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Hunan Network Engineering Vocational College

Hunan Network Engineering Vocational College is a public full-time general college directly under the Provincial Department of Education. It is a new type of higher vocational college that relies on the rich network and teaching resources of the Radio and TV University and is committed to using Internet technology to promote the training of vocational talents. Using the comprehensive coverage of digital smart campus and cloud computing network space under the background of big data, it pioneered the "open higher vocational" education model in the field of higher vocational education in the country. The college has a 39-year history of running a college and has cultivated more than 60,000 professional and technical personnel.

   College is located in the downtown area of Changsha, adjacent to the Central South University Railway College campus, Central South University of Forestry and Technology and other colleges and universities. It belongs to the University Town area in the main city of Changsha. It has a strong academic atmosphere and a beautiful environment. The college is close to Furong Road, the main road in the urban area, and the bus lines extend in all directions. Metro Line 1 goes directly to the east gate of the college. It is convenient and quick to transfer various transportation.

   College is an excellent school in the Ministry of Education's "National Higher Vocational College Talent Training Work Level Evaluation". Adhering to the school motto of "Let learning accompany life", the college is centered on the new strategy of "Five Modernizations and Two Types" in Hunan's 13th Five-Year Plan. It faces the information industry and serves the Internet economy. +" Action Plan as a guide, focusing on the Internet technology and application industry chain, focusing on the construction of "Internet resource production and services", "Internet engineering", "network economic management and services" and other professional groups, and cultivating various types of high-quality Internet technology skills Talent.

The college has established digital media application technology majors, software technology majors, mobile application development majors, computer application technology majors, art design majors, computer network technology majors, Internet of Things application technology majors, industrial robotics technology majors, and numerical control technology majors (intelligent programming direction) ), CNC technology major, mechatronics technology major (intelligent equipment assembly and maintenance), mechatronics technology major, business management major, e-commerce major, accounting major, marketing major, financial management major, tourism management major, There are 20 majors including hotel management, airport operation (airport management and service direction), airport operation (civil aviation security inspection direction), and business English.

The college has strong educational strength, with 45 professors, 138 associate professors, 18 doctors, 231 masters, 4 provincial-level teaching teachers, 4 provincial-level professional leaders, 9 provincial-level young backbone teachers, and a provincial-level teaching team Three. In recent years, more than 50 teachers have gone to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and other places to receive international professional training or visiting study. The college has 1 provincial-level model characteristic professional group, 1 provincial-level characteristic major, 4 provincial-level education reform pilot majors; 1 national-level quality course, 3 provincial-level quality courses; 1 key training base funded by the central government There are 2 key professional construction projects supported by the central government.