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Xinxiang Medical College

Located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, Xinxiang Medical College is an independent undergraduate college of western medicine in Henan Province. The school’s origins can be traced back to the western medicine clinic opened by the British Canadian and doctor of medicine Luo Weiling in Weihui, Gucheng in 1896. Medical education started in the Nursing School of Huimin Hospital in 1922. It enrolled four-year nursing students and was founded by the Chinese Nursing Association (1923 The year was named "Chinese Nurses Association") awarded a diploma. In 1949, the Jiluyu Health School and Harrison Hospital moved in, and the Pingyuan Provincial Medical School was established in 1950. The school has gone through the development stages of North China Second Medical School, Henan Jixian Medical School, Xinxiang Special District Medical School, and was renamed Yubei Medical College in 1962; it was upgraded to a bachelor’s degree and named Xinxiang Medical College in 1982; it was granted the right to confer a master’s degree in 1998. ; In 2006, it passed the undergraduate teaching level evaluation of the Ministry of Education and was excellent; in 2016, it was praised by the expert group in the review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education; in 2016, it became the support of the basic capacity building project of 100 central and western universities in the "13th Five-Year Plan" country Colleges and universities; successfully passed the clinical medicine certification of the Ministry of Education in 2018. In 2020, the school's "Immunization and Model Animal Discipline Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Base" was approved by the national "111 Plan".

The school currently covers an area of 1,744.58 acres (including 5 clinical colleges), a building area of 1,258,300 square meters (including 5 clinical colleges), and a library collection of 2,214,500 books of various types. There are 12,860 faculty members (including 5 clinical colleges). Among them, 1,841 are senior professional and technical personnel (including 5 clinical colleges).

The school has 22 teaching colleges (departments) and an independent college-Sanquan College. There are a variety of education types such as full-time education, Sino-foreign cooperative education and continuing education. It has a relatively complete talent training system for graduates, undergraduates, and international students. The school headquarters currently has 18,132 full-time students.

The school's disciplines cover 7 disciplines including medicine, science, engineering, literature, law, management, and education; clinical medicine disciplines enter the top 1% of ESI global rankings, and are selected as national double-class majors; medical imaging, preventive medicine and pharmacy, etc. 3 Three majors were selected as provincial double-class majors; one of Henan's characteristic disciplines (Class A); eight first-level disciplines including basic medicine, clinical medicine, and medical technology were approved as provincial key disciplines; with basic medicine, clinical medicine, and pharmacy 10 first-level discipline master degree authorization points and 6 major master degree authorization points including clinical medicine, public health, and nursing; 29 undergraduate majors; 4 national characteristics including clinical medicine, medical laboratory technology, nursing and pharmacy There are 10 majors and provincial characteristic majors, 9 provincial-level professional comprehensive reform pilots, 2 provincial-level outstanding doctor education training programs, and 1 provincial-level engineering education talent training model reform pilot. It was approved as a pilot unit for the comprehensive reform of the national clinical medicine specialty and a pilot unit for the national outstanding doctor training program. It has established 3 national standardized training bases for resident physicians, 2 national general practitioner clinical training bases, and 1 national clinical pharmacist training base.

The school has established 4 domestic and international publications, including "Journal of Xinxiang Medical College", "New Advances in Ophthalmology", "Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics Clinic", "Journal of Clinical Psychosomatic Diseases", among which "New Advances in Ophthalmology" and "Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics Clinic" It is a national Chinese core journal. There are 5 directly affiliated hospitals with a total of 10,286 beds, 4 of which are national tertiary first-class hospitals. The school also has 20 non-directly affiliated hospitals and more than 100 teaching and practice bases. Many hospitals have been rated as the National People's Reassuring Demonstration Hospital and have been continuously selected as one of the top 100 prefecture-level hospitals in the country.

