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Hunan Food and Drug Vocational College

Hunan Food and Drug Vocational College is a public full-time higher education institution approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government. It is supervised by the Provincial Food and Drug Administration, and its education business is managed by the Provincial Department of Education. The predecessor of the college was the Hunan Provincial Medical Secondary Professional School. It was founded in 1979. It was awarded the "National Advanced Group of Pharmaceutical System", "National Advanced Group of Medical Education", "Excellent Unit of Teaching Work in Hunan Province", and "Advanced Unit of Enrollment and Employment in Hunan Province". , "Civilized Unit of Changsha City" and other honors.

   There are 3 campuses in Changsha City, Hanpu, Guitang and Dongjing, with a total area of 357 acres and a building area of 151,000 square meters. Among them, the Hanpu New Campus was put into use in 2012, covering an area of 303 acres, with complete teaching and living facilities. The college currently has 329 faculty members, including 203 teachers, 80 senior titles, 101 intermediate titles, and 80 double-qualified teachers. In terms of academic structure, there are 285 teachers with a bachelor’s degree or above, accounting for 90% of the total; 58 teachers with a master’s degree or above, accounting for 29% of the total number of teachers; in terms of the structure of professional titles, there are currently 76 teachers with a senior professional title or above, accounting for 37% of the total number of teachers. Through external introduction and internal training, it has now been built into a faculty team with young and middle-aged teachers as the main body, reasonable educational background, professional title, professional structure, and comprehensive quality. The college has 134 experimental training rooms such as GMP simulated pharmaceutical workshops and GSP simulated pharmacies, 25 integrated comprehensive training rooms on campus, and 112 off-campus practice training bases.

   The school has distinctive characteristics, scientific professional settings, and obvious industry advantages. Pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, Chinese medicine production and processing, pharmaceutical production technology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical quality and safety, pharmaceutical equipment application technology, pharmaceutical service and management, pharmaceutical operation and management, medical device operation and management, food quality and safety , Food nutrition and testing, food and drug supervision and management, and other 13 majors, of which pharmacy and traditional Chinese medicine are the major nationally supported majors. At present, there are three major groups of medicine manufacturing and service, Chinese medicine and health, food safety and nutrition, and there are more than 6000 students. The province’s only pharmaceutical industry vocational skill appraisal institute is located in our hospital, which undertakes the province’s pharmaceutical industry vocational skill training and appraisal. It is the designated training base for high-skilled talents in the pharmaceutical industry in our province, training and appraisal for all fields of the province’s pharmaceutical industry A large number of technical personnel.

   insists on being industry-oriented and has established a variety of school-running forms. At present, it has established a stable joint education and school-enterprise cooperation training model with Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Central South University, Hunan Agricultural University, China Central Radio and Television University and other excellent industry enterprises. A multi-level school structure with high-tech coexistence.

   Adhere to the foundation of Lide Shuren, the purpose of service development, the promotion of employment as the orientation, and the cultivation of students' practical and application abilities. Insist on serving students’ internship and employment needs, and currently cooperates with Hunan Laobaixing Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd., Hunan Qianjin Sands Pharmacy Retail Chain Co., Ltd., Hunan Kangpu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Neptune Star Health Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd., and Hunan Keyuan Medical Equipment Sales Co., Ltd. , Zhuhai United Laboratories Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Livzon Group Co., Ltd. and other companies have established in-depth school-enterprise cooperation models, and established talent supply and demand relationships with more than 300 pharmaceutical companies. Graduates are located in the medical and health industries in Hunan, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places, and they are employed The rate is over 95%.

  After more than 30 years of accumulation, the college has established a high-skilled personnel training system for pharmacy, medical equipment and food. We are now committed to building our institute into a highly influential training base for high-quality skilled talents, a key training base for practitioners in the pharmaceutical industry, and a technical service center for the biomedical industry among universities at the same level in Hunan and even the central region.