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Hainan Health Management Vocational and Technical College

School Profile

Hainan Health Management Vocational and Technical College (National Standard Code: 14639) is the first independent health management higher vocational college in the country approved by the Hainan Provincial People's Government and approved by the Ministry of Education.

As China's only characteristic free trade port, Hainan. "Hainan Free Trade Port" has unique advantages in medical, health and education as a key field and institutional innovation for talent development. The college is located in Haikou’s Guilinyang University Town, where colleges and universities gather and the cultural atmosphere is strong. It is the “cradle” of Haikou’s high-tech culture. The branch campus of the college that has all-round conditions for running a school is located in Chengmai, which is known as the "Haikou Back Garden" and the "Land of Longevity in the World".

School characteristics

In 2021, the Hainan Provincial Government issued the "Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Innovation and Development of Medical Education in Hainan Province". The main goals of the document specifically pointed out that the characteristics of our school should be more distinctive by 2025, and further clarified the direction of our school.

Our faculty is strong, with a team of teachers with high teaching level, strong scientific research ability, and profound academic attainments led by a Chinese Academy of Engineering. The ratio of senior titles is 25%, the ratio of masters and doctors is 50%, and the ratio of double teachers is 60%.

The professional characteristics of our hospital are more distinctive, focusing on my country's "14th Five-Year Plan" and "Hainan Free Trade Port" key development industries to build professional groups such as health services, elderly care and childcare.

School philosophy

Hainan Health Management Vocational and Technical College is committed to building an innovative, open, and international health management model school, the "Whampoa Military Academy" of digital medical and health services, according to the Ministry of Education's medical education "centering on disease treatment" to "to promote health To focus on the transformation, build a talent training system that serves the whole life cycle of health, and put forward the school-running mission of “cultivating health gatekeepers for hundreds of millions of families”.

Integration of production and education

Our hospital has signed school-enterprise cooperation framework agreements with 20 industry associations, health management institutions, elderly care companies, hospitals, etc.; hired more than 20 industry enterprise experts as guest professors and part-time professors in our hospital; and Sidku Institute for Senior Care Information (Beijing) Co-founded the "Haijianyuan-Sideku Health and Welfare Research Center"; and became the practice base of the "21st Century Barefoot Doctor Platform" jointly established by Harvard University and WeDoctor. Signed a memorandum of international cooperation negotiation with the Western Australia Training Center of the Australian Association for the Advancement of Medicine (AMA).