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Hainan Institute of Tropical Oceanography

Hainan Tropical Ocean University (Hainan Tropical Ocean University) is a full-time public general undergraduate provincial university jointly established by Hainan Provincial People’s Government, State Oceanic Administration, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Sanya Municipal People’s Government and Sansha Municipal People’s Government. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, "China-ASEAN Education and Training Center", and one of the top ten "Education and Foreign Aid Bases" of the Ministry of Education. It is a master's degree-granting unit approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. It is a Chinese member institution of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University, and it is also in Hainan Province. A cradle of talent training and a base for knowledge innovation, social services, cultural inheritance, and international exchanges and cooperation in the ethnic minority areas in the central and southern regions.

The predecessor of the school was the Hainan Li and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Normal School established in 1954 in Guangdong Province and the Hainan Li and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Normal College established in 1958. After several divisions, adjustments, and renames, in 1993, Tongshi Teachers College of Hainan Province and Tongshi Education College of Hainan Province merged to form Qiongzhou University (Specialist). In 2006, Qiongzhou University was upgraded to an undergraduate college and renamed Qiongzhou College. In April of the same year, Hainan Normal School for Nationalities was merged into Qiongzhou College. In 2009, the main campus of the school was relocated from Wuzhishan City to Sanya City. In September 2015, it was renamed Hainan Institute of Tropical Oceanography. In December 2018, Hainan Provincial Academy of Oceanography and Fisheries was transferred to the management of the school.

The school has two campuses in Sanya and Wuzhishan, with a campus area of 1487.1 mu. The existing total construction area is 532,900 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is 197,718,200 yuan; the total value of teaching and research equipment is 191,122,400 yuan; the collection of paper books is 1,770,700 copies, and the e-books are 2,069,700 copies.

The school currently has 19 secondary colleges, 3 master's degree authorization points, 53 undergraduate majors, 2 Sino-foreign cooperative education majors, and 7 junior college majors, covering literature, science, engineering, management, education, history, 9 university disciplines including art, law, and agriculture. The school has 18 marine majors (directions), including marine sciences, and has determined the five characteristic disciplines and fields of marine science and technology, tropical marine life, tropical marine ecological environment, marine island tourism, and ethnic groups. , Tourism, ethnicity, and ecology. It has 4 academician workstations, 2 national-level scientific research platforms, 12 provincial-level scientific research platforms, 6 provincial-level key disciplines, 9 provincial-level key cultivation think tanks, 2 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological innovation teams, and the provincial "Double Hundred" There are 6 talent teams, 1 national-level first-class undergraduate major, 6 provincial-level first-rate undergraduate majors, 6 provincial-level characteristic majors, and 13 provincial-level applied transformation pilot majors. In addition, there are more than 10 university science parks and more than 10 platform bases for foreign exchanges, humanities and social sciences, and talent training approved or established by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other national ministries, providing important support for the school's high-quality development and talent training. platform.

There are more than 1,200 faculty members in the school, including more than 810 full-time teachers, more than 450 teachers with senior professional titles, more than 630 teachers with doctoral and master's degrees, and 4 dual-employed academicians. The faculty includes special experts from the State Council, provincial excellent experts, key experts from the provincial committee’s contact service, Nanhai famous experts, provincial 515 talents first and second-level candidates, national teacher ethics pacesetters, provincial teaching teachers, provincial outstanding teachers, and others from Double-qualified teachers of industry enterprises and research institutes.

