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Hunan Vocational College of Industry and Commerce

Hunan Vocational College of Industry and Commerce is an “excellent school” for 15 consecutive years of annual inspection and evaluation of private education institutions in Hengyang. It is an advanced unit of vocational education, an advanced unit of military recruitment, an advanced unit of armed work, an advanced unit of higher education self-study examination in Hunan Province, and an excellent self-examination. Educational aid unit, advanced basic party organization in Hengyang City, and credit-keeping unit.

   Relying on the mountains and the rivers, it extends in all directions. The college is located at the foot of the scenic Nanyue Mountain and the steaming water of the Xiangjiang River with the Huxiang culture, and is across the river from the Shigu Academy, a scenic spot in the Huxiang culture. It is close to the 107 National Highway, 10 kilometers to the city of Hengyang in the south, 30 kilometers to the core scenic area of Nanyue Hengshan in the north, and 1.5 kilometers to the Xiangjiang River in the east. The college has obvious regional advantages.

   By the mountains and rivers, the campus is beautiful. The north of the college is Hengyang Wetland Park, and the south of the college is Huxingshan Park. The campus has beautiful scenery, comfortable environment, tall buildings and green grass. On the shore of Xinghu Lake, the spiritual water is green, sophorae and willows are shaded, the green bamboos are green, and the green grass is green;

   Make every effort to govern, Yuru Yucheng. Hunan Asia-Pacific Institute of Science and Technology was founded in 1989. In 2001, it was renamed as Hunan Institute of Technology. In 2010, it was approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and was upgraded to Hunan Vocational College of Industry and Commerce. Since its establishment, the college has taken the lead in the reform of education and teaching and internal management system among private vocational colleges. The education undertaking has developed vigorously, and its comprehensive school-running strength and core competitiveness have entered the “first square” of similar colleges and universities in the province.

   Pavilions, terraces and pavilions, each other is interesting. The college has fixed assets of 420 million yuan and a total property right building area of 200,000 square meters. In recent years, Qiuxin Building, Mingde Building, New Student Dormitory, New Student Canteen, New Student Employment Incubation Base, etc. have been upgraded and upgraded; campus culture wall, publicity column, Osmanthus Garden, Bamboo Forest Oxygen Bar and other campuses have been continuously built Landscape, the new training has opened more than 10 order training classes, the proportion of "2+1" training mode students accounted for 100%, and the proportion of order-based training students accounted for 42%.

   Serve the society with outstanding achievements. The college takes the initiative to change the concept of scientific research and service in higher vocational colleges. The college is now an auto repair vocational skill training and vocational qualification appraisal unit, a self-examination undergraduate course and a technical training center of Hunan Business College. The college actively uses its own advantages in science and technology and intellectual resources to establish a science and technology service team. Through the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, it has carried out multi-level and multi-field cooperation with enterprises and scientific research institutions, and has achieved good social and economic benefits. It also promoted the development of the college.

   Culture gains momentum and dreams set sail. Since its establishment, the college has adhered to the motto of "Ming Morality, Cultivation, Application, and Innovation", and has written many brilliant chapters in the history of education development. Formulated the school vision of "improving the quality of running a school, building a subject brand, pursuing the ultimate spirit, and cultivating skilled craftsmen"; proposed "laying the foundation for students to become talents, paving the way for the growth of teachers, and reforming for the development of the school"; insisted on " The school-running strategy of "survive by connotation, develop by openness, and build brand with characteristics" has accumulated a solid humanistic heritage and professional foundation; cultivated the college spirit of "consistent entrepreneurship and innovation"; completed the leadership of the construction of campus culture. The top-level design of campus culture "One Training Three Winds". In recent years, a series of campus cultural products such as "College Student Culture and Art Festival", "University Student Skills Festival", "Dormitory Culture Festival", "Reading Month" and "5.25 Mental Health Festival" have been gradually cast; Self-education and environmental education models have established social practice public welfare activity teams such as the "Three Going to the Countryside" service team, community service team, etc., and formed a student organization group represented by Xinghu Literature Club.

   Inherit the glory and open up the future. Reading in the morning at the foot of Nanyue, thinking at night on the banks of the Xiangjiang River, and thinking about the ecological campus. Facing new development opportunities and challenges, Hunan Vocational College of Industry and Commerce has taken the lead in recent years to put forward the talent concept of "respect for human value, develop human potential, and sublimate human mind"; it has formulated "standards and orderly, strong execution, and fine management," The school management strategy of "building vitality"; the continuous in-depth practice of the "dual subject" cooperative education model and modern letter building, a series of academic lecture halls and training buildings have become landmark buildings for the college to enter the province's first-class private colleges and universities. The college inherits the charm of Yushi, feels the spirit of Nanyue, and inherits the scent of Shigu scholarship, and upholds the spirit of Chuanshan; the college is like a green cradle, nurturing the hope of spring!

   A gathering of famous teachers and talents. The college is one of the very few private higher vocational colleges in the province that has the qualifications to independently assess senior professional titles; there are currently 415 employees, including 306 full-time teachers, 74 professors, associate professors and corresponding professional titles; 68 teachers with master’s degree There are 138 "dual-qualified" teachers; a professional, professional title, age structure is reasonable, united, pragmatic, and enterprising full-time faculty team has been constructed.

  Peaches and plums are fragrant, green all over the world. The college recruits students from 26 provinces, cities (districts) across the country, and currently has nearly 8,000 full-time students. Since running the school, the college has trained more than 30,000 talents at all levels and types for the country and society. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%, the "dual certificate" ownership rate has remained above 98%, and the passing rate of students participating in skill appraisal has reached above 80%. Sanxiang Metropolis Daily, Xiaoxiang Morning News, Hunan Education Network, Xiangwei Higher Vocational College, Hengyang Daily, etc. have all conducted special reports on the college.

   Complete disciplines and distinctive features. The college has 26 majors in investment and financial management, international trade practice, engineering cost, architectural interior design, software technology, and high-speed rail crew; it has established a major professional construction category focusing on management services and construction engineering; formed 2 colleges and 3 The teaching structure of the 8 departments of the Department, namely the School of Engineering, the School of Business, the Department of Secondary Vocational Education, the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Courses, and the Department of Public Basic Courses; formed three characteristic professional groups such as "ecological business management and services".

   School-enterprise cooperation, employment-oriented. The college builds an enrollment plan allocation mechanism oriented to serve the industry and local industry development and meet social needs. There are more than 260 internship training bases at all levels and various types, and 15 on-campus training bases. A professional environment suitable for skills training has been established, allowing students to combine theory with practical operations to understand knowledge and master skills at a deeper level. The college has signed cooperative education and personnel training agreements with more than 80 companies (units) such as Hengyang BYD Company, Huarong Xiangjiang Bank, FAW-Volkswagen, Ping An Property & Casualty. The quality standard is based on the needs to determine the scale, and the curriculum is based on the needs." Twenty years of self-tested college and higher vocational education history, 30 years of private schooling, engraved with the sweat and footprints of several generations of businessmen and businessmen who have gone forward and forged ahead, presenting the business story of serving regional development and people’s better life, and leading the way Building a "Beautiful China", "Healthy China" and "Four Modernizations and Two Types of Hunan Construction" has realized the dream and is committed to the mission of satisfying the education and happiness needs of the people. Inheriting the glory of the past and showing off the demeanor of a prestigious school, Hunan Vocational College of Industry and Commerce is full of confidence and is marching toward a bright future with bravery!