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Wuchang Shouyi College

(1) School outline

In August 2000, Military Academy of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

March 2001, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuchang Branch

May 2015, Wuchang Shouyi College

Wuchang Shouyi College was born simultaneously with the new century. In the meantime, after the historical reconstruction of China's first batch of independent colleges and modern applied universities, his perseverance and boldness have established a unique and magnificent picture for the magnificent and profound development of contemporary Chinese higher education.

The school has two campuses, Wuchang and Jiayu, covering a total area of more than 2500 acres. The campus is beautifully scented with flowers, and the environment is elegant, with a greening rate of more than 60%. The modern teaching and living facilities are complete. The library, laboratory building, computer center, voice center, gymnasium, bell tower and other buildings are magnificent and unique.

The historical landmarks of the original site of Wuchang Shouyi College, Wuchang Campus, have a century of elegance:

——In 1896, Zhang Zhidong, an important minister of Hunan and Guangxi, founded the Hubei Wubei School, which was later renamed the Qing Dynasty Army No. 3 Middle School and the National Army No. 2 Preparatory School. Leading figures such as Sun Wu and Deng Yanda came out in large numbers. When the First Uprising of 1911 broke out, hundreds of new army volunteers responded to the "first shot" and became one of the origins of the first uprising.

——In 1926, the original site was named the "Second Department" or "Study Corps" under the jurisdiction of the Wuhan branch of the Whampoa Military Academy. In the spring of the following year, the Nationalist Government moved its capital to Hankou, and the Wuhan branch was renamed "Central Military and Political School", which was then called "Second Huangpu". During the school's existence, the "second department" under its jurisdiction is called "Nanhu Campus". Deng Yanda and Yun Daiying successively became the heads of the Wuhan branch, and Zhang Zhizhong was the chief of education and the captain of the Xuebing Regiment. In the spring of 1929, the Military and Political School moved to Nanjing, and the original Wuhan branch was renamed until the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War and moved to Hunan.

Known as the "cradle of modern generals", the Wuhan branch has trained a large number of Chinese revolutionary military and political talents. Among them, Chen Yi, Xu Xiangqian, Luo Ruiqing, Cheng Zihua, Zhang Zongxun, Chen Bojun, Xu Guangda, Zang Kejia, Zhao Yiman, etc. have all met here. The "Historical Draft of the Central Army Military Academy" published in 1936 stated: "Wuhan branch school is as large as Huangpu Main School, with more than 6000 male and female students and enlisted students. It is actually the base camp of the armed revolutionary forces in the belly of China."

Jiayu campus is located in the hometown of Zhuge Liang's grass boat in the Three Kingdoms. The campus scenery is beautiful, European-style architectural style, elegant living environment, all kinds of top-notch facilities, and it is a modern garden-style campus. The concept of educating people is unique, and we focus on fostering education for freshmen. According to the education goal of "graduates in Jiayu as freshmen, and talents in Wuhan from sophomores to seniors", we will build a solid foundation for students to grow and become talents and ensure that all Freshmen "Walk into Shouyi to see the future!"

(2) The light of glory

2016-2021 ranked first in China's private university rankings for six consecutive years

2006-2015 Top in the rankings of independent colleges in China for ten consecutive years

2015-2020 ranked first in the teaching quality rankings of private universities in China for six consecutive years

2010-2016 No. 1 in the four places across the Taiwan Strait, and No. 1 in the “Five-star Private University” ranking

2017-2020 Won the title of "China's six-star private university" and "China's top private university"

2016-2020 China's private universities ranked first in the ranking of undergraduate majors

2006-2009 Public Satisfaction with China's Top Ten Famous Independent Colleges (Xinhua News Agency, CCTV)

January 2021 Won the title of "Provincial Civilized Unit (Campus)" in 2017-2019

December 2020 CCTV's 2020 brand influence private colleges

December 2017 Won the 2015-2016 "Provincial Civilized Unit (Campus) Title"

January 2017 Pilot institutions of the Ministry of Education "Internet + Made in China 2025" Production and Education Integration Promotion Program

February 2017 Won the honorary title of "Safe Campus" in Hubei Province

November 2017 Tencent's 2017 Brand Strength Private College

December 2016's 2016 brand influence private colleges

March 2015 Hubei Province General Undergraduate College Transformation and Development Pilot University

October 2015 Hubei Province Cross-Strait Exchange Base

November 2015 2015 China Brand Awareness Private University

December 2015 Xinhuanet 2015 China Social Influential Private Colleges

January 2012, 2012 China's most media-focused independent colleges ranked first

December 2012 Best Private (Private) University in China, Mainland China, Mainland China and Taiwan

In March 2011, 2011, the most media-focused independent colleges in China ranked first

July 2009 Xinhua News Agency "Liaowang" News Weekly 2009 Top Ten Sample Colleges in the Competitiveness Survey of Graduates from Private Colleges and Universities in China

September 2008, the first Taiwan-funded enterprise talent training base in Mainland China

(3) Hard core strength (professional hard core)

More than 40 school-enterprise cooperation projects were approved for the "Industry-University Cooperation and Collaborative Education Project" of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education

14 disciplines and majors have been approved for provincial quality engineering projects

Five majors were selected as the second batch of provincial-level first-class undergraduate majors, covering new engineering, new liberal arts, and new business, ranking first in the province's private universities

3 school-enterprise joint professional projects were approved by the Ministry of Education for construction

1 major was selected as the first batch of first-class undergraduate majors in the national "Double Ten Thousand Plan", which was the only private university in the province that year; 2 majors were selected as the first batch of provincial-level first-class undergraduate majors

One new engineering comprehensive reform project was selected as the second batch of new engineering practice projects by the Ministry of Education, and only two private colleges and universities nationwide were approved

A case of a comprehensive reform project of industry-university cooperation major won the first excellent case of the Ministry of Education's industry-education integration training base, and it is the only private university in the province

Under the background of the new era, higher education has entered a new stage of high-quality development. Wuchang Shouyi College "takes first-class as the goal, discipline-based, performance-based lever, and reform-driven" to write a new chapter in high-level applied universities.