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Jingmen Vocational College

Jingmen City is located in the central part of Hubei Province, close to the Wuhan city circle. It is one of the most dynamic cities in the central and western regions of Hubei for economic development. It has become an excellent tourist city in China, a national health city, a national advanced city in science and technology, a national circular economy pilot city, A pilot city in the National Ecological Demonstration Zone, a famous historical and cultural and tourist city in Hubei Province. With superior natural conditions and convenient transportation, it is a regional hub city for high-speed railways planned by the state.

  Jingmen Vocational College is located in the national high-tech economic and technological development zone of Jingmen City. It is a public full-time general college with the key support and key construction of Hubei Province and Jingmen City People's Government. The campus covers an area of 603 acres with a building area of 170,000 square meters. It has a long history of running a school, a profound cultural heritage, and excellent conditions for running a school. It has two provincial and ministerial key teaching and research centers for automobile assembly, CNC electromechanical technology, and 15 off-campus internship training cooperative enterprises and institutions including new energy, general aviation, and circular economy. It has built an advanced backbone digital campus network, learning and living facilities Complete, it is an important training and transportation base for high-quality technical talents such as regional automobile assembly, machining, computer application, finance and commerce, and a high starting point, high standard, and distinctive higher vocational colleges.

The school has seven teaching departments, including automobile, mechanical engineering, electronic information, circular economy, chemical engineering, art, commerce, etc., and offers automobile manufacturing and assembly technology, general aviation aviation technology, numerical control technology, industrial robot technology, cloud computing technology and application , Automobile application and maintenance technology, accounting, digital media application technology, cooking technology and nutrition, applied chemical technology, resource comprehensive utilization and management technology, engineering cost, environmental art design, e-commerce, mechatronics technology, etc. The school has a team of skilled, dedicated, and dedicated teachers, including more than 100 teachers with titles of associate professor and above; more than 90% of professional teachers are "double-qualified" teachers; 16 well-known professors and senior enterprise engineering and technical personnel are employed Internship training instructor.

The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "Honesty, Fine Technology, Knowledge and Practice", in accordance with "Professional settings and industry needs, curriculum content and professional standards, teaching process and production process, graduation certificate and vocational qualification certificate, vocational education and lifelong learning “Docking” school thinking, reform the talent training model, cooperate with Fortune 500 companies such as Huagong Technology, Huawei Group, and promote the integration of industry and education, and school-enterprise cooperation; cooperate with listed companies such as Changfeng Leopard and Jinquan New Materials to try out modern apprenticeship The training model is dedicated to improving students' professional quality, promoting high-quality employment and entrepreneurship; cooperating with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Lanzhou University and other prestigious universities to develop a mode of continuous study for undergraduates, dedicated to improving students' academic level and promoting student development.

   Studying at Jingmen Vocational College, employment is guaranteed! There is a platform for entrepreneurship! There is a channel for further studies!