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Information Engineering University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Information Engineering University was formed by the merger of the former People’s Liberation Army Information Engineering Institute, the Surveying and Mapping Institute, and the Electronic Technology Institute. It is directly under the leadership of the General Staff Department. After years of unremitting efforts, the University of Information Engineering has developed from a single telecommunications engineering major to a multidisciplinary comprehensive university with electronic information science and technology as the core, engineering-oriented, science and engineering penetration, command and management coordinated development. The university consists of the School of Information Engineering, the School of Surveying and Mapping, the School of Electronic Technology and the School of Science, covering an area of more than 3,800 acres.

Since the establishment of the school, under the cordial care of the heads of the Military Commission and the Headquarters, under the correct leadership of the Party Committee of the General Staff, the Party Committee of the school has conscientiously implemented the important thinking of the "Three Represents" and the scientific development concept, focusing on "building first-class disciplines and first-class teachers The goal of "a comprehensive university with a team, first-class education quality, first-class scientific research results, and first-class management level" is to work hard, forge ahead, and achieve fruitful results in various tasks. It was called by the head of the Military Commission: reforms are effective, teaching is fruitful, and scientific research is innovative.

The major of Xin University is mainly based on information disciplines. It has distinctive military characteristics and covers many fields of military information systems. It mainly solves the problems of "knowing yourself, knowing the enemy" and "knowing the sky and the land" related to the victory or defeat of wars. It is closely related to winning informatized wars. .

   In order to expand the school space, more than 1,700 acres of land was acquired in the Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone as a "basic joint training" base. Teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, student dormitories, and student cafeterias were erected one after another; new libraries, swimming pools, and plastic sports fields meeting the IAAF second-level track and field standards; lake bridge pavilions, rockery corridors, green forest plaza, etc. The landscape decorates it. The gleaming lake, the green and red walls, the modern infrastructure and the beautiful campus environment complement each other, forming a beautiful scenery in the development zone.

It has built and equipped large-scale satellite receiving equipment, "Shenwei" tens of billions of supercomputers, a computing center that can accommodate more than a thousand students, GPS training ground and tactical training ground and other teaching and research facilities and venues, and built a high-speed fiber optic campus network. And the remote teaching system, the network terminal covers the teaching building, laboratory building and student dormitory.

   Comprehensively promote the reform of the socialization of logistics security, and implement the socialization of food security. Renovated student classrooms, dormitories, canteens, bathhouses, clubs, and installed air-conditioning in student dormitories. Introduce living service facilities such as supermarkets, post offices, banks, etc., to facilitate students' daily life.

   The prestigious schools nurture talents, and the famous teachers give high apprentices. The students take Xinda as honor, and Xinda is proud of students.

   Since the establishment of the school, more than 20,000 high-quality new military talents have been trained for the modernization of the army. The graduates have been widely praised by employers for their good political quality, strong innovation ability, high professional level, fast adaptation to work, and great development potential. A large number of top talents who have made outstanding contributions to the building of the country and the army have emerged. Academicians of the two academies Gao Jun, Wang Jiayao, Wu Jiangxing, Xu Qifeng, Wei Ziqing, Wang Renxiang, Chen Zuoning, and "Shenzhou V" spacecraft launch deputy commander Shen Rongjun, "Shenzhou V" spacecraft ground measurement and control system chief engineer Yu Zhijian, National 863 plan Guo Yunfei, the leader of the subject matter expert group in related fields, etc., are outstanding representatives of the graduates.

The dissertations of three doctoral students Qi Wenfeng, Zhang Chuanding, and Fan Shuqin were rated as national outstanding doctoral dissertations, and 8 dissertations were rated as military outstanding doctoral and master dissertations; student Zhao Jing was rated as one of the top ten learned talents in the army "Pacemaker"; student Xie Kangmin won the gold medal in the first National Youth Style TV Competition; students Yuan Jia and Ying Dinghai won the "Best Vigor Award" and "Outstanding Contribution Award" in the 2nd National Youth Style TV Competition; student Tang Hui won The first National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award; 18 participating teams won the first prize of the National University Student Mathematical Modeling Competition and the Electronic Design Competition; in recent years, they have won 12 gold medals in the National Radio Direction Finding Competition. Radio Direction Finding Championship, won the first place in the Asia-Pacific region.

  The Yellow River surging forward, accompanied by Xinda’s forge ahead;

   Lofty Song Mountain, standing tall, staring at the glory of Xinda tomorrow.

  Information Engineering University is determined to unswervingly take the "Three Represents" and the scientific outlook on development as the guidance, advance with the times, pioneer and innovate, strive to govern, unite and forge ahead, and cast new glory in the University of Information Engineering!