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Xinyang University

The predecessor of Xinyang College was Huarui College of Xinyang Normal University. It was founded in 2003 and was transformed into a full-time private general undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education in 2016. The school is located in Xinyang City, an old revolutionary zone in Dabie Mountain, one of the “Top Ten Livable Cities in the Country”. The campus has a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery. It is known as the "most beautiful university campus in Henan"; the school has a collection of famous teachers, rigorous academic research, strong style of study, and complete facilities. It is an ideal institution for students to study. The school focuses on talent training and adheres to the coordinated development of multiple disciplines such as liberal arts, sciences, engineering, and management. There are 8 colleges including the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Letters, the School of Social Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Mathematics and Information, the School of Science and Technology, the School of Civil Engineering, and the School of Art. Research Center of Chinese Living Culture, Xinyang Local Folk Culture Research Center, Translation Research Institute, Applied Psychology Research Institute, Automotive Technology Research Institute, Applied Biochemical Technology Research Institute, Applied Mathematics Research Institute, Painting Art Research Institute, Xinyang Folk Song Research Institute 13 scientific research institutions, including the Institute of Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering, and the Institute of Transformation and Development of Private Colleges and Universities; 56 undergraduate majors and 23 junior majors have been opened, belonging to literature, history, science, engineering, economics, management, law, education, and art. Among other 9 university disciplines, the source of students covers 18 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) across the country. Among them, English, Chinese language and literature, civil engineering, pre-school education, and economics were awarded the brand majors of private colleges in Henan Province; the majors of chemistry and automobile service engineering were approved as the pilot projects for comprehensive reform of colleges and universities in Henan Province; it was the first in the province One of the 5 private colleges and universities that carry out dual degree education. The Automobile Technology Training Center was awarded as the Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Henan Province; the Financial Analysis Teaching and Research Section of the School of Business was awarded the Provincial Excellent Basic-level Teaching Organization of Henan Provincial Colleges and Universities, and the project was approved for construction.

The school adheres to the socialist direction of running a school and the principle of public welfare, based on cultivating high-quality applied talents with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical beauty, and The development strategy of “rejuvenating schools with characteristics” invites famous teachers at home and abroad to teach, promotes the growth of young teachers, promotes education and teaching reform, adheres to the combination of theoretical teaching and practical training, classroom teaching and extracurricular activities, unified training specifications and classification guidance, and establishes Strict teaching quality assurance system, colorful campus cultural activities, implementation of freshmen's learning life mentor system and mental health education system, guide students to grow up healthily and become talents smoothly, the quality of teaching continues to improve, and the school's characteristics are increasingly prominent. In recent years, about 500 students have been admitted to master's degree candidates each year, of which nearly 200 students have been admitted by "985" and "211" universities, key scientific research institutions and internationally renowned universities, and a number of "postgraduate star dormitories" have emerged; A large number of students succeeded in starting their own businesses, and the employment rate of graduates reached over 96%; the recruitment rate of special posts for rural teachers in Henan Province, the national English major examination, CET-4 and CET-6, Putonghua proficiency test, and the average pass rate of the computer rank examination, etc. It ranks among the forefront of similar colleges and universities in the province. The source of students in the school is getting better and better. In recent years, the admission scores of many freshmen have exceeded the provincial fixed line by more than 30 points, and the scores of many majors and many freshmen have exceeded the score line by more than 50 points.

   The school actively develops external cooperation and exchanges, promotes school-enterprise, school-local, and inter-school cooperation, integrates internal and external resources to help cultivate application-oriented talents, and has taken firm steps in the process of opening up schools and internationalization. In recent years, it has established friendly cooperative relations with more than 10 universities in Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and established more than 100 internship training bases with dozens of well-known enterprises in and outside the province to grow and develop teachers. Build a broad platform. The school was successively elected as the executive director unit of the Higher Education Professional Committee of the China Private Education Association and the vice-chairman unit of the Henan Private Education Association. Won "China's Top Ten Brand Independent Colleges", "Henan's Top Ten Business Cards for Higher Education", "Henan Province's Most Competitive Demonstration Colleges for Employment", "Henan Province's High-quality and Characteristic Schools", "Henan Province Excellent Private Schools", and "Henan Province's Demonstration of School Management by Law" “Schools”, “Safe Campus in Henan Province”, “Advanced Primary Party Organizations of Higher Education Institutions in Henan Province”, “Advanced Units for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Private Universities in Henan Province”, “Advanced Units for Private Education and Research in Henan Province”, “University Students KAB Entrepreneurship Education Base”, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship for University Students in Henan Province "Practice Demonstration Base" and other honorary titles; "Henan Province's first batch of colleges and universities approved by constitution" and "Henan Province's third batch of mental health education pilot units for ordinary colleges and universities". Gao Yun, the chairman of the school, was named "Educational Figure of the Year in Touching the Central Plains" and "Xinyang City ambassador for the disabled", and was elected as the representative of the 13th People's Congress of Henan Province. Facing the future, Xinyang College will thoroughly implement the concept of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and shared development, meet the needs of local economic and social development, especially Xinyang City and the old revolutionary base of Dabie Mountain, give full play to its existing advantages, be brave to reform and innovate, and focus on connotation construction. Based on the foundation, take the transformation and development as the driving force, take the improvement of quality as the goal, highlight the characteristics as the starting point, improve the level of running a school in an all-round way, and establish a first-class private college that "makes the party and the people satisfied, and makes teachers and students proud", and welcomes even more brilliant A bright and beautiful tomorrow.