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Hunan Golf Tourism Vocational College

Hunan Golf and Tourism Vocational College is a full-time unified recruitment college of higher vocational colleges approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college is located on the west bank of Dongting, Changde, Hunan, with a total area of 6000 acres (including 3000 acres of water), a building area of 150,000 square meters, a total value of more than 20 million yuan in teaching equipment, a library collection of 300,000 books, and an electronic collection of 107,000 books. The total investment Nearly 600 million yuan.

The college now has five secondary teaching units, including the Golf Education College, the Tourism Management College, the Economic and Trade Management College, the Information and Engineering College, and the five-year college. Comprehensive higher vocational colleges supplemented by modern service industry (high-speed rail services, aviation services, e-commerce), economic and trade management, information engineering, and intelligent manufacturing majors. The campus has a beautiful environment, interlaced land and water, and beautiful scenery. It is a national 4A resort with golf courses and five-star hotels. The Changlong Tourism Resort, which is being invested and built, integrates a zoo, a golf town, a water entertainment world, and a national fitness program. It is an ideal palace for studying, self-cultivation, cultivating, vacationing and traveling.

   The college attaches great importance to employment, and has formed a two-level employment guidance system of "academy" and "department", with more than 200 employment cooperation units. The initial employment rate has reached 90% for three consecutive years. The counterpart employment rate has reached 80%, and the employment rate of school-enterprise cooperation orders is 100%.

The college adheres to the service-oriented, employment-oriented, and ability-oriented school-running ideas, adhering to the school-running philosophy of establishing a school with characteristics, building a school with quality, and strengthening the school with talents, and implements talents with "comprehensive quality + foreign language application ability + professional skills" The training model, the implementation of the integration of production and education, and the training of special orders such as "schools, enterprises, and banks", have cultivated a large number of high-quality technical and technical talents for the society.

   2. Faculty

There are 232 teachers in the college, including 139 full-time teachers on campus, 37 part-time teachers on campus, 4 part-time teachers outside school, 8 part-time corporate teachers, 53 of the full-time teachers in the school have "double quality" teachers, and full-time teachers in the school There are 18 people with intermediate and senior titles, including 1 professor, 17 associate professors, and 62 with intermediate titles. Among the professional teachers, there are 2 doctoral degree holders, 2 doctoral degree holders, and 45 master degree holders. There are 3 professional golf players, 23 referees and coaches of the China Golf Association, and 1 national referee. 2 winners of the 4th Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award in Hunan Province.

   Three, professional construction

The college thoroughly implements the basic idea of relying on industries to connect industries and serve the society, adapt to the requirements of the optimization and upgrading of industries and regional industries, and based on the positioning of training high-quality technical and technical talents, scientific planning and adjustments have been made to the establishment of majors, and a golf major has been formed. The main body is a "one body and two wings" professional group structure with two wings of tourism hotel finance and applied foreign language engineering.

   Golf Education Institute:

   Golf Department has five majors: sports training, golf sports and management, business management, social sports, early childhood development and health management. The department has strong faculty and optimized structure. There are currently 50 full-time and part-time teachers, 10 associate professors and above, 21 lecturers, "dual-professional" teachers account for more than 80% of full-time teachers, more than 70% of teachers have postgraduate or higher degrees, and a total of 9 teachers have studied abroad And training experience.

The school has a 9-hole golf course, 2 golf driving ranges (more than 300 hits), real grass putting greens, chipping practice area, golf swing technical analysis laboratory, lawn training base, and golf club management practice Facilities such as training bases and indoor golf simulation courses. There are many teaching practice bases and employment bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to meet the needs of students' professional internship, social practice and employment.

   There are currently more than 1,800 graduates, and the employment rate remains above 95%. 18 professional players have been trained, more than 416 golf coaches, and more than 675 golf referees. For four consecutive years, he won three championships and one runner-up in the Chinese University Golf Championships. In 2015, four students from the college represented Chinese university students to participate in the World University Games. Outstanding graduate Zhang Huilin is currently a member of the Chinese men's national golf team. He won the PGA Tour China Championship twice in 2015 and 2016, and twice won the title of "China's Best Player" at the European Tour Foshan Open. He currently ranks sixth in the country.