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Hainan Medical College

Full name of the school: Hainan Medical College; school code: 11810; nature of school: public; school level: undergraduate; school type: ordinary university.

School address: No. 3 Xueyuan Road, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province, Zip Code: 571199.

Hainan Medical College is located in the "back garden of the people of the whole country"-Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province. It has a history of more than 70 years of running a school. The national strategy is the important task of cultivating high-level medical and health personnel.

The school is divided into two campuses, the Chengxi campus covers an area of 669.47 acres, and the Guilinyang campus covers an area of 787.04 acres; it has 4 directly affiliated hospitals with more than 7,800 beds; the existing first-level clinical medicine doctoral degree authorization points; basic medicine and clinical medicine There are 5 first-level master degree authorization points in medicine, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, and biology, and 5 professional master degree authorization points in clinical medicine, public health, nursing, pharmacy, and stomatology; the school vigorously promotes the internationalization of education and faces " More than 30 countries along the “Belt and Road” recruit international students, and have established good cooperative relations with many well-known universities at home and abroad; there are currently more than 13,000 full-time students; 1111 full-time teachers, of which 40.4% are doctorates; flexible introduction of two There are more than ten high-end talents including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; a group of State Council special experts, candidates for the National Ten Thousand Thousand Talents Project, national outstanding teachers, etc.; and one chairperson of the Emergency Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association.

In 2018, the school's first-level clinical medicine discipline became the first subject in Hainan Province to enter the top 1% of the ESI global ranking; the school's clinical medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and medical laboratory technology were approved as national first-class undergraduate professional construction points.

The school has 2 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 1 key laboratory of the National Health Commission, 1 external innovation unit of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, 9 provincial key laboratories, 3 provincial clinical medicine research centers, and provincial engineering research 3 centers; 9 Hainan Provincial Academician Workstations, 1 Hainan Academician Team Innovation Center, 2 Post-Doctoral Research Workstations; 1 National Drug Preclinical Safety Evaluation Laboratory, National Health Ministry Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Technology Access Agency 1 There are a number of nationally certified majors, provincial-level characteristic key disciplines, provincial-level characteristic majors, provincial-level teaching teams, and provincial-level quality courses. It is the national water emergency education and training base, the national emergency medical rescue team (Hainan) project lead unit; it is the first batch of national pilot universities for outstanding doctor education and training programs, the first batch of undergraduate colleges and the first batch of professional comprehensive reform pilots by the Ministry of Education The pilot unit of education informatization.

Among the 6 journals sponsored by the school, "Asia Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine" (English version) and "Asia Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine" (English version) have entered all internationally renowned search databases including SCI, "Journal of Acute Diseases" (English version). Version) into ESCI.

More than seventy years of school-running have formed the school motto of "Honesty, Preciseness, Knowledge, Harmony" and the marine medicine spirit of "Continuous self-improvement, unity and progress"; standing in Hainan to build a free trade port with Chinese characteristics in a new era of reform and opening up At the top of the tide, we will fully implement the party's educational policy, adhere to the morality and foster people; focus on high quality, integrate into the free trade port, and start a new journey of building an international high-level medical university with distinctive tropical medicine characteristics.

Article 4 Enrollment Major

1. Undergraduate level: There are 30 enrollment majors, including clinical medicine, stomatology, medical imaging, pediatrics, psychiatry, anesthesiology, preventive medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, clinical medicine of traditional Chinese and western medicine, acupuncture and massage, rehabilitation therapy, Medical laboratory technology, medical imaging technology, health inspection and quarantine, nursing, midwifery, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, marine pharmacy, labor and social security, marketing, public service management, health service and management, information management And information systems, bioinformatics, environmental science, biotechnology, applied statistics, applied psychology.

2. Higher vocational (specialist) level: There are 5 enrollment majors, including clinical medicine, stomatology, medical laboratory technology, nursing, and pharmacy.