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Huaihua Teachers Technical College

Huaihua Teachers College is an ordinary college in charge of Huaihua Municipal People's Government and the Provincial Department of Education in charge of education business. The school was approved and established by the Hunan Provincial People's Government on December 28, 2018, and was filed by the Ministry of Education on May 22, 2019. The construction foundation is the Zhijiang National Normal School of Hunan Province, which was founded in 1936.

The school currently offers three-year junior high school preschool education, elementary school education, language education, mathematics education, art education, and music performance majors, junior high school starting five-year system, college public-funded oriented training of pre-school education, elementary education majors, junior high school starting three-year system Pre-school education major in technical secondary school, junior high school starting point five-year non-directional self-financed primary school education, pre-school education major, training and undertaking the continuing education of primary school and kindergarten teachers in Huaihua City. There are currently 280 faculty members, including 2 professor-level senior lecturers, 86 associate professors and senior lecturers, and 85 postgraduate teachers. There are currently 5,080 enrolled students.

The campus is planned to cover an area of 605 acres and a planned construction area of 163,848 square meters. The project is constructed in two phases, of which the first phase covers an area of 390 acres and a construction area of 104,348 square meters; the second phase is planned to cover an area of 215 acres with a planned construction area 59,500 square meters. The total planned investment of the project is 790 million yuan, of which 430 million yuan is planned for the first phase. Now the first phase of the project has been completed, and the teaching building, multimedia teaching center, student apartments (3 buildings), student canteen, stadium, track and field stadium, student service center, music training building, continuing education center, science and engineering-art training have been completed Buildings, stadiums, stadium stands, etc. The school’s existing education, teaching and office facilities are worth nearly 11 million yuan, and there are 317,000 books.