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Loudi Vocational and Technical College

Loudi Vocational and Technical College is a public full-time college approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government. It was founded in August 2001. There are more than 19,000 students in the school. The campus covers an area of more than 900 acres with a building area of 370,000 square meters.

Brilliant achievements in running the school. In 2006, he was awarded the Excellent Level of Talent Cultivation Work Level Evaluation by the Ministry of Education. In 2008, he was identified as a model higher vocational college construction unit in Hunan Province. In 2013, he was awarded the title of "Charming Campus of National Vocational Colleges". "Unity and Progress Model Group", in 2021, it was selected as a national "High-quality School for Rural Revitalization Talents Training".

The faculty is strong. There are more than 1,100 in-service faculty members, including nearly 800 full-time teachers and more than 400 professional and technical personnel with titles of associate professor and above. There are 3 provincial-level teaching teachers, 9 provincial-level professional leaders, and 19 provincial-level young backbone teachers. Three professional teaching teams of accounting, mold design and manufacturing, and software technology were rated as excellent higher vocational education teaching teams in Hunan Province. In addition, a large number of experts and scholars with rich practical experience have been hired as part-time teachers from other universities, research institutes and enterprises, and many foreign teachers have been hired to teach.

Complete professional categories. There are 43 majors covering equipment manufacturing, electronic information, civil engineering and construction, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, education, culture and art, business and tourism, medicine and health. The profession closely follows the needs of the market and highlights the professional characteristics. Among them, there are 2 majors supporting the improvement of service industry capabilities by the central government, 2 provincial-level first-class characteristic majors, 1 provincial-level demonstration characteristic major, 3 provincial-level quality majors, 4 provincial-level reform pilot majors, and provincial-level IT reform majors 2 pcs.

Advanced training mode. The college is committed to the innovation of the talent training model of "school-enterprise integration, work-study integration", adheres to the "integration of teaching, learning, and doing", and has established "the integration of classrooms and workshops", "integration of students and apprentices", and "learning by doing". The teaching mode of doing middle school education and doing middle school entrance examination has formed a practical teaching mechanism of “combination of course certificates, integration of training and competition, and mutual benefit in teaching”. The National Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute established in the college can organize the appraisal and issuance of 29 kinds of vocational qualification certificates and skill level certificates such as network editors and baby nurses. In recent years, the passing rate of vocational qualification appraisal students has reached 96%.

The facilities are in excellent condition. The college has 12 training centers, including the province's first-class modern manufacturing technology training center, and 264 experimental training rooms. There are 2 affiliated hospitals, one of which is a national second-class hospital with 500 beds. The library has a total collection of more than 900,000 books. Provides convenient life services such as medical care, psychological consultation, fitness laundry, postal courier, and self-service withdrawal. Standard student apartment with laundry room, bathroom, balcony, wardrobe, desk, hot water, broadband telephone, etc.

The funding system is perfect. The college has established a six-in-one funding system of awards, grants, reductions, exemptions, supplements, and attendance. It provides grants, student loans, and tuition reductions for students in need. The grant rate reaches 30%, and various scholarships are 2,000-8,000 yuan. The college provides on-campus and off-campus work-study positions to help students with financial difficulties complete their studies.

The employment channels are unblocked. The college has established stable employment partnerships with more than 400 large and medium-sized enterprises and hospitals, and invites hundreds of households to hold large-scale graduate supply and demand meetings at the school every year. Some majors implement order-based training, and enrollment means employment. After graduation, the college is responsible for the recommendation work. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has stabilized at over 95%, and has been rated as an advanced unit for employment for many years.

The traffic conditions are convenient. Loudi is located in the central part of Hunan, adjacent to the Changsha-Zhutan area. It is one of the top ten livable cities in the country, the national excellent tourist city, the national sanitary city, the national garden city, Xiangqian, Luozhan railway, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed, Erguang high-speed , Changshao Lou Expressway and Louhuai Expressway run through the city. It takes only 40 minutes by high-speed rail to reach the provincial capital Changsha, and by train to any city or prefecture in Hunan. The transportation is very convenient. The college is located in the downtown area of Loudi. The campus environment is elegant and comfortable, and it is an ideal place for studying and pursuing academic studies.