSoft International Order Class", School of Art "One Major and One Studio", School of Foreign Languages and Foreign Affairs "Children's Intramural Dual Customized English Class" "The demonstration and leading role is obvious, and the cultivation of high-quality application-oriented talents has achieved fruitful results. Students in the "Challenge Cup" "China Accounting Network School Cup"


More than 370 awards have been won in national and provincial professional competitions and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions such as the "NXP Cup", the National College Student Advertising Art Competition, and more than 40 national and provincial college student innovation and entrepreneurship training programs have been approved each year. The university student entrepreneurship base was named "Hubei Province University Student Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base" and "Wuhan Entrepreneurship College".

The school strengthens the construction of the practice education platform, deepens the school-enterprise cooperation, the integration of industry and education, and jointly builds the "Huawei Cloud Academy Kunpeng Center" of the modern industry college with Huawei. Nearly a hundred well-known domestic companies, such as Si, Yuanjiao, etc., have cooperated to build internship training and employment bases, and have established a service outsourcing talent training base in Hubei Province and nearly a hundred school-level internship training bases.

The school relies on the modern service economy center, the intelligent system and software research and development center, the three scientific research service platforms of the Rural Revitalization Research Institute, the provincial key experimental teaching demonstration center (information professional experimental teaching demonstration center) of Hubei universities and the humanities and social science projects of the Ministry of Education, Educational and scientific research projects such as the National Educational Science Planning Project and the Ministry of Education's Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Project promote the collaborative education of science and education.

The school cooperates with Hubei University to develop a joint training program for postgraduates majoring in English translation, deepens international cooperation, and has established cooperative relations with more than 20 universities in the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the United Kingdom Middlesex University and Richmond University, Florida Institute of Technology, European University of Cyprus and many other universities have signed cooperation agreements. There have been paid internships in the United States and Singapore and intercollegiate scholarships in Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, etc. Visiting study exchange project.

The school actively exerts the function of cultural education, and the construction of campus culture is very effective. It won a second prize for outstanding achievements in campus culture construction of colleges and universities in Hubei Province.


Tang and other campus cultural brands have successfully hosted major competitions such as the China University Basketball Association (CUBA) (women's) national finals and the Chinese Volleyball League (home court in Hubei). The school dragon boat team and martial arts team have repeatedly achieved great results in top competitions such as the Chinese Dragon Boat Competition and the National University Wushu Championships. They have demonstrated their students' demeanor and the spirit of Lakers in many media such as CCTV and Xinhuanet.

In recent years, the number of postgraduate students from Lakeshang at home and abroad has increased year by year. Graduates have been admitted as master students by Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Central China Normal University, China University of Geosciences, Stanford University, University of Nottingham, Newcastle University and other prestigious universities at home and abroad. Many students won titles such as "Changjiang Student", "Entrepreneur of Hubei University Students", and "Star of Self-improvement of Chinese University Students". The school’s one-time employment rate has remained above 90% for many years, and more than 42,000 high-quality compound application-oriented talents have been transported to the society. The school’s effectiveness has won wide acclaim from the society.

The wind is on the rise, and the time is right to forge ahead. Standing at the starting point of the "14th Five-Year Plan" new journey, Hubei Institute of Business and Commerce is aiming to "build an important and influential applied financial institution of higher learning in the country". Responsible for the mission of educating talents for the country, comprehensively improving the level of education and teaching, vigorously improving the quality of talent training, and making unremitting efforts to run an education that satisfies the people!