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Heilongjiang Institute of Technology

Heilongjiang Institute of Technology is a comprehensive full-time public general undergraduate school approved by the Ministry of Education. The school is located in the border city of China and Russia-Jixi. Located in the core area of the Northeast Asian Economic Circle, Jixi is the window and frontier of the country’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy to open to the north. The "spiritual" is promoted, and the domestic airports, railways, expressways, and high-speed railways (under construction) constitute a smooth and convenient three-dimensional transportation network.

Adhering to the school motto of "cultivating morals and abilities, and making adults successful", the school has cultivated a large number of "employable and daring entrepreneurs" for the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base and the country's economic and social development in accordance with the talent training ideas of "quality training, professional training, and diversified training". "Innovative" applied and technical skills talents, successively won the titles of National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Creation, Excellent Academies for Campus Culture Construction, Advanced Unit for Women's Contribution, and Advanced Unit for Education Support in Western Regions. They are among the first batch of graduates in the country. Colleges with typical experience in student employment, the province’s first college with excellent talent training work level evaluation.

   The school covers an area of 745,000 square meters, with a building area of 332,000 square meters. The teaching facilities are complete, the experimental training conditions are superior, there are 92 teaching laboratory (room) centers, 246 internship and training bases inside and outside the school, the total value of teaching and research equipment is 102.7 million yuan, the number of seats in the multimedia classroom is 9,267, and the library paper With a quality collection of 1.0478 million books and 608,000 e-books, a digital and intelligent campus was established earlier in the province. The campus environment is elegant and the scenery is pleasant. It is a provincial-level "garden-style" school. Sushen Culture Museum, Mine Museum, Shuhai Square, Fulcrum Square, etc. form a campus landscape that integrates nature and culture. It is used by students to study and study Ideal place.

   The school insists on teaching as the center and quality as the lifeline, deepening the reform of education and teaching, innovating the talent training model, strengthening the monitoring of teaching quality, and steadily improving the quality of education and teaching and the level of running a school. There are 1 national-level teaching reform pilot major, 3 provincial-level majors, 2 national-level professional service industry development capability enhancement project construction majors, and 6 provincial-level majors. Adopt MOOCS, "flipped classroom", and blended teaching. A database of 100 entrepreneurial mentors on campus has been established, and 108 employment and entrepreneurship bases have been established both on and off campus. School-running satisfaction, social visibility, and contribution to local economic and social development continue to increase. There are high-power electric traction shearer post-doctoral research workstations, provincial key laboratories, provincial enterprise technology research and development centers, China Sushen Cultural Research Center, and Beidahuang Printmaking Research Institute. Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", it has undertaken more than 600 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, won 1 national achievement award, 116 provincial achievement awards, and 336 municipal achievement awards. He has compiled 211 textbooks, published 1,335 papers, and 16 papers have been included in the three major international retrieval systems of SCI, EI, and ISTP. There are 11 invention patents and 227 utility model patents. Two invention patents fill the gaps in the research field of anti-icing and deicing of transmission and distribution lines in Heilongjiang Province. 6 scientific research teams including biomass research and development, graphite product research and development, mechanical design, electrical automation, etc. have been created. A number of application technology achievements independently researched and developed by the faculty and staff represent Heilongjiang Province to participate in the 17th International High-tech Fair and International Import and Export Fair. Teachers have repeatedly won national and provincial teaching achievement awards and social science research achievement awards. Students have repeatedly achieved great results in important competitions such as the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, BIM Software Competition, English Speech Competition, and Heilongjiang Provincial Games. The school attaches great importance to practical teaching, relying on large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions to conduct off-campus internship training, which has enhanced students' practical and innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities. Graduates have been welcomed by all walks of life. The one-time employment rate has exceeded 90% for 13 consecutive years. It is named by the Ministry of Education. Awarded "National Advanced Collective for Employment of College Graduates".

   The school offers 62 undergraduate majors, covering engineering, management, humanities, social sciences, education and other disciplines. It recruits students from 23 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) across the country, with more than 8,700 full-time students. There are 922 faculty members, including 493 full-time teachers, 222 doctors and masters, 161 professors and associate professors, experts with special allowances from the State Council, experts with special allowances from the provincial government, famous teachers at the provincial level, young talents in teaching, leaders in municipal subjects, There are 30 top-notch professional and technical talents and 3 provincial-level teaching teams. 40 academicians, chief professors, tenured professors and visiting professors have been hired from key universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad as part-time professors, and more than 300 part-time teachers have been hired from industry enterprises.

   The school insists on opening up schools and actively develops foreign exchanges and cooperation. Established sister schools and primary partnerships with universities and research institutions in Russia, South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries, adopted a variety of flexible modes to carry out international cooperation in running schools and academic and cultural exchanges, and carried out study tours in batches every year Activity. At the same time, strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between schools, schools, enterprises, and schools within and outside the province, and take the lead in establishing the "School Government and Enterprise Service for College Students Employment and Entrepreneurship Consortium" throughout the country, building the human resources market on campuses, and providing employment and entrepreneurship guidance services It is sent to the campus to realize resource sharing, complementary advantages, and service reengineering. The experience was promoted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the school was named the province’s college students’ employment and entrepreneurship success quality training base and the province’s college student entrepreneurship training demonstration base.

Based on a new starting point, the school locks in the goal of building a university with distinctive characteristics, focusing on deepening transformation and improving quality and efficiency, insisting on running schools inside and outside the school, undergraduate education, talent training and scientific and technological services, and academic education and non-academic education are parallel. The "four mergers" approach to school is committed to building the school into an employment-oriented, entrepreneurial and innovative university and a strong university of Heilongjiang University of Applied Technology.