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Guizhou Vocational and Technical College of Water Resources and Hydropower

Guizhou Water Conservancy and Hydropower Vocational and Technical College is a full-time public higher vocational college approved by the People's Government of Guizhou Province and formally registered by the Ministry of Education. The new campus is located in Guizhou (Qingzhen) Vocational Education City. It covers an area of 600 acres and has a planned building area of 314,000 square meters. It is a modern smart campus with strong water culture characteristics that saves water and energy, and is environmentally friendly. In 2021, it was successfully selected as the first batch of "Double High Plan" construction units in Guizhou Province.

After more than 60 years of construction and development, the college has now become a higher vocational college with higher vocational education as the mainstay, secondary vocational education as the supplement, coordinated development of adult continuing education, and distinctive water conservancy and hydropower characteristics. At present, the college has more than 14,000 students. . Since its establishment, the college has cultivated tens of thousands of qualified water conservancy and electric power talents for local and water conservancy and electric power industries, and has made positive contributions to the Guizhou water conservancy and hydropower industry. It has been awarded the title of "Guizhou Water Conservancy Talent Cradle" by the Guizhou Water Resources Department. The college has successively won nearly one hundred commendations and honorary titles at all levels, including "National School Moral Education Advanced Collective", "National Water Conservancy System Advanced Unit", "National Water Conservancy Civilized Unit", etc. The employment rate of graduates has been stable at over 94% for a long time. Has won a good reputation for running a school.

The college adheres to the socialist direction of running a school, fully implements the party’s educational policy, implements the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality, adhering to the school motto of “Run Zeming, Ethics and Practical Practice”, and insist on “moral education first, ability first, comprehensive development” and “strict The education concept of being strict and loving in the subtle" implements strict education management and normative requirements for students on the basis of overall concern for political thoughts, life, study, work and employment, and emphasizes "full, full, and all-round" education. People, build a variety of colorful education platforms such as the main channel of ideological and political teaching, party class education, moral lectures, campus culture weeks, volunteer services, club activities, etc. The education has achieved remarkable results and was jointly awarded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. National Advanced Collective of School Moral Education".

The college currently has five major professional groups: water conservancy engineering, electric power engineering, civil engineering, management engineering, and intelligent engineering. There are more than 30 majors in high and secondary vocational schools. Cooperative talent training model, long-term in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with Guizhou Water Conservancy Investment Group Corporation, Guizhou Construction Engineering Group, Zhongtian City Investment Property Management Company, Dihao Garden Hotel and other enterprises in and outside the province. At present, there are more than 20 on-campus training bases that can meet the needs of professional training and teaching, represented by the hydraulic comprehensive training center-"Dayu Pavilion" and the construction engineering training center-"Luban Pavilion". There are more than 100 training rooms, demonstrating the vocational education characteristics of "doing, learning and teaching" integration. Students have repeatedly won excellent results in the national skills competitions of the province, and have successively won the national first prize of the "National Vocational College Skills Competition" and the provincial The second prize of the provincial level, the third prize of the provincial level" and other awards. The college insists on using culture to control ingenuity and inherit the spirit of craftsmanship. It has established Xiangguoxing Provincial Master Studio, Deng Azi Water Conservancy Cost Master Studio, Yang Zhengce Provincial Master Studio, and Yang Zhaoxiang Provincial Master Studio.

The college attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff. There are currently 473 faculty members, including 320 full-time teachers, 69 teachers with senior professional titles, and 119 with master's degree or above. The college has successively emerged "National Outstanding Teachers" and "National Advanced Individuals in Vocational Education". , "National Famous Teachers of Vocational Education", "National Famous Teachers of Water Conservancy Vocational Education", "Excellent Teachers of the Province", "Excellent Educators of the Province" and many other advanced models.

In recent years, the college has actively responded to the national "One Belt One Road" initiative, vigorously promoted international exchanges and cooperation, and achieved internationalization of running schools. It has recruited international students from Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries to study at the school. It has successively cooperated with Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Many colleges and universities have established inter-school cooperative relations, and organize outstanding students to overseas universities for exchange and study every year. As the first higher vocational college to "go out" in Guizhou Province, it has successively opened Cambodia Battambang Institute of Technology, China Guizhou Water Conservancy and Hydropower Vocational Technical College Yalong Silk Road College and China Guizhou Water Conservancy and Hydropower Vocational Technical College, Costa Rica Road College.

The college cooperates with Hohai University, North China University of Water Conservancy and Hydropower, and Nanchang Institute of Technology to organize adult junior college and undergraduate education. It is also the national electrical work permit training and examination base, the eleventh national vocational skill appraisal station in Guizhou Province, and special work types in the water conservancy industry. Vocational skills appraisal station.

The college will continue to adhere to the direction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, actively implement the party's education policy, practice the core socialist values, fully implement the fundamental task of Lide, and continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching, expand the scale, strengthen the content, and continue to improve The quality of personnel training, the enhancement of the ability to serve the society, and the further improvement of the level of international exchanges and cooperation, along the path of running a high-level vocational college that satisfies the people, forge ahead and move forward steadily!