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Jiamusi University

Jiamusi University, the cradle of Huaxia Dongji talents, is located in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, where the first place to welcome the sun rises and the best ecological environment in China.


The school was founded in 1947 and was approved by the former State Education Commission on June 27, 1995. It was formed by the merger of Jiamusi Medical College, Jiamusi Institute of Technology, Jiamusi Teachers College and the original Jiamusi University; after 2000, Jiamusi Food Workers Secondary Specialty The school, Fujin Normal School, and Heilongjiang Provincial College of Science and Technology were merged one after another.

The school is a provincial high-level university that Heilongjiang Province will focus on. It is a comprehensive university in Heilongjiang Province with a comprehensive range of medical specialties. It is the "National Basic Capacity Building Project for 100 Midwestern Universities in the 13th Five-Year Plan" period (Phase II) Supporting universities" is the first batch of demonstration universities in Heilongjiang Province to deepen the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education.

   The school covers an area of 1965 acres (1.31 million square meters), with a building area of 576,000 square meters. It has 25 colleges, 4 research institutes, 1 research base, and 82 research institutes (rooms). The school's disciplines and majors cover eleven university disciplines including literature, science, engineering, medicine, economics, education, law, history, management, agriculture, and art. There are currently 2 first-level disciplines authorized by doctoral degrees, 14 There are 1 master’s degree authorized first-level discipline, 1 master’s degree authorized second-level discipline, 9 master’s professional degree authorization sites, 1 post-doctoral research mobile station and 3 post-doctoral research workstations, 76 undergraduate majors; 3 national-level characteristic majors, 11 provincial key majors, 7 provincial key disciplines, 3 provincial university key laboratories, 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 13 original provincial quality courses, 2 provincial quality video open courses, provincial level 5 "Excellent Online Open Courses", 5 "Online Courses of the Eastern and Western Universities Curriculum Sharing Alliance"; 1 national-level professional comprehensive reform pilot project approved, 4 provincial-level professional comprehensive reform pilot projects; the school became the China Higher Education Association The medical education professional committee is the leader unit of the medical education research group of the comprehensive university, and the vice chairman unit of the Heilongjiang Provincial University Quality Courses Alliance; joined the Sino-Russian Medical University Alliance, the Eastern and Western Curriculum Alliance, and the UOOC (University Open Online Course) Alliance of National Local Universities And China Medical Education MOOC Alliance. Ministry of Education Metal Wear-resistant Materials and Surface Technology Engineering Research Center, National Health and Family Planning Commission Rehabilitation Medicine Talent Training Base, Ministry of Education Training Base for Studying in Russia, Heilongjiang General Medicine Training Center, Heilongjiang Hospital Standardized Training Base for Residents, Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province The Sino-Russian Science and Technology Cooperation Center, Heilongjiang University, School and Enterprise Co-constructed Wear-resistant Material R&D Center, Heilongjiang Sanjiang Regional Cultural Research and Academic Exchange Base are located in our school; "Journal of Social Science of Jiamusi University", "Journal of Natural Science of Jiamusi University", " Three journals of "Heilongjiang Medical Science" are publicly issued at home and abroad.

The school has 4118 faculty members (including 3 affiliated hospitals), including 1538 with senior professional titles, 8 provincial-level teaching teachers, 2 provincial-level outstanding graduate tutor teams, and 2 provincial scientific and technological innovation teams; it has shared "two hospitals" A group of distinguished professors and visiting professors including academicians and Longjiang scholars; there are 22,244 full-time undergraduate students from 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country, 1506 postgraduates for doctoral and master degrees, 684 international students, and 13,569 continuing education students The total value of fixed assets is 1.428 billion yuan, of which the total value of teaching equipment is 302 million yuan, and the library has a collection of 2.5833 million books.

The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "people-oriented, serving the locality", adhering to the school motto of "being ethical and learning, advocating practice", and strives to build a school spirit of "unity, diligence, truth-seeking and innovation", and a teaching style of "rigorous academic research, teaching and educating people". The style of study of "inspirational, hard-working, wise and innovative" is committed to cultivating high-quality applied talents with firm ideals and beliefs, strong sense of social responsibility, solid professional foundation, innovative spirit and practical ability. The school insists on centering on talent training, vigorously implements comprehensive reforms in education and teaching, innovates talent training models, adjusts the layout of disciplines and specialties, implements large-scale enrollment and training, adds the third semester, and develops the second classroom through the creation of the principal’s innovation and entrepreneurship fund. Activities and other measures have incorporated innovation and entrepreneurship into the whole process of talent training, and the comprehensive quality and ability of students in innovation, entrepreneurship, and employability have been continuously enhanced.

   The school adheres to the discipline construction as the leader, the key disciplines of the school and the college develop in a coordinated manner, the level of discipline construction is steadily improved, and the comprehensive advantages of the disciplines are further demonstrated. The school presides over the national "973 Plan" and "863 Plan" projects, the National Natural Science Foundation, the Social Science Fund Project, the National Science and Technology Support Project, the Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the National Civil Affairs Commission, and other projects at all levels and various types. . Dozens of national invention patents have been obtained in the research fields of wear-resistant materials, drug research and development, agricultural machinery engineering, etc., new progress has been made in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the ability to serve economic and social development has been continuously improved.

The school has 3 affiliated hospitals and 1 school hospital (community health service center); it has fully equipped sports venues and modern concert halls; it has realized full coverage of the campus network wired and wireless and campus all-in-one card; it has a modern digital library, and Through the mobile library, it can carry millions of e-books and Chinese and foreign literature data with you; it has a curriculum center platform, immersive classrooms, recording and broadcasting classrooms, and has achieved full coverage of digital classrooms, which can provide good ubiquitous learning and scientific research for teachers and students Environment.

   The school adheres to open-ended education and has established friendly cooperative relations with 45 universities in 11 countries and regions including Russia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom. As an institution entrusted by the Chinese Government Scholarship Program for Studying in China, it accepts international students from 49 countries to study in the school.

   The sky is clear and refreshing, and he looks at his eyes, and his loyalty is a splendid chapter. The school always adheres to the socialist direction of running a school, adheres to the full implementation of the party’s educational policy, is guided by the development philosophy of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, and takes virtue and talent as the fundamental task, adheres to the quality of the school, the talents and the characteristics of the school. Prosper the school, govern the school in accordance with the law, adhere to the development direction of modernization, internationalization, and informatization, follow the path of connotative development, strive to provide talents and intellectual support for local economic and social development and national needs, and strive to create a "first-class, domestic Strive for a comprehensive teaching and research university with a certain degree of influence in Northeast Asia!