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Guizhou Vocational College of Culture and Tourism

Guizhou Vocational College of Culture and Tourism is a public full-time general institution of higher learning approved by the People's Government of Guizhou Province, filed by the Ministry of Education of the State, and directly under the direct management of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guizhou Province. The school level of the college is higher vocational (technical) education, and it also carries out secondary vocational education. It is an institution of higher learning that integrates education, training, and skill level evaluation, and focuses on cultivating cultural and tourism skilled talents. It is a national tourism talent Training base, "Provincial vocational colleges and universities tourism major teacher training base", "Guizhou Provincial Tourism Vocational Education Group Chairman Unit". The college is located in Guizhou (Qingzhen) Vocational Education City. The school has a scale of 6000 people, covers an area of more than 300 acres, and has more than 200 faculty members. Among them, double-qualified teachers account for 68% of full-time teachers. The full-time teachers have doctoral and master students. 49 people, 50 senior titles.

The college has majors in hotel management and digital operation, tourism management, singing and dancing performances, beauty and body arts, cooking technology and nutrition. It has established 185 professional training rooms, which have been jointly established with more than 30 cultural and tourism enterprises and institutions inside and outside the province. Set up an off-campus training base integrating "politics-industry-learning-research-application". The college is based on the development strategy of serving local economic development, promoting employment and entrepreneurship, and helping Guizhou’s "big data, big ecology, and big tourism". It takes "humanization, refinement, ecologicalization, and internationalization" as the direction, and focuses on "practicality and professionalism". The school-running philosophy of "Characteristics, Characteristic, and Quality", with the purpose of "cultivating people by virtue, pioneering and innovative, combining moral and technical skills, and integrating knowledge and action", adheres to the school model of "integration of industry and education, and school-enterprise cooperation", and focuses on students' innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities The training of education, teaching and personnel training, the establishment of an education system that combines academic education and vocational training, and pays equal attention to full-time general higher education and secondary vocational education, and strives to cultivate social responsibility, dedication, and fraternity for the society , The new era of high-quality tourism and cultural service technical skills talents with an international perspective.