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Hengyang Preschool Teachers College

Hengyang Preschool Teachers College was built by the integration of the original three schools of Hengyang Kindergarten Teachers, Leiyang Teachers, and Hengyang Art School. The school covers an area of 746.5 acres, of which the school headquarters covers an area of 586 acres, with a planned total construction area of 310,000 square meters. The school currently offers preschool education, elementary school education, music education, art education and modern education technology. It is an advanced collective of national cultural work, national "May 4th" Red Flag League Committee, national advanced collective of education and scientific research, national traditional school of dance education for primary and secondary schools, Hunan Scholars Campus and Hunan Civilization Model Campus.

The school adheres to the concept of “run a school with all temperatures”, pays attention to the overall development of the basic skills of normal students and the overall quality of students, and cares about the professional growth and career development of teachers. Based in Hengyang and facing the whole province, the school focuses on full-time general higher education, adheres to the development strategy of “administering the school according to law, establishing the school with quality, revitalizing the school with scientific research, and strengthening the school with talents”, vigorously promotes education and teaching reform, and cultivates ideological and political quality High-quality, skilled kindergarten teachers, elementary school teachers and senior application-oriented professionals who meet the needs of local economic and social development with high-quality, physical and mental health, strong professional conviction, solid professional knowledge, excellent professional skills, innovative spirit and creative ability, In 3 years, the school will be built into a first-class local kindergarten normal college in the province and a certain influence in the country.