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Yongzhou Teachers Technical College

Yongzhou Teachers Technical College is a full-time public general higher education school approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education in May 2020. The school is located in Lingling District, Yongzhou City, a national historical and cultural city. The trinity network of high-speed rail, expressway and airport is fully constructed, and the transportation is convenient. The new campus was officially put into use in July 2019. It covers an area of 503.7 acres and has a construction area of 179,000 square meters. The campus has a reasonable layout, complete functions and a beautiful environment. It is an ideal place for students of Guangxi University to study. The school’s teaching and research equipment is worth more than 78 million yuan. It has 900 teaching computers, 685 pianos and electric pianos, and 480,000 paper books. 224 classrooms are equipped with smart blackboards and multimedia teaching systems, equipped with micro-teaching classrooms, There are 344 training rooms such as Montessori classrooms, recording and broadcasting rooms, and electronic calligraphy classrooms. Facilities and equipment are all available to fully meet the needs of running a school.

   School was upgraded from the merger of the original Daoxian Normal School and the original Qiyang Normal School. The original Daoxian Normal School was founded in 1958, and the original Qiyang Normal School was founded in 1979. It has 62 years of teacher education history. The school fully implements the party's educational policy, upholds morality, adheres to teacher education, and bases itself on the training of rural teachers. Since the school started, it has trained more than 60,000 talents of various types and nearly 50,000 education talents for the society.

   School is "Hunan Province Junior College Level Primary School Kindergarten Teacher Training Base", "Hunan Province Preschool Education Professional Teacher Training Research Base", "Yongzhou Teachers Continuing Education Center". In recent years, it has successively been awarded as "National Defense Education Characteristic School", "Hunan Province Language and Writing Standardization Demonstration School", "Hunan Province Education System Advanced Primary Party Organization", "Hunan Province Safe and Civilized Campus", "Hunan Province May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee", "Yongzhou City" "Advanced Unit of Party Building Work" and other honors.

The school currently has nearly 6000 students and 341 faculty members, including 299 full-time teachers, 7 professors, 87 associate professors, 1 doctoral student, 111 postgraduate students, 103 dual-qualified teachers, national and provincial level There are 9 outstanding teachers and 4 provincial special-grade teachers. At present, the school has established a professional system with teacher education as the main body and the collaborative development of non-teacher majors such as teacher education and art. , Continuing Education College and other 7 colleges. There are 7 majors in elementary education, preschool education, language education, music education, art education, music performance, and art design.

Yongzhou Teachers College Adhering to the school motto of “learning from higher learning, being a good example”, based in Yongzhou, facing the whole province, radiating neighboring provinces and cities, cultivating the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, “one specialization, multiple abilities”, and service foundation High-quality talents in education and economic and social development. In the new era and new journey, all teachers and students of the school will be realistic, innovative, and united, and strive to build the school into Yongzhou Primary School Teacher Training and Training Center, Yongzhou Kindergarten Teacher Training and Training Center, Yongzhou Primary Education and Preschool Education Research Center, Yongzhou Culture and Art The talent training center is working hard to build a first-class and nationally renowned teacher training college in the province.