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Hunan Electrical Vocational and Technical College

Founded in 1941, the institute is a full-time public higher vocational college approved by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government. It is organized by Xiangdian Group Co., Ltd., and its business department is the Hunan Provincial Department of Education. The factory apprentice training school is the earliest established training base for skilled talents in the country. In 2012, the project was established as a model (backbone) higher vocational college in Hunan Province.

  The organizer of the college, Xiangdian Group, is a national top 500 enterprise and a national major technical equipment localization base. The college and Xiangdian Group are "connected by blood" and "integrated with school and enterprise", and they have established a school-running pattern of "how much Xiangdian is, the resources of the school will be large". Frequently chanted on the land of Hunan.

Over the years, the college has been at the forefront of the development of vocational education, has always adhered to the principle of cultivating people by virtue, serving development as the purpose, and promoting employment as the orientation. The orientation of “equipment manufacturing and manufacturing service industry” is to set up majors in close proximity to the market, close to industries, and close to occupations. Four major professional groups including wind power technology, elevator engineering technology, automotive technology and services, and productive services have been built. Established 16 higher vocational majors including wind power generation equipment manufacturing and installation, electric motors and electrical appliances, elevator engineering technology, automobile application technology, logistics management, etc., to deliver new energy and advanced equipment that meet the urgent needs of "Made in China 2025" to industries, enterprises, and localities Manufacturing technical talents.

The college has always adhered to the school-running ideas of "relying on Xiangdian Electric, school-enterprise integration, characteristic development, and brand leadership", strives to build a higher vocational education brand for new energy and advanced equipment manufacturing, comprehensively promotes education and teaching reform, and continuously strengthens professional curriculum construction and teacher team construction , Construction of internship training conditions and social service capacity construction, the college has now become a "school-enterprise cooperation model" with distinctive school-running characteristics and obvious brand advantages. In 2014, the college's project "Highlighting the Advantages of Running Schools and Achieving the Deep Integration of Schools and Enterprises" won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award.

   After ten years of vocational exploration, the college has entered a sound and fast development track. Now it has a number of central financial support majors, central financial support training bases, national machinery industry characteristic majors, national machinery industry "innovative majors", provincial characteristic majors, provincial quality majors, and Hunan Vocational Colleges School-Enterprise Cooperation Productivity Internship training base. In 2015, the wind power technology professional group was established as the "Hunan Province Higher Vocational Demonstration Professional Group".

The college has successively won the national machinery industry backbone vocational colleges, the national machinery industry school-enterprise cooperation outstanding vocational colleges, the national machinery industry cooperation to train high-quality skilled personnel innovation construction school, the national vocational college charming campus, the National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee, Hunan Province Honorary titles such as Advanced Unit of Vocational Education, Civilized Universities of Hunan Province, and Excellent Unit of Graduated Employment in Hunan Province. It has been successively recognized as "the first batch of high-skilled talent training bases in the country", "National Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute", Otis Elevator Central South Training Center, "Hunan Provincial Young Workers Training Base", "Hunan Provincial Elevator Practitioner Training and Training Base" , "Hunan Province Automobile Manufacturing High-skilled Talent Training and Training Base" and "Xiangtan City Unemployed Persons, Rural Labor Force Transfer Employment Vocational Skills Training Designated Institutions" and so on.