The school insists on establishing a quality school. The general undergraduate majors are included in one enrollment as a whole, and the application rate and admission scores of the first choice for college entrance examination have been among the forefront of science colleges in Henan Province for consecutive years. Students have repeatedly achieved good results in activities such as the National College Student Clinical Skills Competition, the National College Student English Competition, and the "Challenge Cup". Won a number of national and provincial teaching achievement awards. The year-end employment rate for undergraduates has remained above 96%, and the year-end employment rate for postgraduates has remained 100% for many years. In 2019, the pass rate of national practicing physician qualifications (clinical medicine) reached more than 75.79%.

The school insists on strengthening the school with talents. In recent years, the "New Era Teachers Reform Action Plan" has been launched, and the "Taihang Scholars" and "Taihang Young Scholars" support programs have been implemented. It has successively introduced 19 high-end talents including double-employed academicians, Changjiang Scholars, and winners of the Outstanding Youth Fund. Relying on the school, it has applied for the approval of one thousand national A foreign specialists. There are currently 5 provincial-level distinguished professors and 1 provincial-level outstanding innovative technology team. There are more than 300 national outstanding teachers, national model teachers, recipients of special government allowances from the State Council, Henan academic and technical leaders, outstanding provincial management experts, provincial teaching teachers, provincial distinguished professors, experts studying abroad, and well-known scholars.

The school insists on developing the school through science and technology. There are more than 30 scientific research bases at or above the provincial and ministerial level including the Henan Provincial Molecular Diagnosis and Medical Laboratory Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, Henan Provincial Key Laboratory of Biological Psychiatry, and the "Immunity and Model Animal Discipline Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Base". "(National 111 Plan). In the past 5 years, he has undertaken 192 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and key R&D projects, 6 projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation, 2 national teaching achievement awards, and 2916 papers included in SCI, SSCI, EI, CSSCI, etc. .

The school insists on opening up schools. Pay attention to international cooperation and exchanges, and cooperate with the University of Worcester in the United Kingdom, Edith Cowan University in Australia, Broomfield College in the United States, and the University of Turin in Italy to carry out Sino-foreign cooperative education projects; develop joint doctoral programs with the Malaysian Polytechnic University Established 13 international cooperation laboratories including Henan Medical Organization Regeneration International Joint Laboratory, Henan Province Immunization and Model Animal International Joint Laboratory. Insisting on "inviting in" and "going out", we invited academician Fan Daiming, academician Qi Fazhi, academician Xu Jianguo and other experts and scholars to come to the school for exchanges, and selected outstanding teachers to study abroad, give lectures or conduct academic research, creating a good academic atmosphere.

The school's social reputation and influence continue to increase. In the long-term school-running practice, the new medical practitioners of the past have been adhering to the school motto of "Ming Morality and Knowledge, Love and Practicability", passed on from generation to generation, unswervingly striving, and formed the school spirit of "hard work and self-improvement" and "unity, unity, The good school spirit of "diligence, truth-seeking and innovation" gradually accumulates its own school-running characteristics. The school has been awarded many honorary titles such as the top 50 national college graduates in employment, Henan Province Civilized Unit, "Henan Top 20 Leading Universities in Comprehensive Strength", Henan Province Rule of Law Model School, Henan Province Civilized Model School and other honorary titles.

The great cause of the future is based on hard work; the grand blueprint is implemented as the key. Today’s Xinxiang Medical College holds high the great banner of Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, thoroughly implements the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, follows the law of higher education development and the law of talent growth, and implements the fundamental task of Lide and cultivating people, and unswervingly go. Connotative development path, adhere to the quality of the school, the talents of the school, the characteristics of the school, the cultural promotion of the school, the rule of law, the opening of the school, actively integrate into the "Healthy China 2030", Zhengluo new national independent innovation demonstration zone construction and other national strategies, take the initiative Serve the needs of Henan's economic and social development, accelerate the high-quality development of the school, and make strides towards building a high-level medical university with distinctive characteristics.