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Qiongtai Teachers College

Qiongtai Teachers College is located in Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province, the largest free trade port in China and the only tropical island. The old campus is located in the ancient city of Fucheng. The campus is shaded by green trees, and it has a thousand-year-old humanistic heritage of Qiongzhou Prefecture; the new campus is located here. Jiangdong New District, the first trade pilot zone, is adjacent to the Dongzhai Port Mangrove Nature Reserve and next to Yimeilan International Airport. It not only enjoys the prosperity of the provincial capital city, but also enjoys the tranquility of world-class wetlands. It is a great development strategy in the "Belt and Road" and South China Sea. The situation and the broad stage have taken a lead.

The predecessor of the school was Qiongtai Academy, which was founded in 1705. Qiongtai is an alias of Qiongzhou. It is also the nickname of Qiu Jun, a famous minister of science, a great scholar of literature, and Wuyingdian University in the Ming Dynasty. It is named after "Qiongtai". Land, the second is Pi inherits the former and the wise, to encourage the later learning. The school has gone through the development stages of academies, schools, normal schools, junior colleges, and today's undergraduate normal colleges. For more than three hundred years, it has been full of books and educated countless people. It is a fertile ground for Qiongzhou students to study and become talents, and a holy place for Hainan's heroes to cultivate and practice. .

During the Qing Dynasty academy, Qiongtai educated more than 10,000 students and cultivated 1 Tanhua, 21 Jinshi and 172 Juren, making it the most influential government-run school in Hainan's history. During the period of the Republic of China, Qiongtai came out in large numbers and became famous. It was the first place in Hainan to respond to the "May Fourth Movement". In the first local committee of the Communist Party of China established in Hainan, more than half of the members were teachers and students in Qiongtai. Leaders Wang Wenming, Yang Shanji and Feng Ping, General Zhou Shidi of the People's Liberation Army, Xie Fei, the only woman in Hainan who participated in the Long March of the Red Army, and Fan Huiguo, a famous contemporary Chinese mathematician and educator, have all served in Qiongtai. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Qiongtai, as the main base for the training and training of primary schools and kindergarten teachers in Hainan, has sent a total of 70,000 professionals of various types to the society, most of which have grown into the backbone of basic education. Among the graduates emerged a number of outstanding students such as Xing Fuyi, the president of the Chinese Society for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and the tenured professor of Central China Normal University, Professor Wang Kaifa, the former vice president of South China Normal University, Lin Beiping, the former party secretary of Hainan Normal University, and Zeng Weifen, the most beautiful rural teacher in the country. Talent.

The school has two campuses, Fucheng and Guilinyang. The campus covers a total area of 1067 acres and a building area of 320,000 square meters. There are 24 undergraduate majors, 31 junior majors, 9,999 full-time students, and total value of teaching equipment. 97.188 million yuan, more than one million paper books. There are 568 full-time teachers, including 44 senior professional titles, 192 deputy senior professional titles, 371 teachers with master's degree and above, 1 special-posted expert from the State Council, 6 provincial-level teaching teachers, and 4 provincial-level young backbone teachers , 4 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, 3 people were selected into the "515 Talent Project" of Hainan Province, and many of them won the honorary titles of "National Outstanding Educator", "National March 8th Red Flag Bearer" and "Hainan Province Labor Model".

The classrooms, student dormitories and canteens of the Guilinyang Campus of the school have been installed with air conditioning, and a complete campus computer network service system, communication system and gigabit campus network have been built. The construction of a smart campus has been initiated and the wireless network of the teaching and office space has been realized. cover.

The school adheres to the orientation of teacher education, with many specialties of teacher education, such as preschool education, elementary education, science education, music education, art education, physical education, etc., acting as the backbone of the development of preschool and elementary education in our province. The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of practical ability and implements the training model of "bishop + part-time teacher" to enable students to be competent in teaching in multiple disciplines and to develop into general teachers to cultivate talents with "one specialization and multiple abilities". The "Second Classroom Transcript" system establishes a "four-in-one" basic education model of quality development, knowledge transfer, ability training, and innovation and entrepreneurship education, and promotes the overall development of college students' ideological and political literacy, social responsibility, innovative spirit, and practical ability .

The school earnestly serves the country’s South China Sea and the “One Belt, One Road” major strategy. It has established Yongxing School affiliated to Qiongtai Normal University in Sansha City at the southern tip of the motherland. Won the full affirmation of the party and state leaders. Du Zhanyuan, Vice Minister of Education, Liu Cigui, Secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, and Shen Xiaoming, Governor of Hainan Province, successively went to the school to guide the work. China Central Television, People's Daily, Guangming Daily and other state-level media have also reported many times.

The school’s achievements in running schools have been widely recognized by all sectors of society. From 2005 to 2015, the school won the title of “National Civilized Unit” four times in a row, and successively won the “National Advanced Unit of School Management by Law”, “National Advanced Collective of Languages and Characters”, Honorary titles such as "National Advanced Unit of School Art Education" and "National Advanced Collective of Mandarin Training and Testing".