The school currently has more than 18,200 full-time students, including 197 postgraduates, 88 postgraduates jointly trained with Ocean University of China, over 15,200 undergraduates, over 2,900 junior college students, and over 110 international students. The school has established the talent training concept of "service needs, mind-based, combination of general and professional, both virtue and ability, unity of knowledge and action, innovation and independence, and the courage to take responsibility", highlighting the position of the teaching center, continuously innovating talent training models, and improving the quality of talent training. In recent years, the China International Youth Activity Center (Hainan) Sanya Base, the National Youth Ethics Training Experimental Base, and the New Era Marxist Academy have been established successively. Students have won 328 national awards and 669 provincial and ministerial awards. In the past three years, he has won 2 first prizes in the National Marine Vehicle Design and Production Competition, 2 bronze medals in the "Challenge Cup" National College Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition, and 1 silver medal in the "Creating Youth" National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition. 1 prize, 1 silver prize, 2 bronze prizes in the China Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition, and 1 national “Three Going to the Countryside” social practice activity outstanding team and individual each. Outstanding performance in electronic design competitions, tour guide competitions, innovation and entrepreneurship skills competitions and other discipline competitions, won 90 national first prizes, 72 second prizes, and 1 Ocean Award in the National Oceanic Knowledge Contest for University Students. The school has won the National Outstanding Unit of "Three Going to the Countryside" Social Practice Activities 2 times, the "National Unpaid Blood Donation Promotion Award Unit Award" 2 times, and the "National University Student Volunteer Service Western Program Outstanding Project Office" 3 times.

In the past three years, the school has undertaken a total of 376 scientific research projects of various types, 124 projects above the provincial and ministerial level, including 28 national-level projects and 2 provincial-level major scientific and technological projects. The school’s marine surveying and mapping guarantee application project received a funding of 79.91 million yuan, and the Hainan Tropical Ocean College's Marine Ranch Teaching and Research Demonstration Base Project in Sanya Yazhou Bay received a funding of 50 million yuan. In the research on the local culture of the Li and Miao nationalities in Hainan, the "General History of the Li Nationality" was approved as a major project by the National Social Science Fund, achieving zero breakthroughs in major social science projects in Hainan Province. The school has successively won the title of “Top Ten Outstanding Institutions of Industry-University-Research Combination of Hainan Province”, “Advanced Institutions for Training Innovative Scientific and Technological Talents of Hainan Province”, Excellent Unit of Industry-University-Research Cooperation in Hainan Province during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, and Hainan Province’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” Cooperative Outstanding Contribution Unit and Hainan Province’s "13th Five-Year Plan" Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award and other honorary titles.

The school pays attention to the role of scientific and technological support, cultural influence, intellectual service, etc., and the sponsored "Journal of Hainan Tropical Ocean University" has become "RCCSE China Core Journal" and "Chinese University Ethnic Science and Technology Journal". In recent years, the school has undertaken a number of national, provincial, and municipal scientific and technological innovation projects; respectively undertook projects such as the "National Training Program", "Provincial Training Program", and the National "Three District Talent Support Program"; organized and carried out BRICS leaders' meetings , Boao Forum for Asia and other public international affairs public welfare service activities and social practice activities for college students such as "Three Going to the Countryside", "Four Entering Communities", and voluntary education support.

Relying on the geographical advantages of Sanya as an international tropical coastal tourist city, the school has continuously improved its level of international education, and its advantages in international exchanges and cooperation have become increasingly prominent. The school has successively carried out cooperation and exchanges with 135 universities and educational institutions in 65 countries and regions in five continents, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. 156 cooperation agreements were signed, including 87 agreements with countries and regions of the “Belt and Road”. More than 1,000 students have been dispatched to serve as exchange students, Chinese volunteers, co-training master students, traveling students, and overseas interns, involving more than 20 countries and regions, and 320 international students in China have been accepted, involving 15 countries. There are dozens of exchange and cooperation projects, including the first Sino-foreign cooperation undergraduate project in Hainan Province approved by the Ministry of Education: China-Austria Tourism Management Project. 38 foreign teachers from 15 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia and Australia are recruited to work in the school. In recent years, the school has organized more than 30 international forums and international seminars, and received and participated in more than 320 international and domestic cooperation and exchange meetings.

The school will adhere to the school motto of "Ming Morality, Knowledge, Encouragement, and Dedication", guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Undergraduate Education Work Conference in the New Era, and firmly Seize the three major opportunities of "One Belt One Road", a maritime power, and the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong), accelerate the construction of high-level undergraduate education, comprehensively improve talent training capabilities, accelerate the transformation and development of the school, and strive to build the school into an international and open The application-oriented high-level ocean university with distinctive nature and distinctive features will make greater contributions to the construction of a beautiful new Hainan with economic prosperity, social civilization, ecological livability, and people’s happiness.