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Hunan Sany Vocational and Technical College of Industry

Hunan Sany Vocational College of Industry and Technology for short, Sany Institute of Technology, was founded by Sany Group. It is located in the ancient city of Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. It is approved by the Hunan Provincial Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The three major groups of engineering, culture and art support each other. , A full-time higher vocational college with coordinated development of multiple disciplines.

   The school covers an area of 800 acres, and currently has more than 7,300 full-time students, more than 40 experimental and training sites inside and outside the school, more than 15,000 equipment and instruments, and more than 50 internship practice bases inside and outside the Sany Group. It has a team of "dual-professional" teachers with distinctive characteristics and a combination of more than 450 professionals, and at the same time has formed a massive teacher pool of "social external recruitment + group internalization".

The college takes holistic education and "humanities + science + specialty" as the guiding ideology, builds a "122" student quality education ability development system, semi-militarized management, gives learners the ability needed for lifelong development, and realizes diversification, individualization, and Customized talent training model. It has trained more than 12,000 technicians, more than 1,000 technical workshop directors, and more than 2,000 team leaders; more than 50 Sany figures and post pacemakers, and won more than 100 gold medals in various skill competitions of the group. Won more than 100 national, provincial, and municipal awards; more than 40 provincial and municipal education and scientific research projects and topics have been approved; more than 300 core journal papers have been published.

  In the process of transformation and development, the integration of production and education, and the three-chain docking. Strive to build an engineering professional group centered on "Made in China + Informatization", a liberal arts professional group centered on "Modern Service Industry + Internet +", and an art professional group centered on "Science + Art". Three professional clusters". Now there are 5 departments and more than 20 professional directions. Implement a flexible credit system and implement project-based teaching to fully stimulate students' interest in learning. The reform of new teaching models such as the establishment of a course supermarket and the implementation of a second classroom in the credit bank has achieved remarkable results.

  The academy adheres to market-oriented, and develops diversified order training projects according to the demand for technical and technical talents for industrial transformation and upgrading. Successfully established school-enterprise partnerships with more than 40 leading domestic and foreign companies such as Sany Group. Combining work and learning, knowing and doing, jointly creating marketing and after-sales service champion classes, international after-sales service engineers, elite classes, construction engineering classes, military engineering classes and other order training programs. The school-enterprise cooperation model of the college has become a model of applied university-enterprise cooperation and order training in Hunan Province, and is a classic application of the German "dual system".

  The college exerts its advantages in disciplines, enterprises and technology, and establishes and improves the school-running mechanism with the participation of the government, universities, and enterprises. Always adhere to full-order training, enrollment is recruitment, graduation is employment, vigorously promote the dual-certificate system, establish multiple employment channels, globalization of graduates, the entire industry, and the entire industrial chain of high-quality employment. The service orientation of "full coverage, full guidance, and full participation" of innovation and entrepreneurship education and employment has been realized. The initial employment rate of graduates has remained above 98%, and the quality of employment has improved year by year, which has been widely recognized by all sectors of society.

   Ancient rhyme Xiaoxiang, on the shore of Lijiang River, Trinity Academy, new with each passing day. Today's Sany Institute of Technology is facing unprecedented historical opportunities. Sany scholars will inherit and carry forward the cultural tradition of "creating a first-class enterprise, training first-class talents, and making first-class contributions", boldly reform and innovate, build core competitiveness, and implement expansion Scale, upgrade the level of running a school, and speed up the connotation construction planning goals and tasks. Go forward bravely to realize the Trinity Dream of the most valuable education brand facing the future, and work hard to realize the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!