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Jiaozuo Teachers Technical College

Jiaozuo Teachers Technical College originated from the "Huaiqing Normal School" in the 33rd year of Guangxu, Qing Dynasty (1907), and was established as Jiaozuo on the basis of the original Jiaozuo Education College, Jiaozuo Normal School, and Qinyang Normal School with the approval of the Ministry of Education in March 2002. The Normal College is one of the few universities in Henan Province with a history of running a school for a hundred years.

  栉The wind and rain, the vicissitudes of the century, the promotion of culture and education, and the inheritance of the fire. More than a hundred years after the establishment of the school, especially since the founding of New China, the school has always held high the banner of normal education, adhering to the school-running philosophy of "education for people, moral education first, academic truth, and teaching first", and promotes "hard work, rigorous academic research, continuous self-improvement, The school-running tradition of "pioneering and innovative" has accumulated more than 100,000 graduates for the social training. Among them, there are not only famous alumni such as Wang Guoquan, Wang Mengkui, Shen Zhuanghai, and Qiao Ye, but also a large number of employees at all levels in the northwestern region of Henan and the whole province. The backbone of government agencies, enterprises and institutions, but more of them are hardworking gardeners who work silently on the education front, and have made important contributions to the basic education and regional economic and social development in Henan Province, especially in northwestern Henan.

   The school covers an area of more than 710 acres, with a construction area of more than 250,000 square meters, teaching equipment worth more than 50 million yuan, and a collection of more than 1.1 million Chinese and foreign books. It has perfect teaching and experimental conditions, including modern campus LAN, multimedia language room, micro-teaching classroom, digital piano classroom, excellent course recording and broadcasting room, animal and plant specimen room, infrared spectrum laboratory, temperament chromatography laboratory, ultraviolet-visible spectrum experiment Laboratory, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Laboratory, Liquid Chromatography Laboratory, 3D Real Scene Simulation Tour Guide Training Room, Accounting Computerization Training Room, E-commerce Center, College Student Mental Health Education and Consulting Center and other teaching equipment and training places. There are currently more than 12,000 students in the school, and there are 12 colleges, 46 junior colleges, and 3 joint undergraduate majors. There are 665 faculty members, 38 senior titles, 170 associate senior titles, 306 doctors and masters, 2 experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council, 3 famous teaching teachers in Henan Province, and academic and technical leaders at or above the city and department level And 61 professional top-notch talents and experts. At present, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance “support higher vocational schools to enhance professional service capabilities” key construction majors, 2 provincial-level education reform pilot majors, 5 provincial-level characteristic major construction sites, 5 major comprehensive professional reform pilot projects, and provincial majors. Three-level demonstration training base projects, two provincial-level teaching teams, 11 provincial-level quality courses, four provincial “Higher Vocational Education Innovation and Development Action Plan” backbone professional construction projects, provincial-level school-enterprise co-construction of productive training 1 base construction project.

In the past three years, 25 people from the school have won the first prize in the Teaching Skills Competition for Graduates of Higher Normal Colleges in Henan Province, and one first prize, 11 second prizes, and third prize in the Henan Provincial Higher Vocational College Skills Competition. 10; In the 2015 National Youth Science Innovation Experiment Competition, our school’s "Wind Energy Utilization" project team won the 4th place in the country; in the 2017 National Youth Science Innovation Experiment and Work Competition, it won the 4th place in the country. He won 4 first prizes, 7 second prizes, and 10 third prizes in the Henan mathematics competition; won 25 individual awards and won the Outstanding Organization Award in the 4th University Student Art Exhibition in Henan Province; Two nomination awards were awarded for the "Stars of Self-improvement of College Students" in the selection activity. In the 10th University Games of Henan Province, our school won 17 gold medals, 15 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals. A total of 643 academic papers have been published in the past three years, including 207 core journal papers and SCI, EI, ISTP, CSSCI papers; 25 provincial and ministerial projects (including 2 projects from the Ministry of Education) and 254 municipal and departmental projects have been approved ; Published 86 books (textbooks); obtained 116 various patents; obtained 195 various achievement awards at all levels. Based on the locality, the school vigorously carried out local cultural research (Tinhuai culture, Taijiquan culture, Buddhist murals, Chinese opera inscriptions, etc.), and achieved a series of research results, which attracted the attention of academic circles at home and abroad. The school implements an open-running strategy and continues to increase cooperation in running schools, and has established friendly cooperative relations with well-known foreign universities such as Russia, the United States, Australia, South Korea, Ukraine, Belarus, and New Zealand.

   In recent years, the school has continuously intensified the reform of education and teaching, and continuously improved the level of connotation construction, with remarkable results. The school was identified as “excellent” in the evaluation of the talent training work of the Ministry of Education in 2008. In 2013, it successfully passed the second round of the evaluation of the talent training of higher vocational colleges and was successfully approved as the “Henan Province Teacher Education Reform and Innovation”. Experimental area". In 2014, it was approved as "Jiaozuo City E-commerce Continuing Education Demonstration Base" and "Henan Province E-commerce Continuing Education Demonstration Base". In 2016, it was approved as a training unit for primary school teachers (free normal students) in Henan Province. In 2017, it was approved as the first batch of demonstration units for mental health education in ordinary colleges and universities in Henan Province. The school has also won many honorary titles such as the National Demonstration School for Standardization of Languages and Characters, the National Advanced Unit of Law Popularization and Legal Governance, Henan Province Civilization Unit, Henan Province Civilization Model School. The school has been identified as the National Science Education Base, the Dance Training Base of the Chinese Dancers Association, the National Psychological Counselor Training Base, the Henan Minor Mental Health Counseling Demonstration Base, the Henan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Social Inheritance Base and Research Base, etc.